Is curious: how to save in America housing, food, the car, gasoline, medicine and another

how to save in America housing, food, the car, gasoline, medicine and another

Article for those who moved to live or already lives in America, but adheres to a modest way of life or just does not want to spend spare cash, postponing them, for example, for travel.

Let's begin

with housing! It the most important - to have tent!


Though it and minor moments, but nevertheless!

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the Most interesting: photo and description, tragedies and facts

Mount Matterhorn Switzerland: photo and description, tragedies and facts

Mount Matterhorn - one of the most recognizable tops in the world. If to you never has the luck to visit border of Switzerland and Italy, all of you equally with ease learn characteristic outlines of the mountain in the form of a tetrahedral pyramid. The peak Matterhorn annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists who come just to look at it and about 3 thousand climbers wishing to conquer peak. However Mount Matterhorn in Switzerland not only is beautiful, but also is dangerous. Here regularly people therefore before a trip it is necessary to be prepared and estimate the forces carefully perish. Anyway, any tourist will not remain disappointed.

Before ascension needs to complete surely a training course, and on the way to use the help of the guide.

It is useful to know! Height of the Italian peak is only 1 m lower than Swiss.

Height Matterhorn is nearly 4,48 km (4478 m if to be exact). Steep slopes and a skalistost are behind externally appeal. For this reason long time the sight in Switzerland did not obey climbers.

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Popular : how many it is necessary to use in day of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

how many it is necessary to use in day of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

At incorrectly made diets, hunger strikes and just a lack of food the organism begins to consume energy from muscular tissue, destroying it. That it did not happen, it is necessary to imagine well from what products it is possible to receive protein in what ratio with other micronutrients it needs to be used.

The power balance is a just proportion of micronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and also fats which the person needs to use. Before to speak about standard daily rate, it is necessary to understand, what is it and what impact on an organism these substances have.

One gram of carbohydrates at oxidation gives 4 calories. The exact amount of these substances necessary in day to call difficult as it depends on physical and intellectual activity of the specific person. However average figure it is possible to call 500 grams of the carbohydrates necessary for an organism a day.

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Weather, temperature in Malaga, Seville, Marbella, Andalusia at the end of March a season 2019, popular

weather, temperature in Malaga, Seville, Marbella, Andalusia at the end of March a season of 2019

March is rich with holidays and festivals:

Contents: What weather in March in Malaga? Whether the air temperature and waters of Feature of weather conditions March vacation It is worth going? How to put on? What to do at the beginning of spring in Spain? Beach vacation What to look at and what to be engaged in? Holidays and festivals

Alhambra palace, Museo del Prado, monastery Montserrat & #8212; what else sights can be visited in Spain, read here.

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From our users: UAVs will find the people lost in the forest quickly and without gps

UAVs will find the people lost in the forest quickly and without gps

UAVs can be very effective search and rescue tool, but not in dense forests where the wood cover can block GPS signals. Fortunately, MIT developed the clever decision: to use the same technology which drives the autonomous cars. Scientists developed UAVs which use LIDAR for drawing up the map of forests without GPS use. Each drone creates the two-dimensional card which includes the provision of trees that considerably simplifies storing of places which the robot already visited during search.

Such UAVs will also be more effective and in that, how exactly they look for. Instead of sending drones to explore novel areas, the MIT method keeps a drone impulse as much as possible. Usually it leads to creation of a spiral pattern which covers area much quicker - it is very important for a saving mission when every minute on the account.

It, in turn, will also allow to combine cards from all fleet of UAVs and to comb big sites of the forest with the minimum expenses of efforts.

Agree? Tell in our chat in Telegram.

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Watercolor, acrylic, spirit markers, amusing

a sketchbook of the myth we test materials: watercolor, acrylic, spirit markers

The invoice of a cover reminds a canvas.

