Selection: the Maine Coon by nickname Lotus wins the hearts of people and it is so huge

the Maine Coon by nickname Lotus wins the hearts of people and it is so huge

My God, what smart tomcat! 

I this fluffy continues to win the hearts of users of network!

A good cat has to be much - in that case Maine Coons are worthy ranks not of just good, but the best representatives of family of koshachy. The adult cat can grow to 120 centimeters from a nose to a tail. Besides the impressive sizes this breed can brag extremely charismatic mordakhy in which it is even possible to notice something human. It is no wonder that Maine Coons enjoy wide popularity - look at least on it a tomcat by the name of Lotus which fluffy hvostishchy already gained 90 thousand subscribers in Instagram.

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From our users: amusing reaction of the kid to what kiss of the parents darling ulybashka

amusing reaction of the kid to what kiss of the parents darling ulybashka

So remarkably when in family all each other understand and love! There is nothing more important than family and the relations between relatives. These people will always be near you on life. In this family incredibly lovely and friendly atmosphere. Looking at video, all love and kindness which surrounds this family is felt. Probably, parents love each other and have a tender affection only! This kid will precisely confirm that their parents it is crazy from each other. Children & #8212; always reflection of behavior of the parents and their relations. On it on the kid it is visible that romantic idyll reigns in family.

Usually children is jealous or are bent when their parents exchange kisses, but this kid reacts absolutely differently. It is pleasant to it how his parents kiss. After each kiss it is filled in with a smile and begins to laugh. What amusing family. Here in each family there would be such atmosphere. Many children grow in scandals and hysterics Е This child was very lucky!

We look and we tell friends!

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Popular : google trains robots to train other robots

Google trains robots to train other robots

The Google company conducts works in the field of so-called & #171 recently; cloudy робототехники». This phenomenon when the robots who studied independently to perform any operation, can share & #171; опытом» with other robots, having just transferred information by any available method of communication. Such principle of training allows to avoid the reprogramming moment, or, so to speak, & #171; переобучен褻 at statement to the equipment of new tasks.

In the first case at the car a lot of time for understanding of that left, for opening of a door it is necessary to undertake the handle, to turn it and to press on a door. But all subsequent robots used this algorithm, passing the training moment.

In an experiment with a tray of the car were provided to themselves and within several hours studied relationships of cause and effect between objects (for an example: teapot & #8212; cup & #8212; sugar: what with it to do, it is obvious only to us, it was necessary to robots & #171; учитьс¤»).

Why all this is necessary, besides creation of theories about a revolt of cars? Everything is simple: similar acceleration of process of training will give the chance to industrial robots to start performance of difficult tasks much quicker, than at traditional approach.

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the Cosmetologist Megane markl shared the recipe of a face pack which is daily used by the duchess, discussion

the cosmetologist Megane markl shared the recipe of a face pack which is daily used by the duchess

We remind what passed at the end years the cosmetologist Kate Middleton & #8212; shared the recipe of her favourite house mask which allows it to saturate skin with the duchess's admirers and to get rid of small wrinkles.

A literally the other day the cosmetologist of other duchess, 37-year-old the Megane Markl which is in the family way now, told, as her favourite client is not limited to professional byyuti-programs and as well as Kate with pleasure practices house recipes of beauty.

Also we want to share as the famous American actress Angelina Jolie went to do shopping. Paparazzi found Jolie on Christmas shopping in Santa Monica. On Angelina the long coat of light-beige color Max Mara and suede classical shoes on a small heel was put on. Recently the actress prefers reserved style which it is possible to call minimalistic. It is possible to forget about that creative rebel who was Angelina in young years once and for all! Stylists paid attention that recently the celebrity most often uses black, gray, beige and dairy shades in the choice of clothes.

We remind that recently the editorial office Clutch shared a secret of a fashionable hairstyle and if you like laying of the duchess Cambridge, but you do not know as to make it, then this master class especially for you.

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Discussion: 13 reasons are avocado more often

13 reasons are avocado more often

Avocado has improbable amount of nutritious properties, but they are unknown to much. And still there is an opinion that this fruit very high-calorie and because of it it is easy to recover.


also: How to win against cellulitis by means of an avocado stone?

Therefore this oily fruit surely has to be present at a diet of people who care for the figure and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. It contains more than 20 nutrients necessary for a human body for normal work. Among them there are already mentioned cellulose, various vitamins, potassium, etc.

