Secrets: as to make it and to receive in 2019

Published: 13.3.2017
the guest visa to Australia by the invitation: as to make it and to receive in 2019

Hello. I plan to go to visit to Australia for two months & #8212; July and August the next summer. Earlier I flew only to Turkey and Montenegro as the nurse, all documents were done by employers. Tell me please, what I should begin with?

It should be noted that the invitation letter is provided for opening of the business visa in consular department in electronic option. Therefore the only way of transfer is scanning and sending in e-mail.

Good afternoon, Valeria! I recommend to begin with execution of the invitation by your Australian acquaintances for you.

Often the invitation becomes for visits of relatives. As it is rather difficult to issue the visa to Australia to Russians, the invitation forms the basis for issue of the entry visa. But not only for the guest visa Russians will need the invitation letter. If the Australian company invites to work of the foreigner, then he also in consular department needs to show the invitation.

After drawing up and printing the letter is signed. Registration of a guest, business or working visa requires not the original of the invitation letter. In consular department only the copy of the invitation is provided. The host can send the invitation letter by fax or send the scanned file by e-mail.

To the invitation to obtaining the business visa the same documents, and are put to the letter for a guest visit. The only difference is copies of the documents confirming business cooperation with the foreign guest.

The main condition that the person who is engaged in registration had all legal and legal reasons for stay in this country.

Also by drawing up the invitation letter it should be taken into account that it is created addressed to the consul.

I want to go to visit to the friend to Australia, to Melbourne. I am a pensioner from Russia. The friend is not to me a relative. There can be problems for receipt of a visa and what documents are necessary in addition? Whether it is possible to be on a visit one year? Or there are restrictions on the guest invitation? In a sample it was written above that the guest invitation to assure notarially is desirable. Prompt what way to make it if it is sent electronically? Or inviting has to certify at himself the original, and after to send the copy electronically? I need to provide some documents, for example, the medical reference, etc.? If yes, to whom it to show that? Yours faithfully, Vera.

It is important that if you specify relationship degree in the invitation to the guest visa, then it needs to be documented. Also if all expenses are undertaken by host, then drawing up the sponsor's letter will be useful.

Invitation sample:

Unfortunately, uniform models of the correct drawing up cannot be found on the websites of embassies or visa centers as the invitation is formed to the discretion of the most inviting party.

If expenses are assigned to the foreign guest, then the applicant on the Australian visa is obliged to file the document confirming its sufficient financial position. In addition to these documents the document confirming booking of the hotel room for the entire period of stay in Australia is attached. The document of booking is provided in any kind.

Making the invitation, the host has to consider some aspects, incorrectly made letter can serve as a cause of failure in obtaining the Australian visa. By drawing up the letter to pay attention to such moments:

Obligatory data which have to be specified in the invitation are:

For visit of Australia citizens of the Belarusian Republic, the Russian Federation and Ukraine need to make out the visa previously. Depending on type of the visa also the package of the filed documents differs.

But as to issue the visa to Australia rather difficult, it is better to provide the confirmation sent by fax directly from hotel for a bigger guarantee. The hotel booking is provided only in case the host cannot provide to the foreign guest housing.

Friends invited me to themselves on a visit to Australia. We have no family relations. Whether there can be problems with receipt of a visa?

Unfortunately, the uniform document under the name "invitation" for the guest visa does not exist. The document is formed in any form the inviting person. If the accepting person is not able independently to make the invitation letter, then she can ask for the help in consular department where will provide it a letter sample.

It is possible to download a template of the letter here, the English option here.

Such information is specified in the letter:

It should be noted that if the assuming person takes the responsibility the foreign guest, then in addition to the invitation the extract with the indication of the salary for the last three months is put. If it is specified in the invitation that invited will live at the place of residence of the accepting person, then in addition to the letter the documents confirming the property right to the real estate are attached.

The letter is formed the enterprise or the organization for a business or working visa. The foreigners wishing to be trained and receive the student's visa, the invitation letter do not need. But they instead of it will need the document confirming that the foreigner studies in the Australian educational institution.

For registration of a tourist visa Russians will need to show not only the international passport, but also the references confirming a sufficient financial position. The procedure of providing these references can be avoided in the presence of the invitation to Australia.

I, Ivanova Maria Gennadiyevna, 11.12.1975, the citizen of Australia, invite to myself on a visit Ivanova Ekaterina Gennadiyevna, 10.10.1980 r which is necessary me the sister for the purpose of a guest visit. Passport data: MPT 120356. All expenses connected with flight, accommodation I promise to compensate. The invited person will live to the address: city of Sydney, Naberezhnaya St., 5. This real estate is my property. The presumable term of stay is two months. Date of entrance & #8212; 21.01.2019, date of departure - 21.03.2019. Travel across the territory of Australia are provided.

This document is processed by the citizen of Australia and serves as the invitation letter. Also the nonresident of this country can issue the invitation.

Also it will be required to enclose to a photocopy of the passport of the accepting person invitation letter. At a photocopy there have to be all personal data of the person, the national passport number and painting. The photocopy has to be legible, all data have to be looked through accurately. If the accepting person is not a citizen of Australia, then instead of a photocopy of the passport copies of the residence permit in Australia or visas are attached.


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