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Published: 15.8.2017
beautiful places of Chelyabinsk region: sights of Troitsk and dr season of 2019

The repertoire of the Chelyabinsk theater is made by treasuries of the world ballet and the opera.

South Ural & #8212; the place for winter holidays is wonderful. Read here where still to go in Russia at winter.

The Urals is called not without reason the Ridge of Russia. The local numerous plants and factories long since worked for prosperity and development of our country. But except the developed industry the Urals are rich also in touristic sites, many of which will not leave indifferent travelers, for example, to a sight of Chelyabinsk region.

One of the main attractions of area is located in the South, near border with Kazakhstan. It is about the well-known Arkaim - the ancient settlement which age exceeds 4 thousand years.

Tells Kaslinsky historical art museum which exposition first of all is devoted to products of the kaslinsky plant about history and achievements of this type of art trade. Funds of the museum contain more than 20 thousand models of casting, many of which are of high art value.

Ridge Nurgush is located in the south of the Ural Mountains in the western part of the area in the territory of the Satka district. In the territory of the ridge the highest point of Chelyabinsk region - the mountain Big Nurgush more than 1400 meters high above sea level is located.

Also in Kaslyakh it is possible to admire majestic Ascension Cathedral or to visit the Winter garden with more than 150 samples of plants.

The Chelyabinsk opera and ballet theater of Glinka is considered the best in the Ural region. In staff of theater graduates of the art schools, best in Russia, are brought together.

Contents: Sights of Chelyabinsk region & #8212; a photo with the description Chelyabinsk Troitsk Ozyorsk Asha Kasli Kyshtym Interesting places of other cities Beautiful natural wealth Mountain systems of the Lake What else to look at? In the winter With children

The water tower located on Gagarin Street was built in 1927. Despite a year of construction, in its shape there is no influence of constructivism which was the main style of an era.

Except above-mentioned places, in other cities of Chelyabinsk region also is what to look at. In the well-known Zlatoust it is possible to admire products of the local weapon factory releasing the engraved cold weapon.

Now the estate is in an unsatisfactory state, its reconstruction is planned.

The town of Kasli in the north of Chelyabinsk region is well-known, first of all, for the art casting from cast iron about which glory goes not only across Russia, but also over other countries.

Especially desperate tourists prefer to move over the country a self-locking device. You will find important recommendations about such travel here.

Also villages of area, especially such as Fershampenuaz and Paris in which there is a copy of the Parisian Eiffel Tower are interesting. Inhabitants of villages is the ethnographic group of Cossacks-nagaybakov, and villages received the names after Patriotic war of 1812 during which nagaybak played a significant role.

Magnitogorsk will please the city of metallurgists with the ensemble of Stalin architecture, and in Miass the main attraction is the Park of huge figures against the background of which it will want to be photographed to any traveler.

The city located in the West of Chelyabinsk region is considered "gate of the Urals" and attracts tourists with primitive beauty of the nature.

The appearance the tower reminds castle donzhona thanks to lancet windows and peaked pinnacles. The author of a tower is the architect Sanzharevsky, and it is possible to call its architectural style style of early postmodernism. This only building of this architectural current in Russia.

Chelyabinsk region - one of the most inhabited in Russia, lives here more than 3,5 million people from whom most part citizens.

Popular countries

The strengthened settlement of ancient residents of the so-called "Country of the cities" differs in surprising safety and historical integrity. Arkaim is considered one of hypothetical ancestral homes of Aryans and is an object of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

It should be noted also the Solar Valley center in the territory of the Ilmen reserve and Eurasia ski center in Kusinsky district of area.

The city of Ozyorsk became history first of all thanks to the accident which happened here in 1957 occurred at the Mayak production association which entailed emission of radioactive waste. By our time all consequences of this accident are eliminated, and the city is the closed administrative-territorial education and is inaccessible for visit without special permission.

Nurgush has extremely romantic name - in translation from Bashkir this word is meant by "the shining bird". Conquest of the mountain Big Nurgush extremely popularly among tourists, and the most beautiful top of the ridge - the mountain the Lock on which rise is much more difficult is of huge interest to fans of exotic.