Avocado by all means has to enter your diet!

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Popular : favourite books by employees myth

favourite books by employees myth

The first book which influenced me is "Crime and punishment" by F. Dostoyevsky. I remember how in the 9th class literally in 2 days read the novel and it was so impressed that decided to undertake studying of literature and the theory of literature thoroughly. As a result in the 11th class won the regional Olympic Games on literature and without examinations entered the university on faculty of philology.

The second book - Eric Burn "Games which people play". This book helped to understand how effectively to communicate with any person that is very important for the PR manager.

Probably if not the book, I would not become a marketing specialist in the MYTH. I got a job in publishing house just because books change lives of people. I do not wait from books of the business ideas for one million dollars, but I know that they sharpen my consciousness and every time I become capable of bigger. It is important what after the book happened to you. Changes - it is invaluable 

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the Fragment from the book as are born emotions, is updated

the choice of readers are born: a fragment from the book as emotions are born

The author of the book "As Emotions Are Born" Liza Feldman Barret united knowledge and opening of a neurobiology, social psychology and philosophy, and available language told about emotions which we face every day. Fascinating reading for all who are interested in the device of a human brain and the nature of anger, fear, surprise and joy.

The book can be bought on the MYTH website, Ozone and in the Labyrinth.

If it was not succeeded to read according to the reference above - try to look here.

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New : beach vacation abroad in July, 2019

beach vacation abroad in July, 2019

Viewing on the mountain Monzhwick in Barcelona (it is possible to look at a show of fountains in the evening - specify days of work)

The summer in the country comes from the 20th of June and therefore July yet not peak of the active sun. On average, air temperature about +25 ∞C Е +29 ∞C, and the Atlantic Ocean vaguely jumps from +17 ∞C to +22 ∞C. In the morning and in the evening cool, and even the midday does not force to hide in a shadow.

So where to go in July with the child?

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How to go to Israel for work from Ukraine 2019, is updated

how to go to Israel for work from Ukraine 2019

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the Ukrainian-Israeli agreement on a possibility of temporary employment of Ukrainians in some sectors of economy of Israel (it was talked of builders). The contract provided creation of the non-profit agency on hiring, computer selection of applicants, official employment with social guarantees, an insurance and a decent salary. However process of discussion of details is not completed yet, introduction of the agreement to action dragged on, and work in Israel in 2019 is still available to Ukrainians on the former bases.

in the presence of the agreement with the employer and intermediary firm can address for free consultation in the Center of consultation of migrants or All-Ukrainian labor union of workers-migrants. It will help to avoid different unforeseen situations.

The prices vary from 300-800 to 3300 US dollars. Payment can be segmented (from future salary). In this case the agency will "sponsor" the client, watching that salary was paid in time. These agencies do not offer any legal employment by the visa of B1.

For builders-general workers experience is not required.

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Popular : when weather in Thailand on months is better to go to Thailand

when weather in Thailand on months is better to go to Thailand

Weather in Thailand on months. We choose the resort of Thailand depending on a season.

January & mdash; Mai's middle & mdash; ideal time for visit of any resorts of Thailand. There are no rains, as a rule, at all, they gradually begin in April & mdash; Thais about it celebrate the holiday Songkran, the New Year. If the travel to Thailand is planned for the Russian May vacation, then keep in mind that in Northern Thailand & mdash; Chiangg Mai & mdash; it is already quite damp, comfort not that. We advise those who wants to avoid crowds of tourists during a high season in Thailand the resort of Hua Hin which is near Bangkok: there at all are no Russians:

June & mdash; August & mdash; smart period of visit of Thailand. It is considered that there came the damp season. The number of tourists considerably decreases, but at the same time the prices of hotels and in the resorts of Thailand fall. At the same time rains short, go mainly at night, and bring not so much discomfort, how many freshness and a cool. In combination with sales air tickets to Bangkok which in these dates are hardly more expensive than tickets for the European directions, rest in Thailand in the summer can be an excellent alternative to Europe on which beaches there's not an inch of room. From the resorts of Thailand during this period Phuket is quite comfortable:

Unlike Russia in Thailand only three seasons, and those are called also laquo; сухой» & laquo; влажный» and & laquo; season дождей». We are often asked: whether it is possible to go to Thailand during a rainy season? These seasons concern rather central and northern Thailand, resorts are in the south and therefore it is considered that this country is suitable for year-round visit, with small nuances.

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