google glass Font can be operated by means of thoughts, new now

Published: 19.2.2017
google glass font now now it is possible to operate by means of thoughts

Of course, you can always give a voice command to the Google Glass glasses in the middle of the street or in public transport. But how would be great if it was possible to operate the gadget by means of thoughts? Developers from the London company This Place created the device by means of which this dream can become a reality.

the Mental interface is very gracefully presented to

graphically: over the image the user sees thin horizontal white line which gradually rises to the top side of the screen as the person concentrates on desire to make the picture. As soon as the line reaches image top - Google Glass glasses take the picture. To send the picture to social network - process it is necessary to repeat.

Creators of MindRDR published the source code of the software on the GitHub portal that other studios could use their practices in the ambitious projects. First of all the MindRDR device offers great opportunities to the paralyzed people who cannot independently move. The science does not stand still and, very much can be, in the next years we will see many similar devices capable to turn human thoughts into real actions.

At the moment MindRDR is only able to take the picture by means of the Google Glass built-in camera and to publish them in social networks, but developers assure that they considerably will expand in the nearest future the list of available opportunities of the device.

Certainly to have an opportunity mentally to give the Google Glass teams, you should carry one more font on the head. She MindRDR (reduced from Mind Reader - "is called reading mind") and represents the biosensor code-named of EGG developed by the NeuroSky company integrated into a head font and capable to read the user's mind.


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