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Published: 11.3.2017
wars of bacteria

The Sinegnoyny stick of Pseudomonas aeruginosa - is widespread, perfectly survives in the most various conditions and hostile environment, is steady against many antibiotics. 20% of all hospital infections fall to the share of a sinegnoyka. But this bacterium has an interesting property. At external threat of a bacterium give a signal of danger and begin to develop everything conglomerate an antibiotic piotsin which is safe for sinegnoyek and is deadly to competitors.

By results of researches in the culture of sinegnoyny sticks 99% of population perished. Unfortunately even 1% of bacteria can do irreparable harm to human health. Besides it is not clear yet, the modified colibacilli are how safe for mammals. Now there are researches on laboratory rats.

And here Escherichia coli colibacillus, being not less widespread, became one of the most beloved model organisms of biologists. Scientists decided to impart E.coli of property of a sinegnoyka to find the competitor and to develop piotsin. Colibacillus was supplied with three new genes - one was responsible for search of a sinegnoyny stick and start of the program of production of an antibiotic, the second just had to provide development fatally for a sinegnoyny stick of medicine, and the third was "the self-destruction button". It had to kill at accumulation of a certain quantity of a piotsin with E.coli and give to an antibiotic will extend.

Bioengineers from the Technological university Nanyan (Singapore) managed to create a bacterial bomb kamikaze. They modified usual colibacillus for hunting for a sinegnoyny stick, extremely dangerous to the person.

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