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Published: 21.10.2018
Amazon completes the construction of eternal hours

How you consider how many can serve the mechanical clock? Couple of hundreds of years? Or, maybe, one thousand years? The head of the Amazon company Jeff Bezos intended to create almost eternal mechanical clock. Hours are located in the rock near the Blue Origin spaceport that in the western Texas, and 42 million US dollars are spent for implementation of the project.

Should noticing

that the idea of construction of such hours belongs not to Jeff Bezos at all. It in 1995 was offered by the engineer Danny Hillis by way of illustration the fact that it is necessary to think of the future of the planet, but not to live for today. After start hours and their internal device will be open for free visit, however there is a small difficulty. To reach the place, it will be necessary to finish not sickly quest. As it is reported on the official site of the project,

Jeff Bezos's project can be perceived differently, but in rather strong statement on the fact that hours will work 10 000 years, it is trusted hardly. If to judge objectively: whether much you know real-life objects, age of 10 000 years (fossils are not counted)? Besides, these hours are mechanical, so at their design there are gears which constantly test friction force in interaction with each other that wears out details. Even the best Swiss watch demands replacement of some elements from time to time. In addition, it is impossible to forget that metal details are subject to corrosion. Or Jeff managed to create metal which is not oxidized over time?

& mdash; Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) February 20, 2018

The editorial office Hi-News.ru drops a hint of doubt in durability of this device (unlike colleagues with VC.ru). All events are more similar to Bezos's PR campaign known for the extraordinary acts. Eventually, even the Egyptian pyramids do not have also five thousand years. And if time is afraid of pyramids whether then it will begin to be afraid of the mechanical clock?

As authors of the project say, in the world the mechanical clock has to work the biggest at least 10 000 years. Jeff Bezos through the twitter reported about it.

"For operating time of these hours the United States of America will cease to exist. There will be new civilizations. The new forms of government will be invented. Nobody can imagine what will be the world when these hours cease to go".

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The mine for installation of the clockwork of 152 meters in depth was dug several years ago. Around the mine the spiral ladder for construction and service of hours is built. "Heart" of hours is the huge pendulum weighing 280 kilograms. In addition, in a design of hours 20 huge gears with a diameter up to 2,5 meters, the most massive of which weighs 450 kilograms, are used. Will feed all mechanism solar energy. According to Jeff,

"The nearest airport is in several hours' journey by car then visitors should climb up on foot a 600-meter slope".

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