I tested paper even before release of a sketchbook, it will sustain even a wet landscape in one layer with specification. And these plums on a photo endured 4 wettings and perfectly feel. At the same time in a sketchbook except a watercolor it is also possible to draw a pencil, ink, liner, full freedom of action! The price allows such experiments.

The source is @irina_sart

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the Medical diet for weight loss is intended for the people having obesity, popular

the medical diet for weight loss is intended for the people having obesity

Though say that the medical diet is developed for weight loss by physicians, to believe, looking at a diet, in it it is difficult. The majority of medical diets is constructed on the basis of input in a diet of products with the high content of vitamins and minerals.

the Medical diet does not suit


13 day - repeat menu 6 of day.

Day 4. Fresh carrots and cabbage salad, gas station - olive oil. Salad volume - liter.

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At Jennifer Garnier the new boyfriend, the most interesting

at Jennifer there is Garnier the new boyfriend

Attribute to the actress the affair with the 40-year-old American businessman John Miller, the CEO of CaliGroup - the company owning Miso Robotics and network of CaliBurger fast food restaurants. "Their relations for the last six months became quite serious, - the insider of Us Weekly told. - Jennifer opens the best in John, and he is very happy to be near her. They have healthy, fine relations".

John, as well as Jennifer, is divorced: from the 2005th on the 2014th he was married to the world famous violinist Caroline Campbell who appeared on one stage with Sting, Andrea Bocelli and Julio Iglesias. From this marriage couple had 12-year-old son and the 9-year-old daughter whom they continue to raise through joint efforts. However, in an interview Caroline ambiguously spoke of the ex-husband, claiming that the position of the head of the large technological company made him the masterful and unpleasant man: "It pressed on me and wanted to control everything that I do. And it seems to me, sometimes he just does not see differences between the subordinates, friends and other people", - Campbell, gentle and creative nature told. Apparently, Jennifer noticed nothing of that kind yet.

Jennifer Garner somehow is possible to hide private life from paparazzi far better, than it is done by her former spouse Ben Affleck. Once Ben appears near some girl, and pictures of couple right there get to tabloids... And here Jen if to trust a source, meets the guy already half a year, and media learned about it just now!

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Interesting : under a heel and behind a stone wall

under a heel and behind a stone wall

Nobody on all hundred trusts in the forces, in ability to independently pull own life. At heart everyone feels that he really does not know this life. Therefore all look at each other in search of answers.

Can allocate to

a set of footpaths of sincere growing, but, perhaps, two most evident are an independence and self-sufficiency - that is ability to solve the problems and it is easy to transfer a privacy.

Sectarians for the same purposes direct to the teacher's feet where to them protection against the illusion of the "correct" way warming the soul seems.

As a result the best relations (for the majority) are only a way not to mature, not to realize, not to work to remain in comfort behind a wing with the senior satellite which ideally will provide boundless support and love.

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of 12 simple councils how to improve memory, discussion

12 simple councils how to improve memory

Our minds are similar to our bodies & #8211; you leave them unguarded too long, and they begin to worsen. It is very important to keep both a body and reason in good conditions. But the matter is that all of us know about many ways of improvement of our body. But what about our mind? How can you activate the brain? As you can effectively use it and how to improve memory? There are several simple councils.

to improve memory & #8211; master new skills. It can be something like that small how to learn to knit or something like that big how to learn to read and write in Japanese. When you are engaged in purposeful activity, you carry out the neurologic system of the body. It consists of a brain and a spinal cord and can be considered as the information processor of a body. The more you use it, the it is more than chances to improve your memory!

Scientists definitely do not know why this method works, but they know that it works. Several researches showed that participants who chewed rubber could remember more information, than participants who did not chew rubber.

When it comes to small and simple calculations, stop to rely on the calculator and instead make it intellectually. If you consider it difficult, take the handle and the sheet of paper to solve on old school. Such simple activity stimulates your brain, forcing it to work more diligently, and it is great advice how to improve memories.

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