of Amazon completes the construction of eternal hours, life hack

Amazon completes the construction of eternal hours

How you consider how many can serve the mechanical clock? Couple of hundreds of years? Or, maybe, one thousand years? The head of the Amazon company Jeff Bezos intended to create almost eternal mechanical clock. Hours are located in the rock near the Blue Origin spaceport that in the western Texas, and 42 million US dollars are spent for implementation of the project.

Should noticing

that the idea of construction of such hours belongs not to Jeff Bezos at all. It in 1995 was offered by the engineer Danny Hillis by way of illustration the fact that it is necessary to think of the future of the planet, but not to live for today. After start hours and their internal device will be open for free visit, however there is a small difficulty. To reach the place, it will be necessary to finish not sickly quest. As it is reported on the official site of the project,

Jeff Bezos's project can be perceived differently, but in rather strong statement on the fact that hours will work 10 000 years, it is trusted hardly. If to judge objectively: whether much you know real-life objects, age of 10 000 years (fossils are not counted)? Besides, these hours are mechanical, so at their design there are gears which constantly test friction force in interaction with each other that wears out details. Even the best Swiss watch demands replacement of some elements from time to time. In addition, it is impossible to forget that metal details are subject to corrosion. Or Jeff managed to create metal which is not oxidized over time?

& mdash; Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) February 20, 2018

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Work and vacancies in Toronto in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019, life hack

work and vacancies in Toronto in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Canada is the immigration country where citizens from all over the world go. Employment contracts of this country provide full time though many prefer to work part time. Quite often women in Canada climb a career ladder to senior positions. the Adjustable vacancy it is more difficult to p to receive

, than unregulated. Administrative bodies and the authorities in regions established certain requirements which need to correspond:

The small term of work in Toronto means obtaining permission to work in embassy or consulate of Canada. And when period of validity of the contract comes to an end, the worker leaves the country.

For persons interested to work in Toronto, there are certain categories of visas:

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Amusing : we deal with finance under the leadership of Mikhail Popov, the founder of easyfinanceru

we deal with finance under the leadership of Mikhail Popov, the founder of easyfinanceru

4. To control the finance qualitatively, a lot of time plus special knowledge is required.

1. That it is more important: to earn more or to spend less?

- EasyFinance.ru recommends model: at first to save money for deposits (the sum at 6-12 of monthly income), then to put 50% in actions and 50 in bonds

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Councils to parents, from our readers

how to force the teenager to study: advice to parents

If you bring up the teenager, then know how difficult happens to involve him in study. Most of them does not need that to them helped to go shopping, to play at the computer or to communicate with friends. But when business concerns performance of school homeworks, your push to study just and will define a difference between the excellent student and the lagging behind child. We offer you several ways how to force the teenager to study.


that it is possible to be "abrupt" and at the same time to have high point in school objects. Tell stories of the acquaintances as they coped with study when they were school students. If you have no suitable examples, remember yourself and the problems.

Teenagers are very sensitive concerning remarks and criticism. To convince the teenager to study, control of parents is necessary, but it can be conducted differently. Test positive technology of control.

If your son or the daughter work at the computer, be convinced that they do not "hang" on the Internet instead of studying. Warn that you will check the history of viewings in the Internet the browser from time to time, explain that you are not going to deprive of them private life and leisure, and only you want to help not to become dependent from communication online.

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Persistence Steve of a peacock, at the request of chitaty

self-discipline: persistence Steve of a peacock

Persistence - the fifth and last basis of self-discipline.

the Persistence, eventually, will give you motivation. If you persistently act, you by all means receive results, and they very well motivate. For example, your enthusiasm to keep to a diet and to carry out exercises will increase after loss of the first 5 kg when you feel that the former clothes to you became big.

The persistence is an ability to work irrespective of your mood. You pressurize a problem, even when everything wants to be thrown.

When you work on a certain big purpose, your motivation will fluctuate, like the sea waves running on the coast and which are rolling away back. Sometimes you feel the increased desire to work, sometimes not. But not the motivation, but actions results in result. The persistence allows you to continue to work, even when you do not feel motivation, thus accumulating results.

