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Published: 23.1.2019
how to remove hypostasis from a sting of an insect: easy, effective ways

To which of us never in life these annoyed "night singers"? Unfortunately, they do not execute serenades, but frazzle nerves the tiresome continuous ring. Only females of mosquitoes bite, and sometimes they manage to stick to skin of the person almost imperceptibly. The victim finds traces of stings, having begun to be scratched uneasily.

The neighbors in the planet, insects our creeping, flying, buzzing, live with us side by side thousands of years, but still cause in some people insuperable, even panic, fear. Perhaps, someone is frightened by their look, pads, wings, short moustaches, proboscises, and someone constantly waits from this brotherhood of a dirty trick in the form of a painful sting. Unfortunately, such fears are not groundless, each person in the life was exposed to the attack of "midges" more than once, and some were not lucky even more at a meeting with furious bees or wasps. How to treat stings of insects at children and adults? Let's understand.

If you feel an obvious indisposition, hypostasis increases, and on the place of a sting dark stains appear, right there cause emergency medical service, or quickly reach hospital by the taxi.

Stings of these of insects, unpleasant and similar to large flies, are not so painful, but nevertheless are very notable. Besides the long and severe itch forcing bitten by gadflies to comb skin is characteristic of them, risking to bring a secondary infection in a wound. On the place of a sting there is a reddish spot and small hypostasis. Most often the people having a rest at water are attacked by gadflies.

These useful insects do our life more sweet, making a remarkable product - honey. But their stings are very painful. Usually bees are ready amicably and are not inclined to attack the first therefore in the presence of these insects it is necessary to keep calm and not to do sharp wide movements. It is especially important not to panic if the bee attacked.

In that case it is necessary to be removed immediately to the safe place, without creating at the same time noise and without trying to destroy an insect. Otherwise there is a risk to be attacked by the whole swarm. It is possible to distinguish a sting of a bee on the following signs:

House ways of disposal of an itch

Attention: the child who underwent the mass attack small blood-sicking or to a sting of a bee, wasp, hornet in a face needs to be carried to the doctor at once. Most likely, drug treatment which the expert has to appoint will be required. Otherwise the most intense allergic reaction can develop, up to Quincke's edema.

When will abate an itch and burning from stings of insects, spots will begin to turn pale gradually, and puffiness - to fall down. It means that the acute allergic reaction did not come, and the campaign to the doctor is not required. You were lucky! Only do not forget to disinfect wounds before their full healing.

Having taken refuge in the safe place, it is necessary to suit the victim in situation "semi-lying", to exempt from a hard belt or a tie, to allow to drink waters. The wound needs to be disinfected. The best option how to remove swelled from a sting of an insect, to put cold. The rubber hot-water bottle with ice or, for example, a kefir package from the refrigerator will approach. So we get rid of hypostasis.

These small blind parasites do not sting, and gnaw, eat away a tiny fragment of skin. The itch after their stings is observed very strong, almost intolerable. Especially hard little children transfer the attack of midges. The bitten handles or legs swell up, redden, and kids constantly scratch affected sites of skin. Many parents are concerned by how to remove the naggers from a sting of insects at children, without using for this purpose the chemical means which are on sale in shops at quite high prices.

Stings of these insects do not constitute pathological danger to the adult healthy person, and it is possible to eliminate their consequences in the usual ways. The same applying cold to the problem place removes hypostasis.

After you process all wounds an anti-septic tank, prepare any of the means offered below removing the naggers from stings of blood-sicking insects.

Further act depending on a situation. If after stings the tumor quickly falls down, the itching feelings weaken, and the health does not worsen, so everything was. Try not to eat the spicy food and products capable to cause in you an allergy this day, drink more clean still water.

Carefully: at the multiple attacks of bees and also after stings in language, eyelids or eyes, the person needs to be hospitalized urgently.

Stings of some insects are rather safe, they are easily had by most of people. But there are copies capable to cause painful shock in the person or even to lead to a lethal outcome.

As different insects bite and how to give first aid?

If you, being on the street, did not manage to understand what for an insect bit you, but already feel pain, burning and a characteristic itch, first of all be convinced that fellows of an aggressor nearby do not curl, take refuge in the house. If you underwent the attack in own apartment, pass into other room, and in that room where the enemy hid, spray special means against parasites. Now how to get rid of an itch after a sting in house conditions:

You will not wait for some honey from these insects, and they here sting much more painfully than bees. Not for nothing there is an expression "to sting as a wasp". Each individual can attack and wound several times in a row. Therefore, having found a hornet's nest near the dwelling, it is better to get rid of dangerous neighbors. During their attack - immediately to retire and hide. Symptoms:


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