Watercolor, acrylic, spirit markers, amusing

a sketchbook of the myth we test materials: watercolor, acrylic, spirit markers

The invoice of a cover reminds a canvas.

I tested paper even before release of a sketchbook, it will sustain even a wet landscape in one layer with specification. And these plums on a photo endured 4 wettings and perfectly feel. At the same time in a sketchbook except a watercolor it is also possible to draw a pencil, ink, liner, full freedom of action! The price allows such experiments.

The source is @irina_sart

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the Medical diet for weight loss is intended for the people having obesity, popular

the medical diet for weight loss is intended for the people having obesity

Though say that the medical diet is developed for weight loss by physicians, to believe, looking at a diet, in it it is difficult. The majority of medical diets is constructed on the basis of input in a diet of products with the high content of vitamins and minerals.

the Medical diet does not suit


13 day - repeat menu 6 of day.

Day 4. Fresh carrots and cabbage salad, gas station - olive oil. Salad volume - liter.

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At Jennifer Garnier the new boyfriend, the most interesting

at Jennifer there is Garnier the new boyfriend

Attribute to the actress the affair with the 40-year-old American businessman John Miller, the CEO of CaliGroup - the company owning Miso Robotics and network of CaliBurger fast food restaurants. "Their relations for the last six months became quite serious, - the insider of Us Weekly told. - Jennifer opens the best in John, and he is very happy to be near her. They have healthy, fine relations".

John, as well as Jennifer, is divorced: from the 2005th on the 2014th he was married to the world famous violinist Caroline Campbell who appeared on one stage with Sting, Andrea Bocelli and Julio Iglesias. From this marriage couple had 12-year-old son and the 9-year-old daughter whom they continue to raise through joint efforts. However, in an interview Caroline ambiguously spoke of the ex-husband, claiming that the position of the head of the large technological company made him the masterful and unpleasant man: "It pressed on me and wanted to control everything that I do. And it seems to me, sometimes he just does not see differences between the subordinates, friends and other people", - Campbell, gentle and creative nature told. Apparently, Jennifer noticed nothing of that kind yet.

Jennifer Garner somehow is possible to hide private life from paparazzi far better, than it is done by her former spouse Ben Affleck. Once Ben appears near some girl, and pictures of couple right there get to tabloids... And here Jen if to trust a source, meets the guy already half a year, and media learned about it just now!

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Interesting : under a heel and behind a stone wall

under a heel and behind a stone wall

Nobody on all hundred trusts in the forces, in ability to independently pull own life. At heart everyone feels that he really does not know this life. Therefore all look at each other in search of answers.

Can allocate to

a set of footpaths of sincere growing, but, perhaps, two most evident are an independence and self-sufficiency - that is ability to solve the problems and it is easy to transfer a privacy.

Sectarians for the same purposes direct to the teacher's feet where to them protection against the illusion of the "correct" way warming the soul seems.

As a result the best relations (for the majority) are only a way not to mature, not to realize, not to work to remain in comfort behind a wing with the senior satellite which ideally will provide boundless support and love.

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of 12 simple councils how to improve memory, discussion

12 simple councils how to improve memory

Our minds are similar to our bodies & #8211; you leave them unguarded too long, and they begin to worsen. It is very important to keep both a body and reason in good conditions. But the matter is that all of us know about many ways of improvement of our body. But what about our mind? How can you activate the brain? As you can effectively use it and how to improve memory? There are several simple councils.

to improve memory & #8211; master new skills. It can be something like that small how to learn to knit or something like that big how to learn to read and write in Japanese. When you are engaged in purposeful activity, you carry out the neurologic system of the body. It consists of a brain and a spinal cord and can be considered as the information processor of a body. The more you use it, the it is more than chances to improve your memory!

Scientists definitely do not know why this method works, but they know that it works. Several researches showed that participants who chewed rubber could remember more information, than participants who did not chew rubber.

When it comes to small and simple calculations, stop to rely on the calculator and instead make it intellectually. If you consider it difficult, take the handle and the sheet of paper to solve on old school. Such simple activity stimulates your brain, forcing it to work more diligently, and it is great advice how to improve memories.

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Power over big data, updating

success quintessence: power over big data

Secrets of leaders of retail. As retailers apply technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning to successful development of network. Evolution from GIS to predictive BDM (Business development management) to control systems of development.

In such situation many heads think with what services it is worth supplementing the expert methods acquired for years what technologies will allow to achieve results and what will only complicate work and will become unjustified investment or useless analytical "toy"? Whether it is worth introducing in general at itself such service or to continue to use exclusively human opportunities and own business intuition?

