Updating: whether the child should employ the nurse

Published: 23.8.2017
it is worth employing to the child the nurse

Often both parents are forced to work. Grandmothers and grandfathers not always have time and an opportunity to help with education of the grandsons. It is necessary - to use one option services of the professional nurse. What do merits and demerits consist in? The female Women's Time portal decided to understand and answer whether the child should employ the nurse?

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It is necessary to choose not according to external data and age, and by experience, skills and, directly to ability to get on with children & #8211; the main thing that you chuvstvoat love and the friendly relation of this person in principle to children. This person has to not just be near the child in your absence, but also to become it the good friend, the teacher, and to some extent the mentor. Respectively, this person has to be an example for imitation with lack of addictions.

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To employ the stranger and the stranger for education of own children. It can seem to someone wild and wrong, and someone approaches this situation with understanding and approval. Many great people had nurses, in it there is nothing bad. The only thing that should be known: the choice of the candidate has to be responsible, careful and conscious.

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The benefit, there are special organizations providing the whole base of candidates for the nurse's vacancy today. The advantage of the appeal to such centers is that candidates already checked for adequacy, professionalism and experience. You need only to choose from a huge number of applicants of the best most of which of all will be pleasant to you, and will have good recommendations.

The last point should pay special attention. At an interview with the candidate suggest it to pass small test which will develop as follows in an oral form. You give a situation in which there is a problem and ask that the nurse would undertake, for elimination and prevention of trouble. You as the employer have full authority to make sure of professionalism and vreny approach of the person thus. You have to see that the behavior of the nurse will not contradict your family principles.

Let's try to make a portrait of the ideal nurse:

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