Novelty: charge, return, reporting

of the VAT in Germany: charge, return, reporting

The federal Republic of Germany is among the richest states of the European Union. At the same time tax system of this country quite difficult. Therefore the foreigner planning to open here the business in 2019 should know about what types of obligatory state payments exist in the country. As well as in the Russian Federation, the VAT in Germany allows to raise a certain part of added value of the products established at all stages of its production and realization and also provision of services in the state budget. Knowledge of some nuances of a technique of charge of this collecting will allow businessmen and buyers to save considerably.


To calculation of the VAT when exporting from Germany applies the same formula, as when importing.

Vnds = (15„10000+ 15„10000„0,0015) „0,07=10515,75 euro.

Import it is accepted to call import from abroad to the customs territory of the state of products of intellectual activity, works, services and goods without obligations of their export in the opposite direction.

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Novelty: young stars at which sports style it is worth looking narrowly

young stars at which sports style it is worth looking narrowly

It is worth recognizing - leggings never looked good so. Kendall Jenner chose black leggings with carved patterns on each side. It combines them with a bright windbreaker and a bag Louis Vuitton.

Bella Hadid put on this image races of "Formula One". She chose retrojeans, a large belt, a red sports undershirt and a black cap. She finished an image accessories - large earrings rings and massive hours.

It is necessary to be the real icon of style to put on a sports suit a red carpet, but Zendaya proved that she can do it. She added a beige trench, white shoes court shoes to a red sports suit and finished an image red lipstick. The singer proved that the sport is not only for fitness, but also for issue.

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Amusing : where there is an island of Cyprus on the world map a season of 2019

where there is an island of Cyprus on the world map a season of 2019

Feature of local climate is:

The island of Cyprus was located in a northeast part of the Mediterranean Sea in which Asia territorially dominates. Nevertheless, the island has close economic, historical and cultural ties with Europe, enters the European Union and the Schengen area.

Certainly, the Mediterranean Sea providing to the island hot summer and soft winter has a great influence. However, the climate cannot be considered tropical Mediterranean here. Weather in Cyprus significantly differs from other countries located in the neighbourhood. Asia had no strong impact on climate of the island, it is unique in own way.

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the black hole Created in laboratory confirms to Stephen Hawking's theory, new

<"the black hole created in laboratory confirms to img src="" title=Stephen Hawking's theory of" width="500" height="344" alt="the black hole created in laboratory confirms Stephen Hawking's theory">

Long time in the world of astrophysics was considered that force of an attraction of black holes is absolute. That is nothing, even light, is capable to avoid it as soon as got to the horizon of its events. Then, in 1974, the little-known young, but talented physicist by the name of Stephen Hawking made bold speculation that according to features of quantum physics black holes actually have to radiate hardly noticeable volumes of electromagnetic radiation (called Hawking's radiation subsequently) and to be reduced slowly in sizes. The other day the Israeli physicist Jeff Steynkhauer said that he proved this theory of Hawking by means of the acoustic black hole created by him in vitro.

In the theory Hawking foretold that particles of light can avoid the horizon of events. But in an experiment Stenkhauera the part of these particles was assigned to phonons (an elementary quasiparticle of a sound). As a result of an experiment the scientist noted that phonons are capable to avoid a funnel attraction. About the results of observations the researcher in detail shared on pages of the scientific magazine Nature Physics.

Results of observations of Steynkhauer are important not only because they actually confirm Hawking's theory, but also because they can help us to understand better the phenomenon known as information paradox. This known contradiction is a cornerstone in physics (according to which information cannot be completely lost) and our present theories about black holes (if they are slowly narrowed as Hawking assumes, then information is lost within this process). If we have more proofs that Hawking's radiation really exists, more means at us will be that for permission of information paradox.

George Unru, the physicist, the first offered carrying out similar experimental observations, agrees with Vaynfertner:

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Life hack: easy, effective ways

how to remove hypostasis from a sting of an insect: easy, effective ways

To which of us never in life these annoyed "night singers"? Unfortunately, they do not execute serenades, but frazzle nerves the tiresome continuous ring. Only females of mosquitoes bite, and sometimes they manage to stick to skin of the person almost imperceptibly. The victim finds traces of stings, having begun to be scratched uneasily.

The neighbors in the planet, insects our creeping, flying, buzzing, live with us side by side thousands of years, but still cause in some people insuperable, even panic, fear. Perhaps, someone is frightened by their look, pads, wings, short moustaches, proboscises, and someone constantly waits from this brotherhood of a dirty trick in the form of a painful sting. Unfortunately, such fears are not groundless, each person in the life was exposed to the attack of "midges" more than once, and some were not lucky even more at a meeting with furious bees or wasps. How to treat stings of insects at children and adults? Let's understand.

If you feel an obvious indisposition, hypostasis increases, and on the place of a sting dark stains appear, right there cause emergency medical service, or quickly reach hospital by the taxi.

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the Standard of living in the country, the most interesting

emigration and moving on a permanent residence to Bolivia how to obtain citizenship in 2019: the standard of living in the country

That in these perspective countries registration of nationality & #8212; the procedure is difficult, it is necessary to pay attention to such country as Bolivia.

If to speak about minuses, then the passport of Bolivia does not belong to so-called good documents for travel. Practically Bolivians visit all countries of the world by the visa.

It is necessary to provide such documents for registration of nationality:

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From our readers: russko


The amount of ingredients of a dish touches. However, in Thailand a lot of things are surprising, since melody of the speech of Thai.



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And that if brands become sad, it is curious

and that if brands become sad

Adam Kurtts, the designer and the author of a creative notebook "1 page a day", decided that he wishes to look at it. It sent a tweet to one of evenings: "Hi, Friday twitter! Do you like brands? Write the name of the favourite brand and put the tag #sadadvertising (sad advertizing - Prim. Lane), and I will make him sad".


"Refined death - eat, yet you will not die" Delightful death. Guakamole is applied.

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Is curious: stuffings for pancakes

stuffings for pancakes

To make pancakes, it is necessary to spend many forces. But with each baked pancake the mood uncontrollably is lightened: this that dish which very few people are able to refuse.

With these stuffings thin pancakes will be especially tasty! We offer you 11 variations of the dish adored by all. Surely try a nut stuffing if this magic taste is not opened тобой… yet;

Stuffings for pancakes

It is possible to water pancakes with the kindled chocolate. Not less tasty they will turn out if to cut bananas small pieces, but not to mix in puree.

Enjoy sincerely these tasty variations of pancakes! Tell in comments what stuffing is preferred by you.

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the Best beaches of the resort Santorini with black, white and red sand a season 2019, at requests of readers

Greece: the best beaches of the resort Santorini with black, white and red sand a season 2019

Santorini is famous for unique beaches. Their feature is that sand on them - different flowers. Most of all on the island of black beaches, but it is not absolutely sand, and the crushed volcanic breed which appeared after a volcanic eruption.

Here too it is possible to find all necessary for occupations beach and water sports, and for children the zone with attractions and animators is equipped.

The red beach officially is called Akrotiri in honor of the city of the same name which is a row, however, from the city there were only ancient ruins.

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