For us one of critical questions - the correct assessment of traffic and accounting of a competitive environment. We do all this in a system: we see & #171; national тропы» pedestrian and auto-traffic, force of influence of competitors.

After loading of data the BST Organica system within several seconds gives assessment of a potential location, and it allows to eliminate already at a preliminary stage platforms, improper under opening of shop.

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Is updated: set of exercises and rules of performance

charging: set of exercises and rules of performance

The revitalizing charging will remove irritability in the morning, will improve mood, will remove slackness and drowsiness. The morning exercises will enter an organism into the working condition. Work of nervous system is sped up, muscles and joints become stronger, blood circulation, work of a cardiac muscle - and all thanks to charging which takes not enough time improves!

Charging in the mornings - a great way to wake up. It is easier to get this useful habit, than it seems to you, it can occupy the minimum quantity of time. Gradually, when you will get used to carry out exercises for all body in the mornings, time of morning exercises can be increased.

The morning exercises have to be directed to all main groups of muscles. As well as any training, it consists of warm-up and the main part. We recommend you a set of exercises for morning exercises which "will warm up" muscles of all body.

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What is personal liberty, a novelty

<"I do to img src="http://photo-rai.ru/pics/117392xgwqh4o5peuz.jpg" title=that I want, and I am not sorry about anything: what is personal liberty of" width="500" height="517" alt="I do that I want, and I am not sorry about anything: what is personal liberty">

Personal liberty & #8212; very important thing in life of any person, however not everyone is capable to reach it.

We already mentioned it above. Priorities & #8212; these are things from which we cannot and we do not want to refuse. It is important to mean several important circumstances:

You know that your children & #8212; most important, you know that you have professional and family duties. Nevertheless, these aspects should not build walls to your personal growth. If you are able to find balance, nobody will be able to stop you. Do everything that you will wish, with passion and pleasure, knowing that your efforts are worth it. How to realize the personal liberty?

To do & #171; that хочетс¤» without remorse and to lead full-fledged life & #8212; for this purpose it is necessary to possess a step, mind and bravery.

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What suntan, a new heading can turn back

what suntan can turn back

From the moment of the beginning of a summer season many people successfully forget about the working duties and with might and main plan the forthcoming holiday. Certainly that rest on the beach under the sun is one of the priority directions, such favorable situation effectively copes with attacks of a depression and an excessive stress which is characteristic at an intense operating schedule. Each person aspires to receiving bright and beautiful suntan, however not all know of to what consequences can lead this desired phenomenon.

It is about pigmentary spots which can appear not only on a face, but also on other parts of a body that not only spoils an esthetic component, but also adds the mass of the reasons for concern. Quite often it happens so that the quantity of similar spots is capable to cover to 80% of skin. According to experts, pigmentary spots can appear not only after suntan, but also from various diseases which were left indifferently in due time. If you want to get rid of "side effects" of suntan and to define the real reason of their emergence, the http://pigmentnuepyatna.ru resource is in that case recommended to come on the Internet.

There is regularly fresh and reliable information concerning pigmentary spots which will help to cope quickly and effectively with the similar phenomenon. It is enough to you to give only several minutes for acquaintance with material to decide on whether it is necessary to ask for the help the expert or it is possible to use a self-treatment technique. Thanks to convenient navigation and the simplified design, access to new materials is most facilitated therefore even the novice user of the Internet will not face basic difficulties during search of the interesting article.

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How forever to release 2 GB of ram in windows 10, amusing

how forever to release 2 GB of ram in windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system the Microsoft company actively uses telemetry & #8212; in other words, "spies" on what we do on the computer. But it can be disconnected! So you not only will get rid of shadowing, but also release nearly 2 gigabytes of random access memory for more useful affairs. How to make it?

First of all we will look at

how many RAM are "eaten" by our system. For this purpose press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, choose the Task manager & #8212; Productivity. Information necessary to us is at the left on graphics Memory.

Useful tips:

1. Download the DWS_Lite program. The application weighs couple of hundreds kilobyte and will not even demand from you full installation & #8212; for start it is enough to open the exe-file.2 loaded on the personal computer. Open the program and pass into the section of Control.3. Find below the inscription Include the Professional Mode and check opposite it. Note: Owners of Microsoft Office of 2016 have to come in addition into a tab of the Utility and specify that they want to disconnect also office telemetry.4. Return to the section Main thing and press the big button with the inscription Destroy Windows 10 Spying.5. Reboot the personal computer.

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