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Published: 27.8.2017
a wig: to carry or not to carry

Really why such exotic subject is necessary to the modern woman who has no problems with hair? Let's reveal to you a small secret: it is not necessary to grow bald at all to buy a pretty parichok.

by means of threads to you needs to tie separate locks to a grid. If technology of knitting of a fringe a hook is familiar to you, then problems in the course of production at you will not arise. And if such experience at you is absent, then use the Internet.

When choosing you watch closely whether hair to a basis are strong pasted. Because if they fall off directly at you in hands, then to buy such wig, unambiguously is not necessary. You will throw out it after several fittings. And considering the considerable cost of such products, to spend money for a low-quality product very silly.

Now wigs from natural hair enjoy wide popularity. Of course, they are rather dear and to look after them quite difficult, but so far you do not remove them from the head, nobody will guess that it is not your natural hair.

All modern wigs have the head form that provides a dense prileganiye to head skin. For this reason it is worth paying special attention to structure of a basis upon purchase. The basis has to be sewed from separate ribbons. Only this way you will not suffer from excessive perspiration of the head at a constant a wig sock.

We will give an example: you want to become for some time a blonde. It would seem that it is simpler - it is necessary just to be recoloured. And if you have very beautiful hair color and you do not want it to restore then?

For chignons usually use natural human hair. Though sometimes it is possible to meet also slips from hair of animals. Anyway the chignon needs to be selected so that it did not differ in color and texture from your head of hear at all.

Natural wigs and chignons look better, than artificial, but at the same time there are several basic rules on care of them:

And here if you lead active lifestyle, then it is better for you to choose wigs artificial. Behind them it is necessary to look after and wash them much less often much more simply.

Why to glue, you ask? And in order that the person felt more surely. If you precisely know that your chignon will not fall off at the most inappropriate moment, at you all complexes concerning problems with hair will be gone over time.

You need it and for thematic parties. For example, you want to visit Marilyn Monroe's image. But at the same time you have long hair. You will not cut off them for the sake of one evening. And here by means of an artificial head of hear it is possible to solve this problem: you and in image will stay, and curls will remain whole and safe.

Attention! You should not walk with a chignon under direct sunshine, otherwise it will burn out and will be noticeable even from far away.

If you choose a wig with a hair parting, then you should pay attention to existence of a special leather strip on its line. You watch closely that color of this strip did not differ from color of your skin. Otherwise you will look ridiculously.

Before starting creation of the artificial head of hear be defined what length there will be hair. Perhaps, it is worth even thinking of future hairstyle because, for example, hair length slightly below than shoulders will not be suitable for a beautiful braid.

And hairstyles can be various. For example, you decided to spend evening to the companies is ready. Well, you will not be recoloured from the ashy blonde in black color. And here the parichok with an extreme hairstyle is the it.

An opportunity to change the image as you want is considered one of the main pluses. Upon purchase of wigs from you automatically there is a chance to have a straight hair or curly-headed, long or short.

This question interests any woman who decided to try on a wig. Still in the fifties such laid on heads of hear made by means of vegetable fibers. If you look in grandmother's trunks, then, perhaps, you will find similar products from a flax, seaweed, tow and even from corn.

Today there are also wigs with structure which something reminds cells. They are generally used for increase in volume of the head of hear. The procedure is simple: through cells stretch separate curls that allows to create effect of very dense hair. The main thing to watch that everything was exactly distributed between cells.

On the numerous websites you will be able to find a huge number of videos on which accurately and it is clearly shown that why and how to do.

And in general you should not comb a curly artificial hair. Just accurately dress and, as necessary, correct hands.

Speaking about wigs, you should not forget also about chignons. Often they are used by men after they have bald heads. The basis is selected by the bald head size. Then it is pasted by means of special stripes to problem places.

And then there came cheerful sixtieth, and artificial hair began to make of nylon threads, acrylic or vinyl. Such false curls had to shine, than and excreted their owner from crowd. And, what only colors could be met on the street: both blue, and green, and orange!

So as we see, wigs are an excellent decision, both for every day, and for visit of various actions. And it is a pleasure to wear a qualitative wig in general. The main thing - be self-assured and then at you everything will turn out! Good luck!

Generally if you want to be every day different, then you can safely resort to artificial hair. They not only will present you an opportunity to change in several minutes, but also will help to choose the image which is ideal for you. So - dare!

Before starting production of a false hair it is necessary to stock up with patience as such work very laborious and a product not always turns out from the first. Special artificial hair, a hat in the form of a network, acrylic threads and any subject which in a form reminds the head will be necessary for you for production.

What is interesting, in recent years the popularity of artificial hair significantly increased. Perhaps, it is caused by the fact that many world famous fashion designers on the displays use them to emphasize advantages of each dress. Or perhaps people became just simpler to treat life and do not want to spend plenty of time for visits of beauty shops.

You should not forget also about density of a laid on head of hear. If you overdo, then will look ridiculously. So it is necessary to do a wig attentively, considering everything, even the most insignificant details. But you remember that any undertaking can be more difficult, than it seemed to you right at the beginning. But you should not despair. The main thing, try and then at you everything will turn out.

In a similar case the wig is that it is necessary for you. You will be able to be both a blonde, and ryzhenky, and even the fatal brunette. And all this without harm for health!

The first that should be remembered at a sock of a wig is that, your hair should not be ideally set. If you carefully combed an artificial head of hear and, having put on the head, also sprinkled varnish for steadier effect, then be sure sooner or later someone nevertheless will guess that it is artificial hair.

Do not neglect a false hair and women: chignons help to change instantly length or hair color, or to do attractive hair.


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