Corporation grinn will try to obtain a denial of information on bankruptcy from local journalists, new on the website

Published: 25.8.2017
the corporation grinn will try to obtain a denial of information on bankruptcy from local journalists

"GRINN corporation" demanded a denial from the MK-Black Earth edition which published information on start of the procedure of bankruptcy in the company. Reported about it in the press service of corporation.

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In MK-Black Earth receiving a claim and expressed bewilderment concerning some requirements.

"Of course, we will give a denial though some points on which it is demanded of edition are unclear. For example, the requirement to deny information that "at the beginning of July in Jobcenter of the population of the city of Kursk and Kursk district still anything was not known of the preparing elimination". We published this information and when a talk on the preparing bankruptcy of the company for the first time went, included also in present article. Edition really took the comment in Jobcenter. Really explained to us that there are no mass reductions in corporation, as well as there are no notices that they prepare, and under the law of the notice have to arrive in 2 months prior to reductions. This fact indicates that the procedure is not started yet and for the staff of the company it is possible not to worry. Why we are asked to deny this information as doubtful, I do not know. Perhaps are sure of corporation that we had no conversation with Jobcenter" - the editor-in-chief of the edition Maria Yakovleva explained.

In "GRINN Corporation" information on start of bankruptcy was called "fiction" and emphasized that it has under itself no actual reasons. The company already sent the official requirement of a denial of a number of theses of the publication to the editorial office "MK-Black Earth". At the disposal of there is a copy of the letter.

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Earlier MK-Black Earth published material in which with reference to own sources claimed that on August 2 in "GRINN Corporation" the meeting of directors of branches at which to top managers declared start of the procedure of bankruptcy took place. Later in the company denied this information.


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