the Standard of living in the country, the most interesting

emigration and moving on a permanent residence to Bolivia how to obtain citizenship in 2019: the standard of living in the country

That in these perspective countries registration of nationality & #8212; the procedure is difficult, it is necessary to pay attention to such country as Bolivia.

If to speak about minuses, then the passport of Bolivia does not belong to so-called good documents for travel. Practically Bolivians visit all countries of the world by the visa.

It is necessary to provide such documents for registration of nationality:

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From our readers: russko


The amount of ingredients of a dish touches. However, in Thailand a lot of things are surprising, since melody of the speech of Thai.



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And that if brands become sad, it is curious

and that if brands become sad

Adam Kurtts, the designer and the author of a creative notebook "1 page a day", decided that he wishes to look at it. It sent a tweet to one of evenings: "Hi, Friday twitter! Do you like brands? Write the name of the favourite brand and put the tag #sadadvertising (sad advertizing - Prim. Lane), and I will make him sad".


"Refined death - eat, yet you will not die" Delightful death. Guakamole is applied.

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Is curious: stuffings for pancakes

stuffings for pancakes

To make pancakes, it is necessary to spend many forces. But with each baked pancake the mood uncontrollably is lightened: this that dish which very few people are able to refuse.

With these stuffings thin pancakes will be especially tasty! We offer you 11 variations of the dish adored by all. Surely try a nut stuffing if this magic taste is not opened тобой… yet;

Stuffings for pancakes

It is possible to water pancakes with the kindled chocolate. Not less tasty they will turn out if to cut bananas small pieces, but not to mix in puree.

Enjoy sincerely these tasty variations of pancakes! Tell in comments what stuffing is preferred by you.

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the Best beaches of the resort Santorini with black, white and red sand a season 2019, at requests of readers

Greece: the best beaches of the resort Santorini with black, white and red sand a season 2019

Santorini is famous for unique beaches. Their feature is that sand on them - different flowers. Most of all on the island of black beaches, but it is not absolutely sand, and the crushed volcanic breed which appeared after a volcanic eruption.

Here too it is possible to find all necessary for occupations beach and water sports, and for children the zone with attractions and animators is equipped.

The red beach officially is called Akrotiri in honor of the city of the same name which is a row, however, from the city there were only ancient ruins.

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the Riddle of origin of the ancient people, from our readers

Cimmerians: riddle of origin of the ancient people

Cimmerians - the mysterious people which are mentioned in Ancient Greek and drevnevostochny sources take certain place in the history today.

Expansion of Cimmerians in the western part of Asia Minor lasted longer. It fell on time of board in Lydia of the tsar Ardis II - the first in the history of the statesman who began stamping of a coin of a certain weight and test. Ardis II from 678 to 644 BC was a co-governor of the father Giges, and later till 629 reigned independently. Just during this period Cimmerians attacked its state and seized its capital of Sardy. The imperial army managed to hold only a city acropolis. On east sources, Giges fell at Sarda's protection. Cimmerians managed in Lydia while the son Ardis Sadiatta (629-617) did not manage to expel them from the country. Soon after that Cimmerians completely disappeared from the historical horizon.

For example, the first Slavs bear a name of vened at antique authors and at the same time where Venice was founded later and also in the west of Gallia (France) there lived tribes of venet. The academician V.V. Sedov claimed that venetam (venedam) yet not divided Central European community from which Italians, Celts, Germans, Balts and Slavs were allocated subsequently was called (the last longer than others kept this ancient name); and veneta of the North of Italy and Gallia were evicted persons from this area too. In the same way the nevra mentioned by Herodotus in the west of Scythia could be related to the Celtic tribe nerviyev, or their self-name developed from one root (by the way, both that and others worshipped snakes and practiced a ritual oborotnichestvo).

Cimmerians were allocated during disintegration of the so-called srubny archaeological culture existing in the II millennium BC in a steppe strip from the Urals to Danube. In the "Odyssey" created in the 8th century BC the description of acquaintance of ancient Greeks to these people which live on an extreme border of the manned earth flashes. To Greeks of times of "Odyssey" it had to seem quite so.

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Classification and modern methods of utilization, popular

radioactive waste: classification and modern methods of utilization

The filled storages fill up with a special grade of clay, in case of an earthquake it will stick together cracks. The storage is closed reinforced concrete plates, cemented, asphalted and covered with earth. After that radioactive waste does not constitute danger. Part of them breaks up to safe elements only in 100200 years. On confidential cards where storages are designated, it is worth "storing a signature stamp eternally"!

There are different plans of waste disposal, but decisions on use of territories are challenged by public organizations and ecologists. The state scientific laboratories work on a problem of destruction of the most hazardous waste almost since the nuclear physics appeared.

Objects where carry out storage of radioactive waste, are not designated on cards, on roads there are no identification marks, the perimeter is carefully protected. At the same time the system of protection is forbidden to be shown to somebody. Across the territory of Russia several tens of such objects are scattered. Here build storages of radioactive waste. One of such associations processes nuclear fuel. Useful substances separate from active waste. They are utilized, valuable components go for sale again.

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From our readers: to lose itself, the self-esteem

lose itself, the self-esteem

Very interesting subject about to merge itself, to lose itself, to betray itself.

& #171; If you, going on a date, too actively think, kind of so to put on to be pleasant, you slightly, but sacrifice self-esteem. Well if on that party minus, then everything is normal, but if already plus, this plus can grow up.

& #171; Many do not understand that it is not enough not to run for the person, the figure should not feed itself him yet.

The discharge usually happens when another for you became very important, significant figure in your head, life.

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the Best assistant in education, a new heading

the best assistant in education

Many consider that the main thing in education of the child & #8212; severity, only with its help it is possible to achieve success. They are mistaken. By means of severity and punishments it is possible to achieve obedience, but the child who is so brought up will constantly feel fear and diffidence.

the Child who opens the world through fear grows at unhappy.

It is normal, but it is important that these norms did not contradict the friend the friend and that parents adhered to them.

But quite often the obedient child has a low self-assessment, and he feels unfortunate. At such education around it walls are kind of put up, and he feels isolated.

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Smolyaninov Artur Sergeyevich, amusing

of smolyanin Artur Sergeyevich

In 2006 his talents gained new development - Artur received the invitation in troupe of Sovremennik theater which it accepted.

The boy did not differ in good behavior. At all its abilities, he was not among diligent pupils - he was summoned continually by the principal, there were also drives in militia. Also it is unknown what it would lead to if one day at school where Artur studied, there were no assistants on a casting selecting actors to the movie "Who, if not We". Smolyaninov decided to try the hand and is unexpected for itself received one of leading roles.

Calls the director of the movie, Valery Priyemykhov Smolyaninov the first and chief teacher. In operating time over a role the teenager became reasonable, each section absorbed what was told him by the master. The movie "Who, if not We" not only became the admission in a film world, but also changed the fate of the boy - he descended from a slippery path, became reasonable and even graduated from school external. In 16 years he from the first came to GITIS, and in 2004 ended it, having managed to act during study in ten projects, including movies "Triumph" and "Father". And in 2005 there was a movie "9 company" after which Artur became widely known to public.

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