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Published: 23.2.2017
counters of day

Try not to make any decisions, without having consulted to the administration or the family. The chief or the loved one can not understand that you meant well and then the conflict is inevitable.

do not splash out the emotions on subordinates, your personal problems have to those and remain. Be better patient, strict, but are fair.

& mdash; So punish me the silence!

& mdash; How could you act this way? I have no words!

Wife to the husband:

You will be one of the main characters of this day. Besides, prepare for the solution of old problems which you shelved.

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Grain Saviour, it Nut and the Third. According to the national calendar, the holiday of Not made by hand image of Christ of Christ Redeemer falls on date. And in pre-Christian times noted the end of field works and preparation of vegetables fruit for the winter, met fall. It is necessary to bake bread, mushrooms, poppy, raisin pies and obligatory nuts. There is no post.

The situation can develop so that you should solve others disputes. Except you nobody will be able to settle a situation so act so competently.

What else to esteem on Liferead? For example, Trends of social networks & mdash; the song from Starkov and the eternal ban for Trump, and still you can give chance to prove to our small boat robot which especially for you will pick up fascinating reading matter! Press also laquo; To Me will carry! & raquo;

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