From our users: 7 best beaches of Bodrum, Turkey

7 best beaches of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is the unique resort town in the west of Turkey washed by waters of the Aegean Sea today ready to offer the advanced infrastructure providing all conveniences to high-quality rest. The resort is well-known for the numerous bays in an environment of gardens and pine groves in the territory of which the most beautiful beaches were stretched. Many of them are approved by the Blue flag that speaks about the high level of their ecological environment.

Calling the sea rather uniform that will be surely estimated by families with children. One more plus of the area is its thin population: noisy flocks of tourists are considered as a big rarity here. Of course, on the coast you will not meet luxury restaurants well matched Bodrum, but will find couple of cozy institutions with good kitchen. In general, the Feed bag beach will be ideal for those who dream to run away from city bustle and to plunge into serenity. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

On the southwest coast in 7 km from the center of Bodrum the picturesque bay Bitez attracting travelers with the clean and well-groomed beach hid. The coast was stretched on distance a little more than a kilometer here and though the majority of beaches of the resort is characterized by a pebble covering, on Bitez tourists are pleased by soft light sand. When calling water small pebbles come across, but they do not bring discomfort. A bottom water on a belt has a plain surface: only through couple of meters you will find the first deep point. So rest with children here unambiguously safe. The area dazzles with orange trees and pine groves in which shadow it is pleasant to hide during midday heat.

If you look for hotels in Bodrum with the sandy beach on the first line, we recommend to look at options in the Feed bag resort community. Though this town little-known also cannot brag of a wide choice of hotels, it attracts with the pacified atmosphere in an environment of the primitive nature. The feed bag is located in 7,5 km to the northeast from the resort and is ready to offer one long beach which extends along all settlement. Here too there are several secluded, but picturesque bays. In the Feed bag in Bodrum of a zone on the beach from sand or pebble, and some of them at all are covered with wooden platforms and platforms with bulk sand.

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Top-10 of audiobooks from the myth, from our readers

top-10 audiobooks from the myth

10. Communications solve everything

2. Taym Drive. How to manage to live and work

8. From good to great

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Lazarevskoye, life hack


Lazarevskoye is the area in the west of the city of Sochi. 99% of hotels, sanatoria and health resorts are located in a priberezhny zone. There live also locals, houses are located closer to the sea. The settlement of "Lazarevskoye" is in the valley between the ridge and the river. From here nearby to Tuapse. In total about 30 thousand people live in the settlement.

the Tourist route allows each tourist to find

the place where he will come back not once yet. During walk you will see the mountain river, a sight "A damned font", all 4 pieces of falls and Eagle rocks. In Krasnodar Krai there are a lot of wonderful places, their beauty really opens only during the researches.

Length of the river is 39 km, it is the biggest river in the territory of Sochi. In hot days on its coast tourists and locals like to have a rest. Dense crowns are reliably hidden from heat. The river eats underground springs therefore water does not get warm enough here. It remains cool even during heat.

November is December, 2018 & #8212; Hungary (Budapest)

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of 10 apartments in Lisbon, the most readable

of airbnb favorites: 10 apartments in Lisbon

Time to plan a trip to autumn and winter seasons! For example, to Portugal, to beautiful picturesque Lisbon. And, of course, an integral part of a travel is convenient and pleasant accommodation, therefore we return to a heading with the most interesting apartments to Airbnb and we share a selection from ten options. In more detail about all aspects of a travel to the capital of Portugal it is possible to read in our article Do Like Locals.

Second according to the list the studio apartment in the center of the Area of Santa Catarina with a beautiful view of local church which will replace to you the alarm clock, with tile roofs of Lisbon and a dome of Baziliki-da-Eshtrela goes. And it is possible to observe all this beauty from an open cozy terrace! The price is А52 per day.

1. The spacious apartment with the inside patio

Ideal selection! 

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With what to me was helped by the healer Oksana of Manoil, the most readable

with what to me the healer Oksana of Manoil helped

Stories from life of real people. Excerpts from letters of clients, during the work with the healer Oksana Manoylo. What I was helped by the healer Oksana Manoylo

Oksana with, good afternoon! I am very much glad that spent these 2 weeks with you and your practicians! I in passing resolved several issues, besides what I to you initially handled.

However, for this reason I do not manage to do everything practice now before going to bed because at me free time when nobody distracts me was gone and I can quietly work. It is necessary to think up something with it because still not all practicians are made. Still painted the purposes and very much I want that at me everything turned out. Thanks a lot!

First, I began to adjust power exchange with the husband, excluded from life of the excess person (thanks to Taro's deal), and still offered me the other day something similar for work)) I cannot be engaged in something yet fully as the son does not go to a garden also I not really and I want it to give there, but I all the same will be able to do something for the realization not only as mother. And plus to everything at me was renewed a full-fledged dream and the mode. I before work with you fell asleep not earlier than 3 h night. Now I fall asleep at 22:30 with the son while I stack him and I get up in 6 on jog. It is simply super!

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Is curious: 15 most rare things which can be seen only once

15 most rare things which can be seen only once

Behind the screen of movie theater

Girl Rapunzel?

The cozy court yard can be placed also on a roof

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Healthy sleep or sick wakefulness, the most readable

healthy sleep or sick wakefulness

How to organize to itself a healthy sleep and to wake up he is full of strength also energy? How to learn to get enough sleep? On all questions you will find the answer in this article!

If all of you still doubt about advantage of a healthy sleep, then remember the moments when you went to bed late and got up early.

Having turned on the gentle, quiet music and having done a number of simple exercises, you will fall asleep as if the baby.

And here if you go to bed at different times, the organism will be in constant ignorance.

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How to fascinate people, amusing

how to fascinate people

In the wake of my training in Prague and in the run-up to the new training "Sure communication" I wrote down for you a small video lesson.

Remember that there are only two days in a year when you cannot make anything. One of them is called "yesterday", and another is called "tomorrow"

For those who want rapid progress in communication with other people I sounded two simple exercises.

I will be in Kiev in a month, on May 26, monitor my mailings

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to Stroke a humming-bird Steve of a peacock, secrets

stroke a humming-bird Steve of a peacock

Every day when I am at home, I usually see a humming-bird. I have no birds feeders, but birds like to turn at me on the backyard or to flit near my windows. Sometimes I see the whole flocks at the window.

Ya greeted it and asked whether I can stroke it. She did not tell "no" from what I drew a conclusion that it not against. :)

I accidentally came across the humming-bird who is comfortably sitting in the nest on a tree, all few steps away from a back door, directly at the level of my eyes. I never saw this nest before. It was the tiny nest allowing a humming-bird to sit in it while her beak dangled on the one hand nests, and feathers of a tail were given with another.

She seemed very happy when I softly ran fingers over its back.

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Updating: how effectively to control onto working hours and to carry out all tasks in time

how effectively to control onto working hours and to carry out all tasks in time

Very often at employees arises problems, connected with the fact that they do not manage to carry out objectives in time. Of course, it strongly affects efficiency of their work and working process in general. Will help to help with the solution of this problem -

This type of control succeeded sheets and the log-book of working hours which were conducted manually. It is the system of turnstiles and electronic access cards of personnel. A method have the smallest efficiency as provide only information on when the employee came to a workplace and when left it. One more shortcoming: for personnel - loss or damage of the card; for the head - impossibility to check who directly used the card.

Control of working hours is one of instruments of human resource management which is applied to increase in its productivity.

Control of working hours and ways of its maintaining

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