Updating: the causes how to get rid of a toothache

a toothache at the child of younger age: the causes how to get rid of a toothache

It seems to adults that "adult problems" with children's teeth do not happen - neither caries, nor a pulpitis can arise. There is also a reason which at adults does not arise - growth of teeth causes gum pain, and this symptom brings to the kid considerable discomfort. What to do if the child cries with a toothache and sleeps badly?

They say that if to tie a marlechka with garlick gruel to a hand wrist from the party, opposite to a painful tooth, pain will leave too.

For elimination of a severe toothache you should not choose means of local action on a vegetable basis - their action short-term.

Special gels and gum ointments can be applied to children from chest age. Thanks to the anesthetics which are their part they block pain receptors. Also the vegetable components possessing anti-inflammatory action enter them.

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Is curious: options of active holiday

where to go for the weekend to Moscow area: options of active holiday

Not so much to drive how many cheerfully it is possible to spend time in the Yakhroma park. Beginners develop the route "Paddling pool" here. Others, simply come to take a look, can accommodate conveniently on the observation deck. At Yakhroma the sports school works. Attractive to children the park does an attraction "A crazy toboggan". Adults here, besides skis, are attracted by unsportsmanlike entertainments: a sit-round gathering in a grill lodge "Troll" and a bath.

Where to go to have a rest all family? Among residents of megalopolises green tourism enjoys special popularity. Having taken advantage of the offer of any Moscow region boarding house or holiday house, it is possible to spend with advantage time in a circle of close people. Leisure such will be suitable also for corporate actions, a romantic weekend for two. Similar "sorties" on a bosom of the nature give the chance for a while to plunge into the atmosphere of rural life, to live among the wood on the river bank or lakes.

It is possible to get to the interesting places and independently by the car, having got out, for example, to New Year's or May holidays.

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Is curious: photo and detailed description

island of Zakynthos Zakynthos, Greece: photo and detailed description

Island of Zakynthos Greece & #8212; it is a magic corner from fine dreams. Thousands of poets and writers sang of this paradise island endowed with beauty of the untouched nature, variety of rich colors and all conditions for great rest. Here smells of needles, aromas of exotic flowers, citruses and grapes are felt.

the Island of Zakynthos or Zakynthos as it is accepted to call it in Greece, is included into group of the Ionian Islands. He settles down on 300 km to the west of the mainland of Greece and is third largest among all islands of the group. It will not be difficult to get, if desired, on the continent to tourists at all. The capital city, by the way, too is called Zakynthos. Very conveniently & #8212; nobody will confuse anything when planning rest, Zakynthos and Zakynthos it, in fact, same.

At the beginning of summer to Zakynthos the people wishing to see one interesting event gather. The impressive size large-headed turtles the carriage in summertime of year lay eggs in sand. 55 days later after a laying, from eggs new individuals vyluplivatsya and in large quantities go to the sea. Process is monitored by experts, only 1-2 turtles are independently capable to reach water. Such event also attracts very great interest. Turtles of the karetta-karett reach up to 1 m in length.

The island Zakynthos, or Zakynthos, is unique the fact that here the nature remained practically in original state. Everywhere greens behave violently, all the year round blossom and numerous flowers extend the honey aromas. There are no aggressive industrial facilities here therefore no harmful substances pollute the atmosphere, water and the earth. Activity of the small plants on production of olive oil and wine is strictly regulated by environmental standards and does not harm the environment at all.

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of 8 simple rules and natural recipes, from our readers

beautiful skin and hair: 8 simple rules and natural recipes

Beautiful skin and hair are the main elements of our image. We know that it is important to care for himself every day, to properly eat and avoid influence of harmful factors which weaken an organism and accelerate aging process.

Water quickly revitalizes with

an organism and is very important for beauty of skin and hair. Experts advise to drink six-eight glasses of water a day.

The products rich fat an omega-3 acids, include:

30-minute daily trainings will make skin cleaner and soft, and hair & #8212; strong and healthy.

