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Published: 17.8.2017
sensibleness and drama

The habitual state for all of us is an absorption in the drama - a social plot of personal history where emotions and passions boil, decide and problems are not solved, victories are carried out, a defeat is suffered, there are the tragic element and the happy ends. We live, as in series where each thought, each movement - as if small entertainment and at the same time justification of in the opinion of all people from our past, real, future. Something in us induces this performance to play, reproduce itself and the vital drama again and again. Such here "love to art". We also call this dramatic cinema about ourselves the real life.

Here I, widely rashly, write how awakened. Be not deceived. I am same as everything, and I continue to trust with enthusiasm in the fairy tales for adults. But I have a certain taste to sensibleness. Also I tell about it.

We believe that we begin a spiritual way and various heart-searching to develop sensibleness and to calm mind when in practice everything what there is a wish for actually - it is strengthenings of the drama that that did not become the tragedy, and grew to the big-budget blockbuster with a happy end.

If to pay attention to a material world, the silence reigns in it. The speech - not about the world of money and things - these "matters" only a drama link. The speech here about this simple life where objects quietly sag in space, kind of expecting the hour, will not be mentioned by our attention yet.

In one of old articles I already spoke about contemplate sensibleness. Today I want to continue this subject and to consider from other corner.

Most of seekers direct to sensibleness and an enlightenment because want to become better, want respect and love. Further such motives the few come. In such course "sensibleness" is a continuation of the drama - one of beautiful dreams about something important and desired.

The drama is completed mayaty, experiences, anticipations, in it everything is ambiguous and fleeting. In sensibleness of the master a zen bear water when bear water, heat firewood when they are heated, in sensibleness visually there is only what is right now.

To some extent the real sensibleness can waken even by means of self-affirmation. That is, wishing to become abrupt and advanced if there is enough clarity, the mind will check whether the sensibleness in practice is carried out, whether she is beyond hopes and anticipations. And thus there is a chance to notice own real not sensibleness - total absorption in the drama.

It not observation of thoughts, but intuitive shift of attention from a state where the drama seemed real, in it where it is highlighted as rapid thinking against the background of consciousness. The dramatic nature of life at the same time reduces turns. Consciousness begins to prevail over a dream. It as if a huge transparent, three-dimensional background for a narrow stream of thoughts and feelings.

To P.S. Tem I will continue.

The sensibleness level is higher, the illusions on which the mind is conducted are thinner. Everything is good in its season. And if artificially to depreciate a dream, no awakening will come, and here self-alienation and a depression about which it was told above, on such soil can blossom and fructify for many years. Therefore, as they say, "you do not saw a rake on which you stand".

When the drama is bared as desperate, the mind is given, it accepts that can do nothing. "Everything, I will not become finally brightened up, loved, dear. All this the drama - my thoughts and feelings, my projections passing an iridescent train against the background of consciousness. What difference whether I will win something in this dream?".

And here it is advisable to understand that the sensibleness lies absolutely along other route. Perhaps, you will learn to love and respect this life, but in exchange it is necessary to say goodbye to desire to be loved and respected. These burning requirements hold in the drama.

Staying in the drama, we do not leave its subject lines anywhere, and we continue to do everything that the scenario of the life it was possible гордитьс¤… Posthumously. In this sense self-affirmation is opposite to sensibleness. Self-affirmation strengthens the drama, the sensibleness categorically brings out of the drama, literally awakens from its dreams.

However and external instructive requests to return to the seeker to the "real" world, in fact, only offers to switch from one dream in another. Sectarians equally well suggest inhabitants to join in their ranks to become closer to something to allegedly more real.

That is, directing to sensibleness for the sake of self-affirmation, we continue to take roots in the drama. In this way not sensibleness is demonized, on it paste an otioseness label. And "sensibleness" is maintained generally in the form of idealistic hope.

The Probuzhdennost is shown when events and experiences do not carry away is total, and cease to seem the only final reality. There is an island of the observing sobriety where it is clear that thoughts and feelings are not some events of the present and future. They are fleeting. In effect - all this the same waking dreams.

We live in these two realities. The first, the drama familiar to all is such chaotic sveto-noise show from thoughts and feelings. The second - reality of sensibleness and the inevitable facts, without applying for anything, remains concrete and truthful in all the manifestations. We are already shipped in the first with the head. We find the second, practicing contemplation.

Therefore for the vast majority a spiritual way - all this the same self-satisfied, wordly mayata under a signature stamp something the best, surpassing ordinary life. On progressman.ru this subject was already brought up in article about the spiritual purposes.

At this stage to regain consciousness from the drama and to join in sensibleness, the despair whip is simply necessary. But gradually, when there is more and more taste of this state, it is simpler and simpler to join in it.

With most of clients I speak only within their drama - and it is absolutely normal. Dream problems are solved. In a dream the nightmare can dream, and it is possible to cope with this fear within a dream, to result in the dreamed success, without parting forcibly the person against his will.

At this moment for sensibleness the most fertile field because there is a wish for it, but not honor and glory. You said goodbye to love and respect, the drama does not interest any more.

And even now when you read about a false spiritual way, assuming existence true and correct, - all this the same dream within the drama of your life story. At the level of absorption in the drama there is no other motivation.

Here one stretches dramas by the devil, difficult, critical for the character, behind which all "picture" of life turns over. The real sensibleness comes, when there is no other exit when you give up, and understand that to try to win in this "cinema" is useless.

Why, in general, to waken from the drama? And how to carry out it?

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The matter is that at the level of stay in the drama the real sensibleness not really interests, in it there are no desired gingerbreads, she - as air and space - is clean and quiet. And our mind wants not it at all. It wants not freedom, but love and respect.

It not suppression of desires for fear to mess up. With such fear not the sensibleness, but a deaf depression with alienation from life comes. But more simply there is no place to confuse them. The sensibleness is an inclusiveness and detection of in this moment of life.

In fact quite so there is also a sincere growing. At first we leave children's fantastic dreams, we cease to believe in Father Frost and the baba-yaga. We plunge into serious tales for adults of successful, happy life, family and career. In passing we like tales of advanced and it is high - spiritual, special heroes. If carries, we find out that spiritual illusions hardly easier wordly, and we begin, literally from hopelessness, to notice what really, in general, is created here and now.

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And all the same at this stage detection of the absorption in a dream are farther to come is almost unreal. And it is absolutely normal. Experiences about it - the next drama scene.

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