of War of bacteria, the most readable

wars of bacteria

The Sinegnoyny stick of Pseudomonas aeruginosa - is widespread, perfectly survives in the most various conditions and hostile environment, is steady against many antibiotics. 20% of all hospital infections fall to the share of a sinegnoyka. But this bacterium has an interesting property. At external threat of a bacterium give a signal of danger and begin to develop everything conglomerate an antibiotic piotsin which is safe for sinegnoyek and is deadly to competitors.

By results of researches in the culture of sinegnoyny sticks 99% of population perished. Unfortunately even 1% of bacteria can do irreparable harm to human health. Besides it is not clear yet, the modified colibacilli are how safe for mammals. Now there are researches on laboratory rats.

And here Escherichia coli colibacillus, being not less widespread, became one of the most beloved model organisms of biologists. Scientists decided to impart E.coli of property of a sinegnoyka to find the competitor and to develop piotsin. Colibacillus was supplied with three new genes - one was responsible for search of a sinegnoyny stick and start of the program of production of an antibiotic, the second just had to provide development fatally for a sinegnoyny stick of medicine, and the third was "the self-destruction button". It had to kill at accumulation of a certain quantity of a piotsin with E.coli and give to an antibiotic will extend.

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Popular : why powder protein is hazardous to health

harm of a protein: why powder protein is hazardous to health

The main minus of a protein for men - impact on a potentiality. It is considered that the excessive amount of protein reduces male power. Besides, this product breaks a hormonal background and at men.

The most important argument in favor of the use of a protein - its ability to intensively build up muscle bulk, to increase endurance and to reduce appetite. It is considered that all this increases advantage of trainings and promotes considerable sporting achievements. At the same time for many it becomes the main food product and obtaining energy as after sports activities, and during the day.

If your purpose - good health and excellent physical shape, there is no need for powder additives. Rather regularly to play sports and to eat properly, receiving all necessary vitamins from products of plant origin. So you will provide yourself not only natural food, but also the best assimilation of all arriving minerals.

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New heading: 10 launcher for android without annoying advertizing

10 launcher for Android without annoying advertizing

The list for those who were tired of annoying offers of paid widgets and premium and subjects.

Launcher supports by

third-party packages of icons, has the built-in light, dark and transparent subjects. Allows to choose also a form of badges: round, tear-shaped, square and so on. However, the last function works not with all icons. Any other frills are not provided here, but it and to the best.

Removal of objects, opening of the menu, browsing of desktops in TSF Launcher is followed by beautiful effects which choice is quite big. Together with a launcher it is possible to load and 3D - widgets from TSF: they look very and very effectively too. Launcher is run both by buttons, and gestures. If desired its appearance can be diversified by means of third-party subjects.

In a launcher of Siempo the minimalism is built in the absolute. There is nothing for what an eye could be hooked. Only the black text and badges on a white background. Siempo purpose - not to allow you to be distracted by something: social networks, messengers and other nonsense. It is calculated on increase in concentration and efficiency.

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Interesting statements, novelty

interesting statements

On the planet millions of people, traits of character, motives of acts and which stereotypes of behavior are very similar are born. Astrologers explain such similarity date of birth and influence of provision of heavenly bodies on the fate of the person. It is possible to trust in horoscopes, and it is possible and not to trust. But with the fact that the people born under one sign have very similar character, it is difficult to argue.

& #169; DepositPhotos



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the New project, new on the website

new project

I plunged into start of the new project.

Just I want to warn you that temporarily I will pay less than the personal attention to the educational portal "Alphabet of Money". But my team continues to carry out a lot of work on development of this project. This work is carried out every day though it also is not noticeable for the detached onlooker.

I will tell honestly - it is very interesting, but is very energy-intensive. Strongly I am tired. Even with my experience and skills, it is difficult. Every day gives some surprises.

I do not get enough sleep, but it is happy from the drive of new undertaking.

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Updating: the causes how to get rid of a toothache

a toothache at the child of younger age: the causes how to get rid of a toothache

It seems to adults that "adult problems" with children's teeth do not happen - neither caries, nor a pulpitis can arise. There is also a reason which at adults does not arise - growth of teeth causes gum pain, and this symptom brings to the kid considerable discomfort. What to do if the child cries with a toothache and sleeps badly?

