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Published: 23.6.2019
akhedzhakova Leah

Leah Akhedzhakova was born in family of the director and the actress. Her mother Yulia and the father Medzhid were the famous theatrical figures of Maykop. Behind the scenes of the Adygei drama theater where parents worked on distribution, Leah spent all the childhood. She also visited drama school and dreamed of acting career. But relatives adjusted the girl to receive more long-standing profession. Therefore after school Akhedzhakova entered to the Moscow university of non-ferrous metals, however, held on only three semester there. The director of local theater company which Leah easily joined from the first days of students, advised it to try to come to GITIS. The girl and made. In 1962 Leah gained the diploma of the actress of drama theater and was distributed in the Moscow Theatre for Young Audience as on role the travesty was. In this theater Akhedzhakova worked till 1974. In the 1975th there was Eldar Ryazanov's picture "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" after which she woke up well-known. To this movie the actress played only four small parts cinema. But after "Irony" and the "Office romance" which came out in two years all doors before it were open. It was invited in staff of Sovremennik theater and annually offered not less than four-five roles at cinema. Even in the heaviest times for the Russian cinema Akhedzhakova had work. In total in the track record of the actress about 70 roles at cinema, are slightly less in theater and of course it is not a limit. She is a lot of also now and actively works. Leah Medzhidovna was entitled the Honoured actress of the Russian Federation in 1994.

the First husband of the actress. Both marriages turned out childless and were not long. At the age of 63 years Leah Akhedzhakova married the third time the press photographer Vladimir Persiyaninov who is more junior than the actress for 20 years.

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