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Published: 3.3.2017
new project

I plunged into start of the new project.

Just I want to warn you that temporarily I will pay less than the personal attention to the educational portal "Alphabet of Money". But my team continues to carry out a lot of work on development of this project. This work is carried out every day though it also is not noticeable for the detached onlooker.

I will tell honestly - it is very interesting, but is very energy-intensive. Strongly I am tired. Even with my experience and skills, it is difficult. Every day gives some surprises.

I do not get enough sleep, but it is happy from the drive of new undertaking.

I will keep you informed! You monitor my mailings and announcements.

My new project so far at a formation stage - removed office, we ring round the customer base, started advertizing. In plans - to expand a line of the rendered services, to employ the big team of sales managers - so far we do everything.

It is not connected with a subject of personal finance, and aimed at rendering information and consulting services for legal entities.


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