What weather in February and where the season 2019, the most interesting is better to have a rest

Published: 17.2.2017
rest to Bali is better to have a rest: what weather in February and where the season of 2019 is better to have a rest

Also in February the day of Odalan is celebrated - it is opening of the new temple to this or that deity. The holiday is followed by ritual songs and dances in fancy suits.

Despite vagaries of the weather, rest to Bali in February promises to be fascinating. Emphasis this month is placed not on beach pastime, and on forwarding walks on sights and on acquaintance to culture.

Water of the Java Sea at the coast of the island heats up to +29 degrees that almost equals to air temperature. Water temperature at the coast of the Pacific Ocean, as a rule, a little lower and is +26-27 degrees.

In February on the island a large amount of rainfall drops out - from 28 days 16-18 days pour pouring rains. Mostly rains go day at night and do not prevent tourists to have a rest. In total this month about 700 mm of rainfall drop out.

Average daily air temperature on the island equals at this time to +27 degrees Celsius.

In February weather to Bali is quite unpredictable. Steady pouring rains and the penetrating winds are characteristic of it, but years when weather pleases with dry, sunny days and even weeks sometimes are.

Rest on the beach is quite difficult - because of strong wind and strong waves water in the ocean is strongly turbid and swimming is possible only at the coast. The view of the beach leaves much to be desired too - on the coast waves brings small garbage and seaweed which, despite cleaning, do not decrease.

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In the afternoon air temperature averages +31 degrees, at night & #8212; +22 degrees.

In Lovin and Ubud air temperature even at night day seldom happens lower than +28 degrees.

From minuses of a February holiday it is possible to allocate the following for Bali:

In the resorts of Denpasar and Ubuda a few rainfall will also drop out, but the cyclone going from the ocean increases humidity of air many times.

From pluses of visit of Bali it is possible to allocate the following at this time:

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In February to Bali the Chinese New year which exact date varies depending on a year is celebrated. The festival is followed by magnificent festivities in fancy dresses, fireworks, fairs and dances in the open air.

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The most optimum vacation spot in February is Kuta - the most comfortable temperature keeps here and the smallest amount of precipitation drops out that considerably reduces a humidity indicator.

It is impossible to go to Bali and not to test ethnic Indonesian cuisine and also not to visit the well-known flea markets where, except all other souvenirs, it is possible to get mystical amulets and charms.

Because of abundance of rainfall the humidity of air rises up to 95% therefore even the effect of closeness is created at night.

Except typical summer clothes (shorts, t-shirts, dresses and so on) it is also necessary to take with itself pair of waterproof footwear - summer boots on a thick sole or even gumboots. Also it is worth putting a tube of sunblock cream in a suitcase.

As there takes place rest to Bali in February, look in this video:

The sun in February appears seldom, but it does not save people from solar burns therefore even in cloudy weather it is necessary to be careful.

Fans of outdoor activities should refrain for a while from the hobbies too - surfing, water-skiing and diving at this time in the ocean it is unsafe and can lead to negative consequences.

February to Bali is time for visit of excursions and various entertainment programs. But visit of some sights is also connected with nature whims. For example, visit of rice fields can be saddened by unexpectedly begun rain.

To Bali the summer and a year-round difference all the year round reigns in temperatures absolutely small. Weather in Bali in February unforeseen, is the last month of a rainy season therefore, as a rule, during this period of tourists on the island it is a little.

Delay aboard the plane & #8212; not a rarity. Not to panic in such situation, read here what actions to take.

In general, unpredictability and changeability of weather can become both a shortcoming, and advantage. Everything depends on that, for what purpose the person decided to visit the island.

Depending on location air temperature can vary a little:

Rest in February to Bali - not the best choice for a holiday because of unpredictable and it is frequent adverse weather conditions. But the holiday can well take place if to know all advantages and possible shortcomings of February island rest.

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