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Published: 19.8.2017
exercise cat

It is heavy to be in good shape when at you there are a lot of affairs and cares. And with age there is back pain, the stomach begins to turn gradually into a lifebuoy, constant fatigue disturbs. But it is enough to do only one exercise which studies the muscles supporting a backbone and strengthens a press. Also it does a body to more flexible and levels a bearing.

we Recommend to carry out exercise for strengthening of muscles of a back and a stomach daily, combining it with physical activities on other groups of muscles. Time of a training does not play a basic role, but nevertheless it is not desirable to carry out it right after meal. Ideally between food and performance of exercise there have to pass about 2 hours.

Also we advise you to add the trainings with one more effective exercise for strengthening of muscles of a back and a stomach.

& #169; Depositphotossdelay a deep exhalation also tighten up a basin inside, at the same time as much as possible round a back and hang the head. Muscles of a press have to be strained, and the back, on the contrary, has to be relaxed to last.

& #169; DepositPhotosHa a breath return to a starting position. Make a deep exhalation and bend a back in a waist, having raised the head and a basin up. In this situation the press is weakened, and muscles of a back are strained.

& #169; DepositPhotosHa a breath return to a starting position.

It is necessary to repeat exercise 10-15 times. At the same time in each position be late for 7-10 seconds. Let's notice that there should be no pain. For the best deflection of a back in lumbar department try to pull the head as it is possible above. Also watch that palms were accurately under shoulders. Only several months of daily performance with guarantee will improve your health and appearance.

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Indisputable advantage of this exercise - complex impact on an organism. It not only saves from the pain and discomfort in a back caused by scoliosis and a sedentary life but also supports work of respiratory organs. Therefore it is especially recommended to do to those who often has bronchitis and wants to increase immunity.

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The editorial office "So Simply!" advises you every morning to carry out exercise "Cat". It came to the world of fitness and physiotherapy exercises from yoga and allows to influence safely and effectively all central part of the building. Therefore it is necessary to know all subtleties of performance of this exercise.

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