Work and vacancies in Toronto in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019, life hack

Published: 19.10.2018
work and vacancies in Toronto in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2019

Canada is the immigration country where citizens from all over the world go. Employment contracts of this country provide full time though many prefer to work part time. Quite often women in Canada climb a career ladder to senior positions. the Adjustable vacancy it is more difficult to p to receive

, than unregulated. Administrative bodies and the authorities in regions established certain requirements which need to correspond:

The small term of work in Toronto means obtaining permission to work in embassy or consulate of Canada. And when period of validity of the contract comes to an end, the worker leaves the country.

For persons interested to work in Toronto, there are certain categories of visas:

I work as the industrial climber in Belarus. Experience of 7 years. I talk in English a little, but I learn. I look for work in Canada.

Labor immigration to Canada is available to three categories:

I live in Belarus, I look for work in Canada as the finisher through open LMO. Experience of 9 years. Mail

I work as the industrial climber about 10 years, I do not know English. There is an opportunity to work in Canada?

What work?

These vacancies do not demand obtaining licenses. But it is necessary to pass a number of tests and an interview to check professionalism.

I have the higher education on engineering biotechnology, now began to learn English. Unfortunately, worked in the specialty 3 months. I have a chance to find work in Canada?

I am 30 years old, the higher education, from Uzbekistan, look for work in Canada. May I go there? I worked at building of a debt. I speak English a little, but now I am engaged. Now I am in Russia.

The skilled workers wishing to work temporarily in Toronto can issue the corresponding visa. It suits as well to the young people who studied not less than 2 years in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION of the country and worked in at least a year.

I am a driver & #8212; professional of the first class, experience & #8212; 18 years. I do not know language. Whether will open for me a working visa?

Watched videos about Toronto. Interestingly, impresses. Of course, vacancies are similar to those that in Voronezh. The only thing that concerns me, & #8212; it is that there is no support in the plan of acquaintances. It is a lot of unknown reefs on moving, there is also a language barrier and age.

The Canadian labor market is divided into adjustable professions and unregulated. The services relating to safety and human health concern the first. All the rest is related to the second.

Valeria, to get the work permit the doctor in Canada you need to undergo obligatory certification. It is compulsory procedure almost in any country where the immigrant wants to work as the doctor with Russian education. For some reason they do not trust our medical diplomas abroad. Therefore before medical practice you will need to pass some tests and examinations. For this purpose it is necessary to submit the application for execution of the license of the doctor, in the place of residence in Canada. Certification takes place in several stages. At the first stage there is assessment of your knowledge, consideration and verification of the diploma gained by you, additional courses. Then, at the second stage you have to pass examination for knowledge of English or French (these are official languages of Canada), examination on confirmation of the profession, in your case the obstetrician. After check of examinations to you can appoint additional courses for professional development if your knowledge does not conform to the Canadian standards. If examinations are taken place perfectly well, then you confirm the education, receive the relevant document on it and can officially start medical practice.

Economists should study in addition that will take about half a year. A popular vacancy in Toronto the accountant is considered. This profession is highly paid in Canada. In addition, financial consultants and bank workers are demanded. The citizens having the translator's profession have good chances to get a good job.

It will be simplest to programmers to find work in Toronto as on such experts great demand and at the same time they have a high compensation. An important point is that they do not need to come to various associations, and sometimes even the diploma is not present need to confirm. Technical vacancies are also demanded. But it will be better to acquire knowledge of Auto CAD and to have skills of knowledge of the computer of the advanced user level.

