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Published: 5.1.2019
the best assistant in education

Many consider that the main thing in education of the child & #8212; severity, only with its help it is possible to achieve success. They are mistaken. By means of severity and punishments it is possible to achieve obedience, but the child who is so brought up will constantly feel fear and diffidence.

the Child who opens the world through fear grows at unhappy.

It is normal, but it is important that these norms did not contradict the friend the friend and that parents adhered to them.

But quite often the obedient child has a low self-assessment, and he feels unfortunate. At such education around it walls are kind of put up, and he feels isolated.

Try to make out talents and abilities of the child and create conditions for their development.

It is considered that the early childhood lasts from first month of life of the child to 7 years. Everything that during this period happens to the child, strongly influences his subsequent development.

We will tell about the basic principles of education to which it is worth adhering. And what cannot be done at all.

Parents have to choose such type of education which allows the child grow as the personality which gives it self-reliance and that in this world it is possible to be happy and to bring happiness to others.

Such children, as a rule, do not show an initiative. They get used that they always say to them what needs to be done and what cannot be done.

We will dwell upon it.

Happy children, on the contrary, constantly show an initiative, explore the world around, with pleasure communicate with people around. If child straighten out continually, threaten him with punishment, it to it & #171; cuts крыль¤» undermines its self-assessment.

All of us want that our children obeyed us that they respected the rules which we establish.

& #171; I have to obey mother because she wishes me only хорошего». & #171; I have to collect every evening the toys because it is good when in the room пор¤док». & #171; When tell others, it is necessary to keep silent. Then I will hear that they tell, and I will show to them уважение».

For some reason in many families consider that & #171; obedient ребенок» & #8212; it is what it is necessary to aspire to.

Try & #171; to have контакт» with the child. Understanding of his requirements will help you to bring up it correctly.

"Even if people who love me, cause in me fear what it is possible to wait from it мира… for; & #187;

But kids often want to go beyond allowed them & #8212; to test itself and to look at reaction of parents.


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