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Published: 27.2.2017
island of Zakynthos Zakynthos, Greece: photo and detailed description

Island of Zakynthos Greece & #8212; it is a magic corner from fine dreams. Thousands of poets and writers sang of this paradise island endowed with beauty of the untouched nature, variety of rich colors and all conditions for great rest. Here smells of needles, aromas of exotic flowers, citruses and grapes are felt.

the Island of Zakynthos or Zakynthos as it is accepted to call it in Greece, is included into group of the Ionian Islands. He settles down on 300 km to the west of the mainland of Greece and is third largest among all islands of the group. It will not be difficult to get, if desired, on the continent to tourists at all. The capital city, by the way, too is called Zakynthos. Very conveniently & #8212; nobody will confuse anything when planning rest, Zakynthos and Zakynthos it, in fact, same.

At the beginning of summer to Zakynthos the people wishing to see one interesting event gather. The impressive size large-headed turtles the carriage in summertime of year lay eggs in sand. 55 days later after a laying, from eggs new individuals vyluplivatsya and in large quantities go to the sea. Process is monitored by experts, only 1-2 turtles are independently capable to reach water. Such event also attracts very great interest. Turtles of the karetta-karett reach up to 1 m in length.

The island Zakynthos, or Zakynthos, is unique the fact that here the nature remained practically in original state. Everywhere greens behave violently, all the year round blossom and numerous flowers extend the honey aromas. There are no aggressive industrial facilities here therefore no harmful substances pollute the atmosphere, water and the earth. Activity of the small plants on production of olive oil and wine is strictly regulated by environmental standards and does not harm the environment at all.

If to trust a legend, then Zakynthos fascinated by the beauty even the Greek gods. Most Apollon and Artemis admired it. Probably, therefore aboriginals since ancient times will especially read this couple. In immortal poetry of Homer Zakynthos it is also described how & #171; paradise rolling in emerald лесах».

The photo of the tourists who came back from the island of Zakynthos in Greece literally dazzle with images of folklore and musical festivals. In this place very much honor cultural traditions therefore to you the set of authentic objects of painting and local architecture can meet. In picturesque taverns on the seashore it is possible to try the most tasty food. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

The Greek island Zakynthos in ancient times was called & #171; flower of Levanta» or & #171; flower Mediterranean востока». Venetians who estimated all its beauty in the 15th century presented with such names a fine corner. The island not only inspires musicians, artists and writers, but also attracts numerous tourists amazing beaches, by the clean emerald sea, unusual sights. The greatest blossoming of culture of this Greek corner falls on the period of government of Venetians.

Total area of Zakynthos & #8212; 407 km of apartment. Extent of the coastline & #8212; 123 km. Population & #8212; about 39000 people. Rather modest sizes do not prevent this island to develop in a destination at all, the nature is really fine here, small small villages & #8212; are very picturesque and attractive, and sandy beaches & #8212; are very convenient and beautiful.


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