How to cook apple confiture for the winter in house conditions, a novelty

how to cook apple confiture for the winter in house conditions

Confiture from apples is the simplest in preparation, economic and tasty option of preparation for the winter. You can stock up with it at all seasons of the year, and on it at you a lot of time and appliances will not leave.

If you love homogeneous mass of jams or cookings, use the submersible blender, having achieved readiness of fruit and sugar weight. Some hostesses prefer to crush apples to a condition of puree by means of a grater from the very beginning. Also you can add cinnamon to this jam - it will give to ready mix of special piquancy and the unique captivating aroma so relevant to winter tea drinking.

The recipe of such confiture is also simple performed by, and its components are always available on counters of the markets and supermarkets.

As it is correct to cook confiture from apples:

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Tour to Australia, east coast and red center, secrets

tour to Australia, east coast and red center

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27.12.2018 - 07.01.2019

An insurance from not departure & #8212; 3% of the overall cost of a tour (at will).

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Novelty: weather on islands in May a season of 2019

rest in Seychelles: weather on islands in May a season of 2019

Even if you are not going to become the VIP client of one of exclusive islands hotels of the archipelago where guests have an opportunity to remain with the primitive paradise nature almost alone, Seychelles, in one of the best beach months, will make your holiday a dream travel.

Contents: What weather in May in Seychelles? Air temperature and waters of Feature of weather conditions May rest in the Seychelles Pluses and minuses & #8212; whether it is worth going? How to put on? What to do this month? Beach holiday of the Excursion and entertainment

Popular countries

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of the Problem with legs, at requests of readers

problems with legs

A condition of hair, skin and an eye can tell a lot of things about your health. But whether you know that the condition of your legs can also speak and warn about these or those diseases? And sometimes about quite serious. And here, as doctors speak, the main thing - not to miss!

& #169; DepositPhotos

The busy working day, food in fast food or pressure jumps - all this can lead to changes in legs. Nevertheless there are situations when problems with extremities say that you should see a doctor. And in this case it is very important to each of us to know about what this or that discomfort in legs can signal.

The Beremennostberemennost, of course, not a disease, but also this fine state can be defined at an early stage. And even on change of a condition of legs!

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the Most interesting: merits and demerits as it is correct to use

diuretic herbs for weight loss: merits and demerits as it is correct to use

That many herbs bring benefit to health, all know. Attribute some of them the properties promoting effective fight against excess kg. But before starting their reception, it is necessary to get acquainted with how plants are capable to affect an organism. So, diuretic herbs for weight loss are not so harmless as it seems. They have contraindications to application, and their use can turn back manifestation of side effects.

Because of intestinal microflora violation the organism loses minerals, vitamins. It can cause loss of kg, but process will be followed by weakening of an organism therefore correct and healthy such method of fight against excess weight cannot be considered. What consequences can it cause?

As diuretics the medicines made on their basis can be used as herbs in the form of broths, infusions, and.

Such plants are most often used:

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Novelty: seven things habitual in the USA, but almost unknown at us

seven things habitual in the USA, but almost unknown at us

When for the first time you get to the USA, you begin to be surprised sincerely to many details and habits to which locals do not pay any attention

the Bending buses

In the countries of the former USSR potato can be bought by bags or buckets from grandmas in the market. With the advent of large network sales managers there was an opportunity to buy the washed potatoes by weight. In the USA several decades people buy potato by the piece, everyone is wrapped up in polyethylene and marked by the barcode. This grade is called Idaho, such potato was given by John Kerry to the Russian colleague Lavrov at the Geneva-2 conference.

In the USA there are practically no road signs in understanding, habitual for us. Almost all road designations are written with letters so that it was clear to any idiot who mastered the Latin alphabet. Any bricks, yellow rhombuses in a white fringing or red triangles - all write with words: "concede to pedestrians", "restriction of the speed of 50 miles per hour", "crosswalk" and so on.

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research Essence, updating

theory of motivation of a gertsberg: research essence

Hygienic factors are those which hold the person at a certain work, prevent his leaving. What is capable to hold the person in a concrete workplace, according to results of poll of the psychologist?

The motivating component partly satisfies our ego. The person needs public recognition, it is important to it to get feeling of self-esteem. It is recommended to heads to encourage workers with good reviews about the done work (if it is true).

In 1959 Frederik Gertsberg with colleagues developed the two-factor theory of motivation. Project purpose: to reveal conditions with which the worker is happy and also those which introduce dissatisfaction. The psychologist looked for the answer to a question of behavior of the working person - what influences increase in labor productivity?

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From our users: five simple and effective steps

how to overcome crisis of middle age: five simple and effective steps

Crisis of middle age before recent time was considered as especially men's issue. The essence of such gender division was that "male" was considered as the chief getter and a support of family. In the modern emancipated society this syndrome is characteristic also of women. it is extremely important to p to try to inspire

in the person that by the time of approach of this period he achieved considerable and to force it to appreciate the passable stages.

As men always set before themselves definite purposes, such devastation can provide them a serious psychological shake-up. Your task - to support it, to help it to endure this hard period, to encourage the fact that it for you - the best and chosen how there were circumstances in its professional field.

How it is possible to endure crisis of middle age at women? Certainly, if you have dear and close people who can support you - it is very good. But what to do if it is necessary to deal with the problem alone? Do you think that one in the field - not the soldier? Kind of not so! Just begin a way to comprehension of and reconciliation with by itself. At this stage you need to achieve rational knowledge of yourself and the essence.

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of 10 habits which destroy you from within, life hack

<"vazhnovot what never needs to be made to img src="" title=after a meal: 10 habits which destroy you from within" width="500" height="375" alt="vazhnovot what never need to be done after a meal: 10 habits which destroy you from within">

Recently many began to think of the food and appearance seriously. The fashion for a healthy lifestyle and sport only gains steam, but it already has followers in each corner of the world.

Sweet after the main meal is considered to be the reason of excess weight against which it will be necessary to fight later. As show researches, 75% from those who burst cake after the main meal suffer from excess weight after 35 years.

You already recognized yourself, isn't it? Many habits took roots already so that you do not even represent how it is possible to get rid of them. It will be at first very difficult, but after you get used to new rules. Results can be felt practically at once: any belly-ache, swelling, heartburn.

Smoking after meal does such harm to an organism which can be compared to 10 cigarettes smoked one by one. The risk of development of cancer of intestines or lungs increases several times.

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New on the website: in sankt

in sankt

In Atlantic City shopping Mall the St. Petersburg's first IKEA Design studio opened. In shop of a small format it will be possible to plan and order with home delivery kitchen or the system of storage - the types of goods which are most demanded at Petersburgers for the house.

the New Design studio IKEA of 585 square meters was placed in Atlantic City shopping mall to the address Savushkin St., 126, near the Running metro station. In the neighbourhood several new residential quarters and the Park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg are located.

"Opening of Design studios of IKEA in regions of Russia - an important step on the way of creation of a system of multichannel sales. We understand that residents of the Russian megalopolises not always have time for spending several hours in hypermarkets behind city boundaries. Therefore we develop new formats, we become closer, making goods of IKEA more and more available. In St. Petersburg two of our shops - IKEA of Parnas and Dybenko's IKEA already successfully work. It is sure, the new Design studio will be to the taste to residents", - Pontus Erntell, the CEO of retail network IKEA in Russia said.

Together with specialists of IKEA visitors can design the space which is most conforming to their requirements and habits, taking into account family composition and all features of planning. Besides, in Design studio it is possible to order any goods from online store and to issue their delivery. Since October 23 in Design studio there will begin work point of delivery of the goods ordered in online store.

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