Novelty: training at Nikolay Mrochkovsky

training at Nikolay Mrochkovsky

Useful and urgent information for you!

Why I am so sure by

of it?

Almost a year ago, in February, 2011, I was trained by Nikolay Mrochkovsky on his training "Fast money in the Internet".

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the Make-up of the fairy for Halloween, technology of creation for different hair color, a novelty

make-up of the fairy for Halloween, technology of creation for different hair color

What is it I do not nothing I can understand Halloween today and today I visited your website it is the website I not what masks beautiful found!!!

The make-up of the fairy will ideally fit into an image of the ginger devil and also sexy brown-haired women.

On Halloween as at the fairy each girl can make a make-up to herself. It will approach both fair-haired, and dark, and by itself, will smartly look on red and brown-haired women. When drawing a make-up it is independently necessary to work step by step not to miss important points.

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the Visa to Russians in 2019, the most readable

Malaysia: the visa to Russians in 2019

In comparison with her Asian neighbors Malaysia wins on the level of service, technological progress and orientation on the European device of life. The Russian tourists also do not avoid this route, and therefore we will understand whether the visa in 2019 is necessary to Malaysia quietly to enjoy tropical beaches.

the Guaranteed denial of entry the women who are on the sixth month of pregnancy can receive

(except for commission of transit by them), and those who have no stamp about departure from the country.

The second way & #8211; this appeal to the Migration center. The visa to Malaysia can be prolonged only up to the expiration of its validity period. Do it, however, local authorities not really willingly and only if consider your reasons to remain quite convincing. Chances to prolong a stamp in such a way at you only one. After that it is necessary to leave the country.

Keep in mind that. if you delayed the visa, it is necessary to be in the specified center as soon as possible. Each excess day of illegal stay in the country is estimated approximately at 10 dollars. If term exceeds 1 month & #8211; prepare 1 thousand dollars.

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Average cost of tours across the countries, interesting

average cost of tours across the countries

Average cost of tours across the countries & #8212; where tourists and how many they pay for it go. Top-15 the directions for rest: Turkey, Cyprus, Thailand, Tunisia, Russia, India, Greece, UAE, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Cuba, Israel.

the Average cost of a tour on Cuba 127075 of rub

Average cost of a tour to Turkey 65534 of rub. Here five most popular resorts on sales of permits: Alanya, Kemer, Cyd, Marmaris and Bodrum. Average cost of a tour to Alanya of 57280 rub, Kemer 61830 of rub, Cyd of 74352 rub, Marmaris 60645 of rub, Bodrum 67243 of rub

Average cost of a tour to Dominican Republic 135919 of rub. The most popular resort of Punta-Cana where the average cost of a tour is 160504 rub

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Ideal alarm clock, amusing

ideal alarm clock

For the correct work of hours it is necessary to determine falling asleep time, the alarm clock and so-called "window" during which you allow hours to give a signal & #8212; to call or vibrate. So, for example, you put the alarm clock at 7:00 and set a window lasting 30 minutes. It means that the alarm clock will ring out from 6:30 till 7:00 in time, optimum for you.

The watch has come to a standstill:

It should be noted that the Time magazine recognized these hours as the most surprising invention of 2005.

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Popular : an insurance on the child for trip abroad in 2019

insurance on the child for trip abroad in 2019

Obtaining the policy for the child is not the mandatory requirement. But many travelers seek to get it. The insurance on the child for trip abroad will help to avoid a set of various troubles.

at the same time the policy surely joins such options as insurance of civil liability and insurance of cancellation of a trip.

The minor comes back home, accompanied with the employee speaking Russian.

Insurance option - basic. Medical insurance - 35 thousand euros. The sum of insurance upon accidents, at the included option "For All the Time of a Travel", is 1 thousand euros. Insurance of cancellation of a trip - 500 euros, insurance of civil liability ≠- 10 thousand euros.

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From our readers: transit and change in the city

<"is necessary to img src="" title=the visa to Beijing to Russians in 2019: whether transit and change in the city of" width="500" height="332" alt="the visa to Beijing to Russians in 2019 is necessary: transit and change in the city">

Beijing is the capital of People's Republic of China and one of the biggest and polluted cities of the world. Here it is possible to observe as the whole areas the built-up huge skyscrapers, same Chinese "five-storey apartment blocks", the plants, and ancient constructions. China still watchfully treats strangers, however, are always glad to Russians in the country and whenever possible try not to limit in freedom. According to the Chinese legislation, residents practically of all countries of the world (including Russia) are obliged on the territory of Celestial Empire to provide visas and/or diplomatic passports for entrance.

anyone the Russian can Receive the visa to China. Diplomatic passports are issued only to workers on air/sea vessels, to the diplomats accompanying diplomatic missions. It is possible to make out the visa to Celestial Empire as by own efforts (it is necessary to visit surely one of the Chinese consulates for delivery of documents), and through intermediaries who will make the main work for you, but will ask to pay in addition.

The tourist visa to China does not require many documents.

Provided that you decided to be engaged in independent processing of visa to Beijing, you will need to visit independently one of consulates of China for delivery of documents and interviewing with the consul (the last is not always obligatory). The main problem is a geographical location of the visa centers which are distributed over the country unevenly. If you gave all documents, then the consulate will contact you in the nearest future (not later than in 5 days). As a rule, you will be asked to take away the ready visa. Or in case in documents some errors are found, to correct them and again a tax. And also the personal interview with the consul, but it already for longer visas can be required.

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Top, the most interesting


Contrary to delusions, there is a number of the countries with the high standard of living to which each of us can move. This is not about inaccessible and madly expensive Switzerland, Germany or Norway where it is almost impossible to be fixed and receive the residence permit. But not only in them people can be happy and provided.

it is a lot of

of Work here, the sphere of tourism especially needs shots. Here a huge flow of Russian-speaking tourists, and therefore our compatriots without work will not stay.

It is remarkable that in the Czech Republic education, even the highest - free. Even for visitors.

But not only all over the world it is interesting to travel. In Ukraine there are too cities which strike with the beauty. Learn what cities of Ukraine need to be visited in the winter.

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New heading: how to remove a scale in the natural way

how to remove a scale in the natural way

The scale appears because between teeth and on gums the remains of food which we eat collect. It consists of mineral salts and other waste. At the same time the scale has a rough surface and yellowish color.




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Councils of experts, life hack

how to improve handwriting of the child: councils of experts

You watch that the school student always sat at a table correctly, do not forget about it, and in 3 weeks it will begin to accept the correct pose.

Look at how letters are written: they have an incorrect inclination, they "watch" in different directions, elements of letters - nonparallel, in words an inclination in one, in other party? If it is your case, then the child sits down at couple as it is convenient to it. You teach the school student to sit correctly at a school desk at school or at home.

If you picked up the handle, teach the child correctly her to hold. It lies on the 3rd finger, at the left it is held by a big finger, covers - index. If desired the forefinger can be raised easily - the handle should not fall. Distance from fingers to a core - 2 cm. You should not clamp strongly the handle, bending a forefinger. If your child incorrectly holds the handle, it is possible to buy him a special nozzle which will help to retrain it.

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