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New heading: how to develop the positive relation to life

how to develop the positive relation to life

Optimism and a positive spirit are the main reasons of many positive advantages in life, such as wellbeing and happiness. People with positive thinking, as we know, more successful, than others because they see problems and failures as an opportunity for advance of the knowledge as these people are capable to study on the mistakes.

Further change

negative thinking to the positive relation:

The very first step on the way to more positive spirit and optimistic thoughts is an identification of your negative thoughts. You have to know that you can operate the thinking completely. Pessimistic thinking is only a negative habit which was developed for many years. But any negative habit can be changed to more positive. You can change the negative habits, develop the positive relation the following equipment:

The relation to life represents a condition of mind which includes beliefs and feelings which affect our behavior and decisions which we make. The positive spirit allows people to be in very optimistic state of mind. It is the strongest belief of optimists that good things will occur in future life as it happened in the past. The person with positive thinking can write off negative events as an incident and to accept chance to study on the mistakes to avoid these bad events in the future.

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Advantage of a dandelion, novelty

advantage of a dandelion

Our dandelions most often perceive as a weed. At best from them spin with children of a venochka or use for other entertainments. Perhaps, you will be surprised, but in many countries dandelions are called a yellow ginseng, they have less useful properties, than at the real root of life. Dandelions sow the whole plantations, and then use them for the different medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Salads, useful jam, curative wine, preservation of inflorescences is not a complete list of the fact that it is possible to make of a simple dandelion in house conditions. The editorial office "So Simply!" will tell you, than this plant for health is so useful and that it is possible to make of it.

Advantage of a dandelion

The best time for collecting flowers and leaves of a dandelion - spring and the beginning of summer. Roots prepare in August, September or in the early spring - the end of April, the beginning of May. Do not miss this time.

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the Advertising text - is easy, quickly, effectively, new

the advertizing text-it is easy, quickly, effectively

The advertizing text - a special type of the text. It is not similar neither to one another - nor on art, nor on publicistic, nor even on agitation and propaganda. To write the advertizing text happens not so easily.

it is excellent! Now begin to write it the letter. It is the best of all to begin with some loud statement. It has to be the phrase which will surely draw attention of this person. What can it be? Of course is what most of all interests this person at present.

The advertizing text - it is easy, quickly and effectively

At first imagine the person to whom you want to address him. How does he look, how old is he, where it works, or studies what is pleasant it to what music he likes to listen what he watches movies? The more details you will manage to remember, the better.

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of 4 best recipes, the most interesting

the pepper stuffed with vegetables for the winter: 4 best recipes

Opinion on what fast dishes tasteless is irrelevant for a long time as professional cooks managed to create the real masterpieces which today everyone can prepare in the kitchen. We suggest to pay attention to such original dish as the paprika stuffed with vegetables. Such dish is suitable not only for vegetarian, but also for the dietary menu.

Scheme of preparation:

For preparation of a stuffing it is possible to use different ripe vegetables of any size and a grade. It is possible to cook the pepper stuffed with vegetables for the winter. You should not be afraid to experiment as using basic recipes, it is possible to receive the signature dish which diversifies not only the daily, but also festive menu. In all recipes we will consider pepper the main ingredient.

For cooking it is necessary to take: 10 pepper, on 2 vegetable marrow, tomato, carrot and a bulb, 1 cup of rice, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and still salt, ground pepper and greens. To make tasty sauce, such ingredients will be necessary: on 2 tomatoes and carrots, bulbs, 2 segments of garlic, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt, sugar, spices and greens.

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the Story about a dog the Pomeranian spitz-dog, from our users

story about a dog Pomeranian spitz-dog

I like to be such fluffy and to look slightly more, than actually. Therefore do not forget to look after properly my wool, all right?

They found

the Pomeranian spitz-dogs charming, and, remembering it, I inflate a breast and I become is even more fluffy & #8211; with pride!

To you it will be easy, I am still a kid and even when I mature, I will grow up no more than about a ladies' handbag.

Here such I am a handsome man. Truth?

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