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of the Counter of day, secrets

counters of day

Try not to make any decisions, without having consulted to the administration or the family. The chief or the loved one can not understand that you meant well and then the conflict is inevitable.

do not splash out the emotions on subordinates, your personal problems have to those and remain. Be better patient, strict, but are fair.

& mdash; So punish me the silence!

& mdash; How could you act this way? I have no words!

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Burning in the head, updating

burning in the head

Many often feel discomfort and burning in the head. The causes of such pains there can be a huge number and for effective treatment it is necessary to establish them precisely.

Should not think that it is impossible to cope with pathology in old age. Today the good neurologist will be able quickly to appoint a treatment method after which the absolute recovery comes rather quickly.

If there was a burning sensation in the head, there are also other unpleasant symptoms, then in this case it is the best of all to see a doctor at once, to undergo inspection and to begin necessary treatment.

Remember that effective treatment first of all will be only if the causes of pathology are precisely established.

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google glass Font can be operated by means of thoughts, new now

google glass font now now it is possible to operate by means of thoughts

Of course, you can always give a voice command to the Google Glass glasses in the middle of the street or in public transport. But how would be great if it was possible to operate the gadget by means of thoughts? Developers from the London company This Place created the device by means of which this dream can become a reality.

the Mental interface is very gracefully presented to

graphically: over the image the user sees thin horizontal white line which gradually rises to the top side of the screen as the person concentrates on desire to make the picture. As soon as the line reaches image top - Google Glass glasses take the picture. To send the picture to social network - process it is necessary to repeat.

Creators of MindRDR published the source code of the software on the GitHub portal that other studios could use their practices in the ambitious projects. First of all the MindRDR device offers great opportunities to the paralyzed people who cannot independently move. The science does not stand still and, very much can be, in the next years we will see many similar devices capable to turn human thoughts into real actions.

At the moment MindRDR is only able to take the picture by means of the Google Glass built-in camera and to publish them in social networks, but developers assure that they considerably will expand in the nearest future the list of available opportunities of the device.

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What weather in February and where the season 2019, the most interesting is better to have a rest

rest to Bali is better to have a rest: what weather in February and where the season of 2019 is better to have a rest

Also in February the day of Odalan is celebrated - it is opening of the new temple to this or that deity. The holiday is followed by ritual songs and dances in fancy suits.

Despite vagaries of the weather, rest to Bali in February promises to be fascinating. Emphasis this month is placed not on beach pastime, and on forwarding walks on sights and on acquaintance to culture.

Water of the Java Sea at the coast of the island heats up to +29 degrees that almost equals to air temperature. Water temperature at the coast of the Pacific Ocean, as a rule, a little lower and is +26-27 degrees.

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Interesting : 33 checked ways as it is easy to pay for the taken credit

33 checked ways as it is easy to pay for the taken credit

The credits are, actually, at every second adult Russian today.

Read more information on options of increase in the income in my book "7 steps to financial freedom" - look for it in bookstores of the city or in OZON online store

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From our users: in the master's hands usual cookies turn into a masterpiece and in a minute understand that it easily can be repeated

in the master's hands usual cookies turn into a masterpiece and in a minute understand that it easily can be repeated

When on us finds inspiration, we definitely know that we need to create! Someone gives vent to the inspiration in drawing, someone in singing, and someone prepares the real masterpieces. You are surprised, but the cookery a little in what differs from any other creative process. Too it is necessary to approach it with imagination and patience. The result will not keep itself waiting long if you made enough efforts and inspiration.


and share the cool recipe with friends!

Today you learn as it is possible to create culinary a masterpiece directly in the kitchen. Only look at these charming cookies with cats. It seems that the cat will descend from cookies right now and will begin to mew. To what it is realistic is drawn. To you, for certain, it is interesting as so it to draw? It is told and in detail is shown in this roller. For this purpose it is not necessary to be able to draw professionally, it is just necessary to try. Estimate the tremendous recipe which will decorate any tea drinking and will make it unforgettable.

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