of 8 ways to enjoy life, without spending a lot of money, updating

8 ways to enjoy life, without spending a lot of money

If you feel that you need a lot of money really to enjoy life, you are mistaken.

the Greatest things in life & #8211; it is what should be worried, and various events which sometimes most of people simply take for granted.

If you have a need for adventures, then time spent for studying of that, where do you live & #8211; it is always cheerful. You never know that you will find.

Walk on the beach not only cleans the head, but also is a great way to relax in your intense life. Feeling of sand under legs when you move on the coast & #8211; these are improbable feelings!

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New on the website: impact of hardening on an organism and human health

impact of hardening on an organism and human health

Accurately observing these principles, you are convinced that it is difficult to overestimate hardening and its influence on human health.

Foot of the person is an acupuncture card of all organism. The reflex points stimulated when walking barefoot transmit signals internal body and keep them in a tone therefore they begin to execute the functions better. And the organism in general gets stronger and grows healthy. Thanks to walking blood circulation in extremities barefoot improves, outflow of blood from a brain is provided, by itself there pass headaches, arterial blood pressure is stabilized. Thermal control of an organism improves and the immunity becomes stronger. Such result will convince anyone of advantage of walking barefoot.

Hardening of an organism is not the medical procedure, but preventive. To be engaged in hardening and to do it conscious, it is necessary to know the mechanism of impact of these or those procedures on bodies and the systems of our body. Knowing "weak points" and selecting with skill the system of hardening, it is possible to achieve very serious results in improvement of an organism.

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Novelty: it is guilty of crisis

it is guilty of crisis

Two news: one - fast, the second - long.

Fast news - I remind you that on Thursday, February 5, at 20:00 I will answer Moscow time on the air questions about crisis.

No related posts.

I suggest us to change sequence of these questions in 2015 - to cease to spend the time and energy for search guilty of the events which are taking place in our economy.

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whether Like me to share projects in social networks, a new heading

whether like me to share projects in social networks

Feedback. Objectively it is difficult to estimate own idea. Reaction of people around can become a litmus piece of paper. The artist Christoph Nimann tells: "My career began during an era when neither Facebook, nor Twitter, nor Instagram was yet. I perfectly know what it: to work, without receiving almost any feedback from public. Therefore I consider social networks tremendous and, perhaps, the necessary assistant".

In social networks it is full of trolls. You do not feed them. From the book "Sketches on Sundays"

The lack of likes and critical remarks painfully beat a self-assessment because we want to look cool professionals. And fans often have advantages. They have nothing to lose, they are ready to try new and to share results. They love in what they are engaged therefore they do what others consider ridiculous or just silly.

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Secrets: the average salary and pension in the country

work and available vacancies in North Korea of the DPRK for Russians in 2019: the average salary and pension in the country

How many earns the population in North Korea, it is difficult to tell, in view of full closeness of the country, but there are data that the average salary in 2019 varies between 6-10 dollars a day. It, naturally, a little for people even from the poor countries, nevertheless, not everything is so unambiguous.

In the DPRK it is very honorary to do military service in spite of the fact that the service is obligatory for all, soldiers and other military personnel have a number of privileges, receive more food. It is connected with the fact that the principle "army first of all" works in the country.

Working, the most part of means automatically go to the state treasury, and earnings of the worker make a scanty part that very much affects the standard of living. But in this regard in the DPRK there is no taxation, everything, than the population uses, in fact, provides the state, and what could leave on taxes already is withdrawn. In general the organization of economy is formed by the following principles:

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For owners of business, amusing

for owners of business

This Friday-Saturday, October 26-27, I participate in the Annual Conference "Business management-2012".

Business does not mean just work for itself. As well as does not mean that you have to become Number One.

And it not necessarily means earning of a large number of money. Business is a transformation of what is pleasant to you and that inspires you in life, in the capital.

A name (obligatory)

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Is updated: how independently to organize quest for children and adults

how independently to organize quest for children and adults

Children very bright and mobile, but if in your quest the hike on long distance is conceived, they can quickly be tired. Therefore it is better to avoid such tasks, or to divide long routes into parts, and between them to arrange a halt with an entertainment.

Cheerfully to spend time with friends and relatives, it is possible to organize quest independently. It is easy to choose the program of an action for the adult company, for children or to choose suitable for family holiday.

You can organize both bicycles races, and long jumps, throwings of any shell, can play game of volleyball. Choose tasks proceeding from opportunities and preferences of your company.

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Mamayev and kokorin against employees of Butyrka, updating

a star match: mamayev and kokorin against employees of Butyrka

In Butyrka it is planned to play a football match which can become the most noticeable event in domestic soccer - a friendly match of employees of the pre-trial detention center and prisoners-football players.

According to FSIN matches between employees and prisoners happen not seldom, among both those, and others there are a lot of football fans. FSIN also approvingly treated the idea to involve in a game of star football players, chances at ordinary citizens to meet them were practically not free, and here such opportunity.

And users of social networks already in an anticipation:

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How to cook rice that it was friable and did not stick together, popular

how to cook rice that it was friable and did not stick together

Except appearance it is important to select a product taking into account its usefulness for an organism. Brown due to lack of grinding of grains stimulates work of digestive tract better. The steamed species of a cereal long is acquired by an organism. It is useful to diabetics since long process of transfer of nutrients of such product allows to control sugar level better. Dlinnozernisty has smaller caloric content because of decrease in a share of starch in it. It perfectly replaces round grades in the menu of those who combat excess weight.

The excellent result can be received if to cook a product in a pan with a skintight cover. To enhance effect, it is possible to use covers with steam automatic release. Useful will be to add freight on it. It will not allow to rise to a cover, and then all steam will work for friable rice. Addition at the end of olive oil also creates effect of separate grains. It no more tablespoon on the volume of two glasses of grain is necessary.

That a friable garnish turned out, it is necessary to wash out previously cereal product in flowing water before it becomes transparent. After that for a minute to fill in it with boiled water. It is possible to do it in any ware.

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What to look in the city, secrets at

of a sight of Engels: what to look in at the city

However in the 40th establishment it was closed, and again began the activity as museum of local lore only in the 60th. Today the area of its exposition is more than three thousand square meters. Constant history exhibitions, to the modern art function, there pass literary soirees and the dramatized holidays. The museum leads rich creative life in which also residents of Engels actively participate.

Near the picturesque park and the embankment the new spacious building of Museum of local lore is located. In huge halls its unique expositions conveniently were placed. And it began the activity as the museum of Germans of the Volga region in the 20th years under the leadership of the famous scientist-ethnographer G.G. Dinges. In it there were three departments, each of which contained an interesting collection on ethnography, the history of the region and archeology. Gradually its departments extended, active research was conducted.

The art gallery of A.A. Mylnikov occupies the ancient mansion ornated by pilasters and modelled patterns. The building is a part of the estate built by the artist's grandfather and is recognized as an architectural monument of the 19th century. The collection of works of the master and his pupils is stored in gallery, and in the territory of the estate tours and meetings with the creative intellectuals are held.

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