Interesting : 33 checked ways as it is easy to pay for the taken credit

Published: 15.2.2017
33 checked ways as it is easy to pay for the taken credit

The credits are, actually, at every second adult Russian today.

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Optimize the daily expenses. Think - what expenditure you will be able easily to refuse (for example, buy an analog, more available at the price, but not an expensive brand). Transfer a part of the retail purchases to small wholesale (for example, at acquisition of food)

Do not take a word to the staff of bank, do not trust advertizing promises. Attentively read the contract, you ask to explain thoroughly to you all unclear places in the credit agreement

It is very easy to spoil it, for example, simply having forgotten to make monthly payment on the credit in time. The relation from bank to you will instantly deteriorate

28. Be in touch

Situations in life are different. You remember that the credit is neither it is good and nor it is bad. The credit is only one of financial instruments, and you should learn to use it correctly.

If several credits are taken from you at the same time, try to repay the loan with the biggest interest rate in the beginning. Usually in service consumer loans and the credits on cash cards are the most expensive.

Monthly you grant on 1,5-2 times a large sum, than obligatory payment on the credit. So you considerably reduce time of repayment of the credit. The matter is that the minimum payment is specially calculated so that to make your credit the most long-term (and favorable to bank)

23. Daily accounting of income and expenses

20. The quicker, the better

Constantly trace bank offers on percentage rates (on the credits). If they go for decrease, then renew (restructure) the crates under more favorable percent. For this purpose it is possible to be refinanced in other bank

27. If you were dismissed Е

10. Refuse the guarantee on the credit

31. Check - whether the loan is completely repaid

Remember that creditomanam are not born, become them.


The boomerang and credit cards were invented, probably, by the same person

9. Be careful of swindlers

It is not so harmless formality. It means that you voluntarily gave the consent to pay off on the credit which was taken not by you. Now this your obligation: it was charged - pay! Though not the fact that such situation will occur.

As practice renders, it is possible to get out of the deepest financial hole if not to despair and make the correct acts

17. Automate process of transformation of payment for the credit

You pay percent on the credit in advance. So you will be insured from receipt of money at the wrong time (for example, because of a delay - for any reason - passings of payment from bank in bank). Remember that day of the actual receipt of your money for the bank account is considered date of repayment of percent on the credit, but do not put commission of payment by you

A name (obligatory)

14. The credit is money for rent

32. To take or not to take the new credit?

I wish you the fastest repayment of the available credits!

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Create the stock of money sufficient for 2-4 months of obligatory payments on the credit. You keep them on the deposit account in the same bank where the credit is taken from you

Here simple advice which will help you to avoid typical mistakes are brought together and to pay off as fast as possible with the credits which are available for you.

Your credit history can be spoiled not only non-payments for the taken credit. There are some more negative factors: for example, against you judgements (criminal case is opened, the claim, etc. is directed) were passed

Services of intermediaries (loan brokers) will significantly save your time (and nerves) when choosing the best terms of credit

The companies brokers guaranteeing you receiving the credit or suggesting to you to make "phony" (false) documents for granting them in bank do it not because of care of you at all. You steer clear of them

7. In what currency to take the credit?

15. Protect the credit history

It is very simple to obtain the credit, and to return it - much more difficult

21. You pay more

Along with repayment of the credit surely invest, create the capital. Otherwise after a while you completely repay the taken loan, but will be absolutely without money

24. Look for additional sources of income

Also pay attention to the Books tab - the excellent selection of books on personal finance, investments and earnings is collected there

Do not disappear from bank at all if you had difficulties with money.

6. Address to the bank

8. The request for the help to loan brokers

Many of them do not know how it is correct to obtain the credit in bank as quickly to pay off him and what to do after the taken loan is repaid.

4. It is no more than 30 percent

Before commission of the following large purchase stop and properly think - can be, eat sense to wait and save up money to buy a thing necessary to you then for cash, without the credit? Why to overpay to bank for use of the credit?

29. Invest!

18. Create reserve fund

2. Study conditions on the credit in detail

When you completely repaid the taken loan, surely check this fact. Often happens that there were outstanding small sums (kopeks) which need also to be paid. Therefore banks begin to charge to you penalties

12. Find out for what reason refuse to you receiving the credit

19. What credit to extinguish the first?

Look for the best conditions on the credit. For this purpose you should spend time to communicate to a large number of banks and in detail to study their offers

The earlier you pay for the credit - the you will save more money from the family budget!

Remember that you have someone else's property (money of bank). You are respectful to it. Carefully meet all conditions of the credit agreement

16. Make payments beforehand

The credit should be taken in currency of the country (i.e. in rubles - if you live in Russia). Otherwise you very strongly risk since you become very strongly dependent on rate fluctuations of currencies, economic crises, etc.

We take someone else's money and for a while, and we give the and forever

Surely in advance find for yourself the answer to an important question - "As My Family Will Pay the Credit if Tomorrow I Am Discharged from Office"? And then no difficult situation with money will take you unawares!

Constantly look for opportunities how to earn more money. Find a small side job at the weekend, be registered on the websites of freelancers, try to earn from the hobby, sell unnecessary things through free bulletin boards, etc.

22. Cut down a swap expenses

First of all find out terms for crediting in the bank - in in what you open the "salary" card (on which the salary is transferred to you) or a deposit is open. Often banks are ready to offer special, preferential terms for the regular customers

Statistics claims that the fact of conducting daily records (account) of the income and expenses allows to reduce monthly costs of a third. Check it on yourself!

13. And it is necessary to me?

11. Protect honor from the youth

Produce the evidence of the reliability: certificates of constant high income, of timely payments on other credits, about existence of property, deposits, securities, etc.

It can be a large number of dependents in your family, and there can be some technical failure in work of a system of scoring of bank. Find out a cause of failure - quite perhaps that in your forces it is easy to correct this situation (for example, by providing the relevant documents, etc.)

26. In what to pay at financial crisis?

3. Understand from what income you will repay the loan

Level of a debt load when monthly payments for the taken credit do not exceed 20-30 percent from your income

will be the most comfortable for your family budget

25. Restructure the credits

5. Submit the application for the credit to several banks

30. It is possible to correct the spoiled credit history

Collect a maximum of documents for confirmation of the solvency (high solvency). The you will provide more proofs in paper form in bank - the rate on the credit will be lower. To the contrary, the you will spend less time for receiving the credit, the percent on it will be higher

If you have no work (or other source of income), then you should not take the credit in what difficult situation you would not appear. Borrow money at the family better

The credit is when the bank plunders you, and you also pay extra to it for it

Once again properly think over a question: Whether "Really we need this thing for which acquisition I take the credit? Or it is just momentary whim (weakness)"?

Alexander Evstegneev

The money does not stink, but disappear

1. The more documents, the rates on the credit are lower

Use Internet banking, include an option of monthly making payment from your bank account

The credit is the optimism which reached to the point of absurdity "Pshekruy"

Urgently go to bank and tell about the arisen situation. Explain that you are going to pay the sum, feasible for you, regularly (monthly). Banks are not interested in judicial proceedings and, for certain, will meet requirements of you: will change the payment schedule, for some time will reduce the amount of payments, etc.

Many became pessimists, financing optimists. Ch.T. Jones

33. Cash or credit?


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