Discussion: cat and mouse

cat and mouse

The world is full of stereotypes, many of which are simply absurd! For example, a stereotype about what friendship between a predator and its victim is impossible. Almost nobody believes in friendship between a cat and a mouse or between a cat and a dog. It seems to me that time to pull down stereotypes came. At least this roller proves the absolutely return. You will not believe the eyes when you see these shots! These the mouse and a cat are the best friends and cannot the friend without friend.

Only look at

as lovely they lie in an embrace. As soon as the cat goes to bed, the mouse climbs to him under a pad and they together fall asleep. What can be lovelier, than it? It is sure, their owners are very surprised to such friendship, but also and are glad. The most surprising that a cat so kind and unperturbable that quietly allows a mouse to make similar. This friendship contrary to laws of the nature! And you managed to observe something similar? Tell about it in the comment!

Enjoy this lovely roller rather and share it with friends!

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Selection: 10 effective exercises

how to change the body: 10 effective exercises

Do you think of effective ways to change your body? There are several excellent exercises which will help you to achieve your objectives in fitness. These exercises are simple, but are effective in strengthening of your body together with burning of excess calories.

Squat & #8211; it is a training which works more, than for one group of muscles. This powerful exercise helps to tone up gluteuses, to strengthen a body and to burn many calories.

I love run, especially early in the morning, and I think that it is one of the best exercises for every day. I always have great feeling of the fulfilled duty after jog.

The cycling is also one of the simplest exercises which can be carried out in your daily routine as this excellent vehicle. It holds you in shape, saves your money, and well affects health.

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of Cool photos from Thailand, a selection


On our island Samui weather - - a storm, a rain, slush

sharply deteriorated the fourth day

You watch yesterday's video - in last week-end we actively traveled about on the jeep on our island

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of the Reason, symptoms and treatment, selection

an allergy at dogs: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Our canine friends often suffer from diseases which are characteristic of people. One of such diseases - an allergy. It is more difficult to determine the pathology reason at the pet by a time, than at the person. Its symptoms are similar to many manifestations of other dog illnesses. How it is shown and than the allergy at a dog is treated, you learn, having read this article.

Should process also the habitat of a dog and rooms which she visits. At a chemical allergy exclude a possibility of contact of an animal with the substance which caused reaction.

Leaving consists in use of the ointments and creams eliminating the naggers. And also in care of ears, eyes, wool. When washing wool try to use the most plain dogs shampoo as a part of which there are no chemical additives, extract of oats and other cereals.

Types of this disease at pets:

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Polovin's of fish in plates not that which was ordered, a selection

ordered deception at restaurants of Spain: a half of fish in plates not that which was ordered

Deception at restaurants of Spain: a half of fish in plates not that which was ordered

I is not a story overblown because of some cases of couple. The Azti Tecnalia company by request of the European Union conducted a long research.

Most of all deception is the share of cheap dishes. At the price less than 20 euros substitution was fixed in 53% of cases, from 20 to 50 euros - 38%, and 50 euros - only 11% of cases of substitution are more expensive.

Checking found least of all fakes in the Basque Country. In this region 145 samples of fish from the most expensive restaurants of autonomy were taken, but only in four portions fish was not that for which it was given.

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Is updated: economy of the USA and the world in comics

Trump got what: economy of the USA and the world in comics

What now to do? There are different points of view on it. And what will be chosen by the government of America and other countries - is not clear yet. Here that the author of the book "Ekonomiks" Michael Goodwin thinks.

Because of global trade economic problems extend worldwide. And now again there was relevant a problem from the past: lack of resources.

Though George Bush also left the U.S. presidency, the problems created by it remained. Obama should deal with many of them. And at him it quite not bad left.

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New on the website: business


The night club by right is considered the vacation spot of modern youth. An overwhelming part of visitors of night clubs is a youth from 18 to 35 years. Of course, there are clubs focused on more adult audience. And the corresponding filling of data of clubs differs from youth a little. Usually clubs for more adult audience are closer, in fact, to meetings on interests.

the Mixed clubs are institutions in which elements of the first and second type are democratically combined. It is reached usually by allocation of different zones within one room.

It is possible to receive the full version of the business plan on opening of night club from scratch at our partners with a quality assurance.

To download the ready business plan of night club relevant on 2019, it is possible at our checked partners "Biplane". Reference to downloading.

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Is curious: socially


Transition to market economy in the country happens is extremely contradictory. On the one hand, it is followed by formation of qualitatively new legal social and labor relations, and with another - increase of confrontation, social tension what confirm mass discontent - collective labor disputes and the conflicts (strikes).

increase of confrontation big social contradictions of a transitive stage of economy, the system of the public and social administration are the cornerstone of


Influence of the social and labor conflict on public life is traced in all spheres of activity of society. In this sense results of influence of the conflict on society can be divided into two big groups corresponding to two main spheres - social and economic and political.

On the other hand, only when contradictions reach a certain stage of development when they are subjectively realized by people as such which violate their interests and will lead to active actions (fight), it is possible to speak about the conflict.

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How to learn whether there is a damage, at the request of chitaty

how to learn whether there is a damage

Series of bad events, strange things near the house and breakdown - a serious occasion to think whether there are a damage and a malefice on you. You can be the most benevolent person in the world and not trust in all this magical nonsense, but увы… There Are people who not just envy or bear you the malice, and intentionally go on "grannies" to jinx. And this business terrible, badly affecting health, love and career.

to avoid negative impact from ill-wishers, it is worth visiting church from time to time and to try not to devote in a detail of the life not of really close people.

Earlier we told what stones can be carried as a charm to protect itself from damage and a malefice.


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of the Sight and a flag of Equatorial Guinea a season 2019, new on the website

Africa on the world map: sights and flag of Equatorial Guinea season of 2019

Some of the most popular cities of Equatorial Guinea of Malabo and Bath & #8212; in this video:

Equatorial Guinea is the original country with rich history. Its population kept ancient cultural heritage and national traditions so far.

From sights of Equatorial Guinea it is possible to note Ebebyin's museum in Mbini in whom the traditional sculptures of nationalities of the country and various works of art characterizing history and the culture of the country in general are exposed.

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