Because the main development of Chelyabinsk fell on years of war and post-war years, the city became one of reserves of Stalin architecture. The powerful ensemble of a Stalin empire style in the downtown creates the atmosphere of the ideal Soviet city and will please judges of architecture.

The small town in the north of Chelyabinsk region carries the proud name "Small Switzerland". Received such name Kyshtym thanks to the picturesque nature: the city is surrounded with low hills, numerous lakes, the rivers and springs.

The art gallery of Chelyabinsk is recognized as one of the best in Russia. The exposition of the museum is presented by more than 11 thousand models of painting, an iconography, ancient books and wooden sculptures.

Except already listed Adzhigardaka and Minyara in Ashinsky district, in the winter the Mountain Fidget ski resort near Kyshtym enjoys wide popularity.

South Ural in the territory of which Chelyabinsk region is located is considered one of the most beautiful places in Russia.

The largest temple of Chelyabinsk, Sacred Trinity Church, was built at the beginning of the 20th century on the project of the architect P. Sarayev. The cathedral strikes the frescos executed in vasnetsovsky style, and the particles of relics of Seraphim of Sarov, Andrew the First-Called and the healer Panteleymon which are stored here belong to the main relics of the temple.

In Chelyabinsk region more than 3700 lakes are located, many of which strike with the beauty and purity of water. It is possible to tell that Chelyabinsk region is the real lake-land.

Kirov Street is a pedestrian artery in the downtown and, naturally, has the surname "Chelyabinsk Arbat". The classical pedestrian street of the large city offers a typical set of entertainments: numerous cafes and shops, sculptural compositions and street musicians. Here always populously and never happens boringly.

If you think where to move to live in Russia, Chelyabinsk region & #8212; great option. Here and housing is cheaper and the nature of South Ural is fine. Read in our article where still to arrive on a permanent residence in the Russian Federation.

At a trip to Chelyabinsk region with children of the least travelers for certain will interest the Chelyabinsk zoo in which more than 100 animal species and also huskies centers Akvilon located in the settlement the Southern Chelyabinsk mine live. In this ethnic center it is possible to drive on dogsleds and to get acquainted with the culture of the northern people of Russia.

Here more than 30 large and small cities most of which part is interesting by the sights are located.

The Adzhigardak complex is located on the mountain of the same name. There are ski slopes as for beginners, and the route for professional mountain skiers. Also to services of tourists a snowboard the park, the route for cross-country skis and numerous entertainment complexes and hotels are presented.

It is possible to get to some parts of the city district of Ozyorsk without admissions, here the sights, most interesting to tourists, are wild beaches on the lake Irtyash.

As Chelyabinsk region is the territory of the Urals, the mountainous terrain of the West of the area differs in picturesqueness and attracts a great number of tourists.

You watch the video about what Tagangai is unusual:

The highest point of Taganaya is Mount Kruglitsa, height of this top is 1178 meters.

About a memorable stay on lakes of Chelyabinsk region read in our article.

The ancient merchant city in the south of Chelyabinsk region in the 17-19th centuries was the main center of trade between the Russian Empire and the states of Central Asia. Through Troitsk there passed one of branches of the Great Silk way connecting Europe to the countries of Central Asia and China. The Troitsk fair in the 19th century was the third largest after Nizhny Novgorod and Irbit.

South Ural in the territory of which Chelyabinsk region is located is edge of the surprising nature, the center of ancient crafts and one of the cultural centers of Russia.

Ashinsky district is main "tourist mecca" of area because of two alpine skiing complexes located here: Adzhigardaka and Minyara.

One of the largest cities of the country with the population almost in 1 million 200 thousand people entered the Russian folklore as the city of the plants and severe locals long ago. But despite these stereotypes, Chelyabinsk can surprise the most skilled tourist. Here is what to look at and what to be surprised to.

Chelyabinsk region - one of the centers of alpine skiing rest in Russia. Here at least 20 ski centers, each of which with pleasure of signs of fans of this sport are located.

It is possible to organize a tour across the Russian cities on the car, including to Chelyabinsk region. Read in this article councils about a long trip for the Russian Federation.

Also on the lake there take place sailing races, and fishing on Irtyashe is considered one of the best in area.

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