From our users: Karen Shakhnazarov 20 years looked for the daughter who was secretly taken away in the USA

Published: 3.9.2017
karen shakhnazar of 20 years looked for the daughter who was secretly taken away in the USA

The famous Russian director, the producer and the screenwriter Karen Shakhnazarov became the hero of the telecast & #171; Destiny человека» on the channel & #171; –осси¤-1». On air Shakhnazarov for the first time shared a personal secret which kept more than two decades, Vesti write.

This experience affected Shakhnazarov's outlook, he emphasizes that Russia and America very much differ, but it neither is good, nor it is bad. & #171; It is necessary to reach compromise, realizing that we have very different views on many вещи» & #8212; the director speaks.

It appears, the ex-wife of the director Alyona Setunskaya 22 years ago, in one day went to America, having taken away with itself the 4-year-old daughter Anna. Shakhnazarov returned from the Cannes Film Festival in 1995 and found the empty apartment in which lived with the wife and the child. The same year the picture & #171 came out; American дочь» which on an equal basis with the movie & #171; We from джаза» glorified the director and the screenwriter. This film was created based on the real events which happened to Karen.

Some time Shakhnazarov tried to find Anna, but several years later stopped trying, having accepted that the wife solved & #171; to look for the best жизни» together with the daughter. Karen met Anna in 20 years, in hotel near the Central park in New York. She was brought up as the American and therefore to the father it was difficult to get acquainted with such native and at the same time foreign adult.


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