Is used its useful properties for the health, it is curious

Published: 1.9.2017
honey in honeycombs: we use its useful properties for the health

Honey - extraordinary tasty product which curative properties are used by our people throughout many centuries. We use it in the course of preparation of desserts and also at treatment of some diseases. But here honey in honeycombs, probably, was tasted not by all, many do not even know that it represents and as it is applied.

Pollen rejuvenates all organism and also improves a condition of skin, hair and nails. It is known that this product is often used as the main component in the course of production of cosmetics.

Right after extraction from a beehive of cell are cut by pieces, they can be eaten entirely or to exhaust from them delicacy. Such use of a product is very useful for health of teeth and a mucous membrane of a mouth. There is a healing of small wounds, elimination of inflammatory processes, strengthening of enamel of teeth and gums.

When chewing honeycombs, their part gets into a stomach where they perform functions of natural absorbent, neutralizing effect of harmful substances. Applying honey in honeycombs at physical exhaustion and an anemia, it is possible to accelerate process of renewal of blood cells.

Previously honey from honeycombs does not separate, and is just chewed together with them, but it is not necessary to swallow of wax. Before the use of cell it is not necessary to heat, so you will not manage to keep curative properties of a product.

Considering the whole range of useful properties of this natural product, traditional medicine widely uses at diseases of a respiratory system, an eye, violation of activity of a GIT, physical exhaustion and an anemia.

Honey in honeycombs was highly appreciated by many people from time immemorial, it was presented as a gift or a tribute. This product always had the high cost as it was allocated with many useful properties. The advantage of honey in honeycombs is caused by its structure: at it there is a wax, propolis, pollen allocating this natural product with powerful curative force.

The people who are engaged in beekeeping know how to store honey in honeycombs, using it for all year till the next season. The special value for maintaining all properties of delicacy is allocated for humidity, it should not be lower than 60%. Higher humidity can lead to its raskisaniye, low - causes emergence of a mold or a moth.

It has such complex effect on our organism:

Comb honey is the product which is not taken from wax sot yet, it is on sale a framework or small rectangular cuttings. As a rule, in honeycombs there is a liquid, but it can also sit down.

The product is a rich source of organic acids - acetic, ant, amber. Sometimes its structure can differ a little depending on plants melliferous herbs. If regularly to use this product of beekeeping, it is possible to increase protective properties of an organism considerably.

If you want to know how to keep honey in honeycombs for long time, using it in the medical purposes, study such recommendations:

Application of comb honey allows an organism to resist to many diseases of bodies of a respiratory system. It is effective at bronchitis, cough, a sore throat, congestion of a nose, cold.

Such useful substances as were a part:

At treatment of eyes means is parted with water and dug in in eyes, without being afraid to bring an infection, it is the sterile product having antibacterial effect on the struck body.

To bring benefit to an organism at consumption of this delicacy, it is necessary to know how it is correct to use it. Not all people know how to use honey in honeycombs, many even never and ate this delicacy. This product is eaten by its careful chewing.

You do not hold near them vegetables and fruit, especially bananas as the smell of these products affects not only taste of honey, but also its quality; Ideal temperature for storage of a product - from +3 to +10. High temperature promotes allocation of a specific smell and a zasakhareniye. Low temperatures influence even worse as partially neutralize useful properties; Also it is necessary to know, where to store honey in honeycombs that it for a long time kept the properties. It needs to be spread out on net capacities, it is better glass, and densely to close a cover. It is necessary to store it in the dark cool room or in the refrigerator if there not really low temperature. With advantage use honey in honeycombs, taking all its useful properties for the organism!


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