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Published: 29.8.2017
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Than cinnamon is useful to each woman, it is possible to understand, having looked at the substances which are its part more attentively:

Kumarin together with tannins fights against harmful cholesterol, lowers a possibility of formation of cholesteric plaques. One cup of herbal tea with a cinnamon pinch before work considerably reduces in the morning risk of a heart attack. And that who already had a heart attack tea with cinnamon will help to strengthen a cardiac muscle.

Cinnamon - the most "winter" spice. Frosty morning. From a window the beautiful view of the snow-covered city opens. Trees in silvery hoarfrost. And you with pleasure have fragrant herbal tea with honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Wonderful beginning of day! However, except that this spice attracts us with the tart taste and a sweet smell - it also is extremely useful! Not without reason she was called "east queen of spices" and appreciated worth its weight in gold. The Arab merchants managed to keep origin of cinnamon a secret up to the 16th century until one of the Portuguese seafarers accidentally found it on the island Ceylon. Korichnik Ceylon is an evergreen tree. Brown tubules habitual to us are the curtailed bark pieces which are cut off definitely. Sometimes bark is crushed and sold in the form of powder. In such look it is more convenient to use it when cooking, for example, to strew rolls when roasting, to add to pie dough, to kefir or tea.

Useful properties of cinnamon directly depend on the substances which are its part. Also it is necessary to know that the structure of minerals considerably differs depending on a type of this spice. Today distinguish the Ceylon version, Chinese or Indian, Malabarskaya and Tsinamon. The true queen of spices, the real cinnamon or as still speak, is "noble" Ceylon. It contains the maximum quantity of useful substances, is used in medicine and has pleasant tart taste and aroma. We also tell about this look in our article.

How many would not be at a product of useful properties, it is always necessary to understand that uncontrolled application will not bring benefit. Contraindications at the use of cinnamon are not numerous, but it is necessary to remember several important restrictions.

Cinnamon can be used in a complex with anti-parasitic means, enhancing their effect. Application of this spice helps to clean an organism from a zashlakovannost.

The remarkable recipe of use of cinnamon in a complex of actions for weight reduction is a tea drink. On a glass of herbal tea you add 0,5 teaspoons of ground cinnamon and also a little bit ginger and a droplet (on a knife edge) chili powder. Thanks to tea of spice will not irritate mucous a stomach, and will provoke acceleration of metabolism and stimulation of digestion. It is possible to apply this drink within at least 2 weeks every day, and you will see its advantage. The calcium which is contained in cinnamon also promotes weight loss and strengthens bones.

It is considered that application of the queen of spices promotes cerebration, strengthens memory, improves concentration of attention that is especially important in days of examinations. If you need to remember a lot of information, add 3 drops of cinnamon oil to the aromalamp and enjoy a pleasant smell during the occupations.

Medical researches which showed that the use of cinnamon reduces sugar level in blood were conducted. This property does spice irreplaceable for diabetics. Besides at type 2 diabetes, as a rule, there is a need to lose weight. The advantage of cinnamon is that it helps to reduce feeling of hunger. Spice promotes metabolism improvement, allowing an organism to acquire quickly sucrose, respectively, interferes with formation of fatty deposits.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect of spice gives the essential oil which is its part which is widely used both in medicine, and in cosmetology. Several drops of essential oil at inhalation - fine means against quinsy and cold. Also oil is added to the warming ointments. They should be used at catarrhal diseases, pounding a breast and a back, promoting simplification at an otkashlivaniye. One more method of application of ointments on the basis of cinnamon oil is a warming of joints at rheumatic pains. Women need to mean that the warming effect can be used in fight against cellulitis. Outwardly oil still can be applied to treatment of papillomas and against acne rash. And several drops added to shampoo will strengthen growth of hair, will strengthen roots and will make favorable impact on head skin. At addition in food cinnamon, thanks to the antibacterial to action, perfectly copes with growth of bacteria owing to what it promotes disinfecting and safety of products.

Useful properties of vitamins of group B are so broad that for their complete description will demand separate article. Let's mention only that B6 not for nothing call vitamin of good mood, he is responsible for production of serotonin - joy hormone. Thanks to the high content of B6 cinnamon helps to cope with a stress and a depression. Only one aroma of cinnamon proceeding from a cup of herbal tea forces to smile and will cheer up, kind of was not cold outside the window.

So how many grams of cinnamon will be norm? - The maximum dose in day is a half of a teaspoon. What should be avoided at the use of cinnamon? - Actually, the answer only one: overdoses. If not to abuse use of spice, cinnamon - fine antidepressant and an immunostimulator. Apply it with pleasure and advantage to health.

Contents as a part of spice of coumarin, vegetable anticoagulant, helps to reduce coagulability of blood that is important at thromboses, especially during the postoperative period. At the same time coumarin in itself also has weak disinfecting property, strengthening effect of essential oil.

Cinnamon contains a lot of vitamin A which helps to improve sight. Intake of this vitamin is important by preparation for examination or offset when we especially strain eyes.


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