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Published: 21.8.2017
pension in Tajikistan in 2018

It is planned to finish the solution of a question and preparation of the final draft agreement for the following, 2019. Such cooperation is favorable not only to Tajikistan, but also Russia: deterioration in a demographic situation affects economy already now. The migrants working legally will be able to fill a lack of labor, and assignments from their salaries considerably will fill up social funds. That to submit the law for approval it is necessary to settle several points contradicting the Russian legislation. One of them - the amount of salaries of citizens of RT: they get less for the same a job, than representatives of other CIS countries.

Unfortunately, in one document the exact mechanism of charge of pension is not specified. Respectively, pensioners should agree with that sum which to them was shown to receiving as there are no criteria of check unconditionally.

Moreover: each employer, be it the private company, the organization, the individual entrepreneur, all of them carry out contributions to fund of a social security for the employees and at the same time pay the sums, it is much more, than those receive further.

Such approach to pension savings is favorable only to monopoly of the state. This situation very much concerns today the people therefore the authorities decided to make changes to the pension law.

It agrees information submitted the first deputy head of the Agency of pensions and social insurance Nazokat Odinazov, today the minimum pension of Tajiks is 156, and maximum - 746 somoni. Till January, 2016 there was a restriction for the amount of pension payments because of what nobody received more than 746 somoni.

For women the standard indicator is 240 months, and for men is 60 months more.

Now the colonel general can retire after achievement not of 60, but 63 years, the colonel - 53 years (and was 50) having other military ranks can receive pension payments not in 45, and in 48 years.

Where the rest of social assignments leaves? They are spent for grants and pensions for citizens, the former employees of the budgetary sector. These are representatives of such professions as teachers, doctors, athletes, municipal workers, cultural figures.

Pension is an award for labor life of each person. In many countries pension payments by an award to call very difficult because of scantiness of the sum. Pension in Tajikistan belongs to such "award": if to distribute payment for every day, about 6 somoni turn out. On this money it is possible to buy couple of hot dogs or 3 flat cakes (the standard of living in Tajikistan). It is hard to say that such system is fair.

According to the fact that men on average live in Tajikistan about 72-74 years to receive all money intended for them they will not be able, (74-63=11 years) as their pension is stretched for 15 years. Life expectancy of women is more therefore they usually live not less - and even more than 15 years determined by the government.

They even found a way out: officially specify not full salary, but its part in documents, and pay the rest (and most often it is the most part of salary) informally, in "envelopes".

Why Tajikistan does not send to the pensioners who left to other countries, honestly earned pension how it is done by Russia and other countries of the world?

Whether it is realistic to each pensioner to live so many years after an exit to deserved rest? What can be pension if pension payments did not belong to the state system?

To settle pension payments, 6 laws which have a direct bearing on this question are involved. Main of them that, as for mandatory pension insurance. In the document signed in 1993 it was said that employers are without fail forced to make out insurance of the employees for replenishment by assignments of the state reserve, and the state raises funds, accumulates them and further distributes on social payments:

On average residents of Tajikistan live about 76 years. It is government assessment, and according to the international estimates Tajiks live at least 2-3 years less.

This sum is not final as the number of pensioners increases every year. So, for example, in 2016 the army of pensioners increased almost by 3 percent and made about 643 thousand people. The amount of average pension depends on its type. So, in 2017 the average work pension was about 280 somoni, insurance - 290, and social - 150 somoni.

But an exit is: if the employer begins to deduct means on account of insurance pension accumulation as encouragement for honest work - it would be more favorable to it as workers would try to work for full force, knowing that the amount of their pension in the future depends on it. Besides, workers, most likely, are interested in legalization of earnings and so-called gray schemes will disappear by itself.

Having carried out simple calculations it is easy to determine the concrete sum of payment for each Tajik pensioner if all money which is paid by his employer went not to state, and to the pension fund belonging to the individual or into the personal account in bank.

Not only the persons which reached a retirement age, but also the person with disability, who lost the supporter minor citizens can receive insurance pensions (if the supporter had the necessary insurance experience). In the absence of the necessary experience, the children who lost the parent can apply only for social pension. These are the minimum payments which receive also those who on reaching a retirement age have no necessary experience and it is deprived of a possibility of receiving insurance pension.

Till 01.11.2017 "the survival period" was 120 months, but since January first was increased by 50%. It means that now the new term for which the state "drags out" payments to each pensioner is legislatively approved.

The period of survival is a term, is mentioned in the pension law of Tajikistan. It is about the number of years (on average) which there live citizens after achievement of a retirement age.

At the beginning of the current year negotiations between the Ministries of Labour of Tajikistan and Russia on the fate of migrants who for many years work in the territory of the Russian Federation began to be held. It is about those citizens of Tajikistan who legally got a job in Russia, pay taxes, have a social insurance and officially receive the salary. The issue is resolved of that also pension to them was paid by the country where they work legally many years, and fulfilled an experience, necessary for receiving pension payments.

Answering questions of the correspondent of the Asia-Plus newspaper Nazokat Odinazova which is the first deputy director of the Agency of pensions and social insurance at the government, told that to learn the amount of insurance pension, it is necessary to increase the sum of the pension capital by coefficient of its insurance experience. The received figure needs to be divided into the number of monthly payments.

In all countries of the former Soviet Union the uniform age for retirement was established earlier: for women of 55 years, for men 60. In the years which passed after disintegration of the Union in the different states this indicator was changed. So in Tajikistan women retire after achievement of 58-year age, and the man at the age of 63 years now.

The person worked in frontier troops of the Russian Federation in the territory of Tajikistan from 1996 to 2005. From 2001 to 2005 there was a good salary increase, but in 2005 removed in frontier troops, and this year turned out not full. But the best salary increase was in the last two years. Whether it is possible to take for charge of pension missing months, for example, since 2003?

This number includes also a huge number of state officials - deputies, security officers, militia, public prosecutor's workers, exempts, etc. Their employer are government institutions which do not pay contributions to social fund.

In the law the exact number of months is specified: 180. For determination of coefficient of an insurance experience divide amount of the general seniority (in months) into a standard indicator.

Except that from the employer deduct 25% of earnings of the worker in Fund of a social security today, hold into the account also in addition and from the worker of 1% of its salary. Therefore wishing to save means, today employers in RT reluctantly accept a system at which assignments transfer to cards.

For receiving pension each man has to work the smallest 20 years. If the entire period from its salary social payments are deducted, the coefficient of pension will make only 0,8. It occurs because in 20 years of people will fulfill only 240 months from necessary 300 therefore will receive less pension, than his peers, but fulfilled all put term.

By the way if the man works less than 20 years, 63 years he has no right for receiving a work pension at achievement of age. For women obligatory minimum seniority - 15 years. If is fulfilled less, women can also apply only for social pension.

At the beginning of last year these restrictions were cancelled thanks to what the amount of the maximum pension increased up to 15 000 somoni - received in 2017 9 people who reached a retirement age so much. In total for 2017 it was paid 2 billion 194 million somoni as provision of pensions.

In the law on the state and insurance pensions (An order of appointment and payment of insurance and state pensions in Tajikistan.) explanations concerning each type of payments are made. For receiving insurance pension to each certain citizen calculate the amount individually. At the same time its experience (with application of coefficient), individual pension savings and other indicators is considered.

Concerned these changes and the military personnel, to them increased seniority level too. So, earlier, to retire, military had to work 20 years. Today for receiving pension it is necessary to have an experience in 25 years. Also the age limit of the military personnel was raised.

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