I am an electrician with an experience more than 7 years at the mountain enterprise. Was engaged in the repairs connected with elektriky. I have length of service the spiderman and the warehouse worker. Knowledge of English for 30%. I do not drink, I do not smoke. There is a family: wife and 2 juvenile children. I look for work in Canada. Andrey, 33. Viber: +380688891843

Chances to get a job for you and your wife very decent. In Canada there are many state programs on resettlement, experts, including medical are especially demanded. Try to understand these programs, they contain all information as on geography, specialties, earnings size, etc.: 1. The federal program (Federal Skilled Workers Program) is the main immigration program of Canada for involvement of foreign experts focused on the people having the higher or professional education. Immigration to Canada according to the federal program allows to receive the status of the permanent resident of Canada and the Canadian citizenship in a consequence. The most demanded specialties in Canada it is engineers of all categories, doctors and medics and also other professions demanding the higher or vocational education. Immigration to Canada according to the federal program is carried out by submission of documents in the ministry of Immigration and Citizenship of Canada (CIRC - Canada Immigration and Citizenship), confirmations of your education and documentary confirmation of your experience. For submission of documents it is necessary to correspond only to one family member to the minimum criteria. Other family members automatically join the main applicant. The provincial Program (PNP - Provincial Nominee), is other way for obtaining the status of the permanent resident and immigration in Canada for those who do not correspond to criteria of the federal program. The provincial PNP program allows the provincial and territorial authorities to select and accept immigrants by the criteria according to local requirements. In Israel there is a specialized Canadian firm which works on mentioned by me to programs, there is it in Tel Aviv, Nirim St., 3 in the building of the Canadian Embassy. The firm is called GIC Canada, their ph. 03-6738333; 054-3319797; or 1-647-558-4910.

The Canadian visa is the mark in the civil document allowing to carry out work in Toronto. Citizens of some countries in particular entering the European Union have the right to work and live in Canada without registration of a working visa.

Hello, I am 36 years old, live in Israel, I work 5 years in Elbit Systems in EMI Engineer. Education is local, B.Sc EE. 3 children, the wife are an assistant dentist. English is higher than an average, but still I learn on courses. What my chances, approximately, of receiving a permanent residence in Canada and what chances to find normal work?

What work, conditions?

It is necessary to be ready to refusals. But it is not an occasion to despair and "to lower hands". It is worth showing patience and persistence. At the beginning it is necessary to agree not to the best conditions, and having worked at least year, it will already be possible to apply for more highly paid position safely.

I dream to get out of the Russian swamp to Canada. He agrees to any work. I do not know languages, I ask for help of skilled.

I am mother of three small children. I live in Kazakhstan on the rental apartment. I want to go to Canada to earnings. Since working here, I cannot provide children how tried. Any addictions. I am 42 years old. I want to go for a start for 4-6 months. Without children for a start.

I work as the teacher at school. The senior daughter entered the university on the contract. The husband is still jobless. He and I cook very well. We know Russian also percent on the 30th English language. We hope for your help. Ph.: 99-8901075085.

Some citizens do not have need to make out a working visa for employment in Canada. It belongs:

I am 60 years old. The Ukrainian pensioner with a 42-year experience. I can work as the plumber, the driver, the gas-man. 43 years of a driver's experience, 1 class.

Any company in Toronto will not employ the foreigner previously without having checked it, up to calls to the country from where there arrived an applicant.

Work in insurance, on sale of real estate or the financial organization will be an exit from such situation. In this case there will be earnings and at the same time training. One more popular and always a demanded vacancy in labor market in Toronto, is selling assistant. Women most often have an opportunity to settle the secretary. Many skills, but salaries small, depending on the level of the company will be required. But to find such work will not make big work.

Some of the listed requirements mean payment, and rather big.

In addition it will be necessary to pass medical commission. To the pregnant women and people having any serious and infectious diseases work in the territory of Canada it will be refused.

Irrespective of, it is what is the time planned to work at the territory of Canada, all Russians, Ukrainians and other citizens of the CIS, are obliged to issue the visa of the temporary resident. The family members planning to carry out work or to study in the country also get the corresponding permission.

As a welder, a repairman of metal hulls, I am 35 years old. What can you advise?

I am 60 years old. I can work as the driver, the gas-man, the plumber. 43 years of an experience driver, 1 class, all categories.

