From our readers: metabotsin can become new obesity medicine

metabotsin can become new obesity medicine

Chili pepper contains connection which can provide a set of surprising advantages to health. This connection known as kaptaitsin, gives to chili pepper sharpness.

Doctor Tyagaradzhan and his colleagues investigated influence of a metabotsin on mice and presented the results at the annual meeting of Society of studying of food behavior (Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior) which took place in Bonita Springs, Florida.

As a large number of such receptors contains in fatty cages, researchers assumed that activation of TRPV1-retsepotorov causes combustion of fats in adipocytes - white fatty cages.

The report on a research was published in the Biophysical magazine (Biophysical Journal).

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From our readers: results of the eighth week of a way of the artist

results of the eighth week of a way of the artist

The 8th week of a course was generally devoted to "creative survival": Julia tells how it is important to live criticism and rejection of your creativity and not to fall into self-flagellation and creative crisis. My creativity since the childhood did not receive serious blows, generally I got support, than would not be engaged. But I arranged quite good test with own forces. In the report for last week I said that I wrote to the editorial office of the Zhit Po-drugomu magazine as they constantly look for adherents and new authors. I very much like this magazine and its team, these are kind many-sided persons, and it seemed to me that I could become one more voice in this variety. But I received absolutely unexpected response. Article sent by me (Life without holidays) it is perfect "did not respond", seemed "confusing", "strange", "condemning", filled with "sense of superiority" and desire "to convert celebrating in not celebrating" (in quotes - quotes from the response letter). I was simply struck that my text can cause such mountain of negative feelings and such interpretation. It was offered to me to rewrite everything. In me desire fought it will be pleasant to these cool people, and understanding that I have my voice and my vision, and they have the right for existence. 10 years' experience in the sphere of copywriting allows me to write almost on any subject and almost for any target audience. And, proceeding from the return reaction, I understood how completely corresponding stylistics of the magazine can make the article. But what sense in it? If I decided to speak about the life on its own behalf, then I want to use for this purpose the voice, but not some smoothed tolerant option which will touch nobody. Yes, my articles inducing because I have such character: if I found solutions of any problems, I seek to tell about it to those who look for an exit too and to encourage people on this way: But I condemn nobody and I do not try to tower over people. Yes, I lead almost hermetical life because I very sensitive and me people who harm themselves and people around will wound. But I understand how they became such, and to me sick to be near them not because I feel contrast between "clean and great" me and "disgusting" them but because I deeply sympathize with them, and I see that I cannot help them in any way. I know that my Way is permanently connected with support of people, with creation of the safe environment in which it is possible to understand himself, to feel rest and joy of life. And if I with the vital values do not fit into tolerant society - there is nothing terrible in it. I will do what I do because it allows me to feel live and filled. I asserted in myself the right to be myself!

Of course, Ksenia. I too consider that in my case it is better to communicate with the audience)

It would not be desirable to tell criticism to the Live magazine in a different way, but at me the enthusiasm in their party when wrote the comment question directly to the editor-in-chief was a little lowered too, and I was ignored though the subject belonged to what was in article. It was once again convinced that & #171; do not create to yourself кумира» & #8212; it is necessary to remember that we are people who can seem ideal from the screen, but in reality at all the cockroaches and preferences. So it did not turn out there, so at you the audience already here was created, and will extend slowly but surely because write vital things

Many thanks to my husband that helped to understand this situation. Initially the reply of the editorial office seemed me just monolithic stone which cannot absolutely be analysed and used somehow for the life. And in his hands any monolith turns into a ball, and it just untwists it, showing me the making threads. I do not cease to admire the husband!

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Names for the girls and boys born in December, 2017, popular

names for the girls and boys born in December, 2017

Each young parent before birth of the kid asks a question: "what name to give to the child?" There are several ways to choose a name for the newborn, and today we learn how to make it it is wisest and correct.

Names for boys, value of names: Nikolay ("the winner of the people"), Platon ("broad-shouldered"), Roman ("Roman"), Adrian ("strong"), Alexander ("the courageous defender"), Pyotr ("strong as a stone"), Vasily ("tsar"), Savva ("wise"), Grigory ("vigorous"), Mark ("personal"), Arkhip ("the senior rider"), Makar ("happy"), Gerasim ("respectable"), Afanasy ("immortal"), Yaroslav ("devoted to god of the sun"), Ivan ("God's favor"), Boris ("the fighter for glory"), Vsevolod ("omnipotent"), Iosif who is ("increasing greatly"), Yakov ("following close"), Konstantin ("constant"), Ilya ("Lord's fortress"), Tikhon ("successful"), Daniil ("god - my judge"), Zakhar ("memorable to god").

4. In Russia the name to the kid was chosen depending on day of its birth or features of appearance/character. Therefore quite often it happens so that the names which were pleasant to you, after birth of the child just do not suit it. Be ready to it and if you feel that the child needs other name, not that which you picked up to it while still mother had a kid in a tummy, then make it. Woman's and man's names in December, 2017 according to the church calendar

Names for girls, value of names: Anna ("grace"), Tatyana ("ustroitelnitsa"), Praskoviya ("Friday"), Augustus ("stately"), Ekaterina ("clean"), Antonina ("extensive"), Vera ("belief"), Margarita ("pearl"), Maria ("sad"), Tamara ("steady"), Yulia ("wavy"), Angelina ("messenger"), Sofia ("wise"), Zoya ("life"), Elza ("esteeming God").