They say that if to tie a marlechka with garlick gruel to a hand wrist from the party, opposite to a painful tooth, pain will leave too.

For elimination of a severe toothache you should not choose means of local action on a vegetable basis - their action short-term.

Special gels and gum ointments can be applied to children from chest age. Thanks to the anesthetics which are their part they block pain receptors. Also the vegetable components possessing anti-inflammatory action enter them.

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Is curious: options of active holiday

where to go for the weekend to Moscow area: options of active holiday

Not so much to drive how many cheerfully it is possible to spend time in the Yakhroma park. Beginners develop the route "Paddling pool" here. Others, simply come to take a look, can accommodate conveniently on the observation deck. At Yakhroma the sports school works. Attractive to children the park does an attraction "A crazy toboggan". Adults here, besides skis, are attracted by unsportsmanlike entertainments: a sit-round gathering in a grill lodge "Troll" and a bath.

Where to go to have a rest all family? Among residents of megalopolises green tourism enjoys special popularity. Having taken advantage of the offer of any Moscow region boarding house or holiday house, it is possible to spend with advantage time in a circle of close people. Leisure such will be suitable also for corporate actions, a romantic weekend for two. Similar "sorties" on a bosom of the nature give the chance for a while to plunge into the atmosphere of rural life, to live among the wood on the river bank or lakes.

It is possible to get to the interesting places and independently by the car, having got out, for example, to New Year's or May holidays.

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Is curious: photo and detailed description

island of Zakynthos Zakynthos, Greece: photo and detailed description

Island of Zakynthos Greece & #8212; it is a magic corner from fine dreams. Thousands of poets and writers sang of this paradise island endowed with beauty of the untouched nature, variety of rich colors and all conditions for great rest. Here smells of needles, aromas of exotic flowers, citruses and grapes are felt.

the Island of Zakynthos or Zakynthos as it is accepted to call it in Greece, is included into group of the Ionian Islands. He settles down on 300 km to the west of the mainland of Greece and is third largest among all islands of the group. It will not be difficult to get, if desired, on the continent to tourists at all. The capital city, by the way, too is called Zakynthos. Very conveniently & #8212; nobody will confuse anything when planning rest, Zakynthos and Zakynthos it, in fact, same.

At the beginning of summer to Zakynthos the people wishing to see one interesting event gather. The impressive size large-headed turtles the carriage in summertime of year lay eggs in sand. 55 days later after a laying, from eggs new individuals vyluplivatsya and in large quantities go to the sea. Process is monitored by experts, only 1-2 turtles are independently capable to reach water. Such event also attracts very great interest. Turtles of the karetta-karett reach up to 1 m in length.

The island Zakynthos, or Zakynthos, is unique the fact that here the nature remained practically in original state. Everywhere greens behave violently, all the year round blossom and numerous flowers extend the honey aromas. There are no aggressive industrial facilities here therefore no harmful substances pollute the atmosphere, water and the earth. Activity of the small plants on production of olive oil and wine is strictly regulated by environmental standards and does not harm the environment at all.

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of 8 simple rules and natural recipes, from our readers

beautiful skin and hair: 8 simple rules and natural recipes

Beautiful skin and hair are the main elements of our image. We know that it is important to care for himself every day, to properly eat and avoid influence of harmful factors which weaken an organism and accelerate aging process.

Water quickly revitalizes with

an organism and is very important for beauty of skin and hair. Experts advise to drink six-eight glasses of water a day.

The products rich fat an omega-3 acids, include:

30-minute daily trainings will make skin cleaner and soft, and hair & #8212; strong and healthy.

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of the Counter of day, secrets

counters of day

Try not to make any decisions, without having consulted to the administration or the family. The chief or the loved one can not understand that you meant well and then the conflict is inevitable.

do not splash out the emotions on subordinates, your personal problems have to those and remain. Be better patient, strict, but are fair.

& mdash; So punish me the silence!

& mdash; How could you act this way? I have no words!

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