Persons interested to arrive on earnings to Toronto should mean that in this country existence of positive recommendations from the previous places of works is of great importance.

I & #8212; driver (B, C, D). I work in geophysics of 10 years. A profession - the blaster geophysicist. I study as the geologist. Incomplete higher education. Citizen of Russia. It is ready to moving abroad. How to find work in the oil companies of Canada?

I look for work in Canada. I am 23 years old, the higher legal education, there is a driver's license of category & #171; B» and & #171; —» experience of 6 years. Now I work as the firefighter (4 years). There is an experience of installation of stretch ceilings. It is physically developed, healthy. I am not afraid of work. E-mail:

Those who wish to be late for a long time in Canada will have to issue the visa on long stay.

I will receive degree masters in MSU in the summer, I study as the manager. English is higher than an average. What chances at me? She is not married, 29 years, citizenship of the Russian Federation. How it is possible to get to Canada? It would be desirable to get a job there. Whether it is possible? Still I have a secondary medical education (obstetrician), but did not work by profession. Only worked as the cosmetologist.

To be capable to adapt quickly to new living conditions in others country. To have sufficient appliances to provide the life before receiving the first salary. To return to an oglavleniyuprogramm for businessmen and investors

In the country there is a special visa program allowing businessmen and potential investors to carry out the activity in the territory of the country. It is fast option of obtaining the entry visa and work.

Hello. Having read article & #171; Work and vacancies in Toronto» would like to ask in more detail on one point: in article it is specified that some citizens do not have need to make out a working visa for employment. In this list there are students of medical institutions. It would be desirable to learn in more detail about this point. If I any more not the student, and have medical (not highest) education, it extends to me?

Concerning work to Canada. I look for work too. But I have respect for myself and for that country where I live now. Let's themselves not humiliate. Love Ukraine, love Russia, after all we were born here. Employers look for sure and strong on spirit. All of good luck!

Hello whether it is possible to work without knowledge of language?

The engineer is an adjustable profession therefore it is required to confirm the diploma and to receive confirmation of skill level in professional association.

Canada. Taronta. Work with accommodation at Taront.

For its registration the following documents are necessary:

To replace a field of activity, it will be necessary to undergo the corresponding training, to become the liveryman, having passed examinations and only after that, it will be possible to count on work. Without this membership it is possible to pick up a suitable vacancy, but at the same time you should not count on big salary. Canada already strongly engaged one of high places in the world, here the high level and quality of life is established long ago that attracts many people who are looking for worthy life here.

The employer will have to have consent given by the Ministry of development of human resources of the country. Such application is considered by the Center of temporary employment.

The citizens having such papers have much more chances to settle perfectly, than at those who do not have them. Most of all opportunities at young professionals. The country is interested in such citizens, and offers for them many privileges.

I live in Moscow. I am 41 years old. I look for work in Toronto. Accountant, employee of bank. She is easily trained, sociable. Learned language and I learn.

How it is possible to receive LMO to Canada?

It is the most difficult for citizens to find a suitable vacancy with arts education. It will be best of all to train for a new profession, having received other profession. But here the minuses - training will need to be paid and all this time for something to live.

List of documents necessary for processing of visa to Toronto:

There are no diskrimination on national and to sexual characters. All permanent workers have the right to have a rest in addition during five holidays.

They have an opportunity and side jobs as in the country there are a lot of emigrants who are not knowing, sufficiently, English or French. But to have an opportunity to do the translations intended for official bodies it is necessary to have membership of Guild of translators. And documents on education, the previous work in the specialty and the paid duty are for this purpose submitted.

It grants the right to live and change the place of work when the person considers necessary.

It is possible to find a suitable vacancy in Toronto in three ways:

Work in Canada interests. I am 36 years old, to the husband 42. What vacancies can you offer?

I look for work on the program of the nurse. To me 41. There is an experience. I from Kiev. There can be a work with babies. I study English. I guarantee decency and honesty in relation to work.


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