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Popular : independent training of dogs, lessons of training of adult dogs and puppies independently

independent training of dogs, lessons of training of adult dogs and puppies independently

Х to beg for food;

At home it is difficult to study specific teams, especially it is difficult for person to make it without experience in this sphere. So for a start it is better to teach the pet & #8211; a dog, - to four main teams: "To sit", "Faugh", "To me", "nearby". You should not think that process will be tiresome or will demand considerable mental and physical efforts from the person. It will pass quite interestingly and it is possible to bring up a dog literally sitting on a sofa.

Here only process of training of a puppy of a dog which is usually charged to cynologists can last several months, and for it it is necessary to lay out the decent sum. A good way out - independent training of dogs in house conditions!

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the Step 5 from salary to salary or how to break off a vicious circle, life hack

step 5 from salary to salary or how to break off a vicious circle

Video. Master of creation and copying of the budget.

It is IMPORTANT! If this indicator turns out negative, & #8211; means your expenditure go not at the expense of the current income, and at the expense of the remains for the beginning of month, or at the expense of the credits obtained this month. If as a result the free monetary rest according to the plan is negative, & #8211; the created plan is impracticable, it is necessary to correct articles of the budget.

Today we will tell about the key moment in management of personal finance.

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Secrets: whether the visa to Brazil in 2019 is necessary to Belarusians

whether the visa to Brazil in 2019 is necessary to Belarusians

The visa to Brazil is not necessary to Belarusians. In 2019 conditions of obtaining the document were significantly simplified.

the Document confirming existence of housing in the territory of Brazil: hotel booking, contract on hiring of the apartment or house, etc. The copy of the birth certificate of the child (if children go to a travel). The document, confirming your financial solvency. The extract from the bank account, the credit card, the traveler's check can be such document.

You watch video: obtaining Brazilian visa.

Pay attention to video: the countries where Belarusians can go without visa.

Whether all tourists need the visa to Brazil? Without visa in the country for 3 months can be:

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the Most interesting: 20 original winter scarfs

20 original winter scarfs

It is the collection of winter scarves made by masters from around the world. Connected by hooks and needles, they perfectly supplement winter clothes. Such original accessories look incredibly stylish!

These scarves your friends have to see


Things which not only will warm your throat during winter cold weather but also will force to see off people around you delighted or slightly amazed looks. Perhaps, you will want to knit the same original scarf - enjoy, here is where to gather inspiration!

Original winter scarfs

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Border of Turkey with Russia, Syria, Greece and other neighboring states, popular

border of Turkey with Russia, Syria, Greece and other neighboring states

It is possible to cross borders of Turkey from 11 countries, from six it is possible to reach, from eight to reach also from ten & #8212; to reach. It is better to study in advance how it is the best of all to get to the country of four seas.

Border of Turkey and Greece for tourists & #8212; the sea, overland border is much more expensive to crossing. It is the most convenient to reach by the ferry. It is possible to make it of Rhodes (maritime routes to Marmaris, the Braid & #8212; to Bodrum, Samos & #8212; Kushadasa, Chios & #8212; To Cheshma, Lesbos & #8212; in Ayvalyk). The way takes with the ferry a couple of hours and will manage in the sum about 20 dollars. It is possible to reach by plane, there and back flight costs Athens-Istanbul around 180-250 euro. And it is possible to leave Thessaloniki by train or by bus.

And here from the countries of the Middle East it is better not to go here: the operating conflicts have an effect. It is the best of all to get to the country from Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azeybarzhan, Cyprus. If you plan rest in other country, on a tour to Turkey you need the 2-fold visa to the main country.

The Iranian visa should be made in advance. That from Iran to get to Turkey, 8-9 hours are required (from the capital of Iran of Tehran to border). It is also possible to reach, it will be safer and to cost about 180 dollars. The cost of the ticket for the bus will be from 50 dollars

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That the main thing for the investor, a new heading

that the main thing for the investor

Now the world economy has not the best times.

the European economy is seriously sick with

- it is in a condition of "repair" and restructuring. Economic growth in America it is strong "was on pause". The economy of China significantly slows down. All this is aggravated with the failed prices of oil.

A name (obligatory)

"I have no idea of that how many this or that paper in my portfolio tomorrow or in a year will cost. But I precisely know that in 10 or 15 years it will be more expensive" than P.P.S.

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How to manage money in the period of instability, at requests of readers

how to manage money in the period of instability


Allocate for ruble to a quarter of all sum, distribute the rest between dollar, euro and exotic Chinese yuan and Swiss franc. And the biggest shares have to belong to dollar (rescue currency) and yuan (steadily growing economy holds a good course). Also break the sum of deposits on 600 000 rub - let your percent will be insured by Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA).

Other option is investments into the depersonalized metal accounts, first of all - in gold. Historically this metal rose in price in crisis. The sums it is worth investing from 300 000 rub and for the term of not less than half a year, at the same time metal accounts, unlike gold, the VAT are not assessed, but they also are not insured in DIA. However the great demand on gold has artificial character therefore it is necessary to be attentive to a political situation - its stabilization leads to depreciation.

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