Discussion: the basic principles of the doctrine of SP of Pavlov about higher nervous activity

the basic principles of the doctrine of SP of Pavlov about higher nervous activity

For psychology the basic principles which are the cornerstone of I.P. Pavlov's doctrine about higher nervous activity have paramount value. Principles this following.


However in a cerebral cortex carries out not only the analysis, but also synthesis of external irritations. Conditioned reflexes are equally based both on the analysis, and on synthesis. Formation of a conditioned reflex "first of all is the act of synthesis".

Principle of the analysis and synthesis. Organism adaptation to the environment is possible only as a result of exact decomposition and allocation by nervous system of an animal of the difficult irritations influencing it. I.P. Pavlov showed that "complication of communication of an animal organism with the world around, more and more various and more exact adaptation to external circumstances, more perfect equilibration of organisms of the external environment goes in parallel and indissolubly with this all the progressing analizatorna activity of nervous system". At the heart of feelings and perceptions difficult and specific activity of analyzers lies, thus.

Principle of determinism, or causal conditionality, higher nervous activity. I.P. Pavlov considered an animal organism not as closed in itself and in himself finding all necessary for its activity, and in unity from surrounding this organism Wednesday. This Wednesday - a necessary condition of existence of an organism: it naturally defines all activity of an organism in all its complexity and variety. Activity of an organism is strictly natural. This regularity is caused by very exact adaptation of an organism to the outside world. Without such adaptation the animal would cease to exist.

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This kid was born on the 22nd week of pregnancy and survived here video with its vypuskny , is updated

this kid was born on the 22nd week of pregnancy and survived here video with its vypuskny 

5-month-old! 400 grams! It is the best history of summer! 

We very much love our tiny son, and we do not doubt that it is waited by the great future".

Before childbirth mother Mollie spent three weeks in hospital as pregnancy took place very difficult.

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Knives for all occasions from ruike, the most readable

knives for all occasions from ruike

Popular knives are not cheap goods. They are distinguished on materials (quality of used) of which they are made also to finishing. The knives made by masters are more expensive in comparison with those which are delivered serially. Now good but, for example from Ruike, costs from one and a half thousand rubles and for such cost it will serve much longer, than cheap analogs.

The best knives for departure on a picnic: 1. Ruike Trekker Ld42odin from the best options for a trip to the nature. It is capable to perform 19 various functions despite the small size. For creation of a knife the materials from the Swedish stainless steel which are perfectly maintaining difficulties of field use.2 were used. Ruike Criterion Collection L41esli needs to buy the penknife which is carrying out many tasks, the Ruike L41 model precisely will approach. Creators of these goods developed it especially for travelers and fans of backpackings, having contained all necessary tools assembled in the general handle with the main blade.

1. Quality. The cheap knife bought in the market in most cases will serve not so long, than a qualitative knife from Ruike.ru shop. And will obviously not break at any inopportune moment. With more expensive goods its owner will precisely be sure of durability of a handle and firmness of an edge because in characteristic of knives everything that future buyer.2 needs to know is specified. Unique, unique design. Having bought a knife of a specific form in online store the buyer precisely will be sure that one of acquaintances will have no such knife. Exist as well the knives developed by designers. They are issued in limited quantity and are at once bought up by collectors, however the price tag will be not to everyone on a pocket.3. Economy of the budget. Having bought a qualitative good knife for 3 thousand the buyer already saves, in the next years it will not need to go to shop again and to choose replacement broken what you will not tell about purchase of a cheap knife.4. Guarantee. Together with a qualitative knife the buyer will have an opportunity at breakage to hand over a knife back in shop and or to get the refund, or to exchange for a knife with the same sum in shop. The main thing not to forget to leave the warranty card if such case nevertheless comes.

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Writers and cats, new on the website

inspiration hunters: writers and cats

Since ancient times people unmistakably addressed for inspiration our relatives. Different forms had relations with some of animals, but as a result turned into a vicious circle: from worship to domestication, and then back to worship. The dog, though deserves glorification thanks to the tireless loyalty and keenness to people, somewhat lost fight for worship - more than possibly, because of these lines. The cat, aloof and incognizable, inexplicable force wakes up feeling of attachment in the person. It is no wonder that many creations of the person are obliged to this wild muse: playing occasionally with a moving cap of the handle, she helped the writer's feather to move surely after a thought.

From Iosif Brodsky's memoirs the reader learns that at the dacha at Anna Akhmatova, the close girlfriend of the poet, there lived very violent red cat known as Gluck about whom Akhmatova said: "Well, you know, this is not a cat, it the whole one and a half cats any more". And here is how Brodsky remembers fluffy: "Opens old, шуршаща¤… the door and because of it looks out fluffy прелесть… notable cat, to all cats кот…". Somehow Akhmatova noticed similarity of this red cat with Brodsky and the poet admitted that if somebody he also wants to become in future life, just a cat - moustached and having a tail.

Cover: migato.com.

The writer with humour noted once:

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For attempt at bribery in 100 rubles is sentenced to 3 years of a high security, the most interesting

<"for attempt at bribery in 100 rubles is sentenced by img src="http://photo-rai.ru/pics/316688ijlqlf311e2.jpg" title=to 3 years of a high security of" width="500" height="420" alt="for attempt at bribery in 100 rubles sentenced to 3 years of a high security">

The Gusinoozersky city court considered criminal case on Sydenov's charge of commission of the crime provided by Part 3 of Article 30 - Part 3 of Article 291 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - attempt at bribery to the official personally for commission of obviously illegal inaction which is not finished on circumstances, independent of this person.

The court found previously convicted Sydenov guilty of commission of crime and imposed sentence in the form of 3 years of imprisonment with a penalty at a rate of the thirtyfold sum of a bribe - 3 000 rubles with serving sentence in corrective colony of strict regime.

The resident of Buryatia Vyacheslav Sydenov will spend three years in corrective colony of strict regime for attempt to bribe the police officer of 100 rubles.

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Novelty: training at Nikolay Mrochkovsky

training at Nikolay Mrochkovsky

Useful and urgent information for you!

Why I am so sure by

of it?

Almost a year ago, in February, 2011, I was trained by Nikolay Mrochkovsky on his training "Fast money in the Internet".

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the Make-up of the fairy for Halloween, technology of creation for different hair color, a novelty

make-up of the fairy for Halloween, technology of creation for different hair color

What is it I do not nothing I can understand Halloween today and today I visited your website it is the website I not what masks beautiful found!!!

The make-up of the fairy will ideally fit into an image of the ginger devil and also sexy brown-haired women.

On Halloween as at the fairy each girl can make a make-up to herself. It will approach both fair-haired, and dark, and by itself, will smartly look on red and brown-haired women. When drawing a make-up it is independently necessary to work step by step not to miss important points.

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the Visa to Russians in 2019, the most readable

Malaysia: the visa to Russians in 2019

In comparison with her Asian neighbors Malaysia wins on the level of service, technological progress and orientation on the European device of life. The Russian tourists also do not avoid this route, and therefore we will understand whether the visa in 2019 is necessary to Malaysia quietly to enjoy tropical beaches.

the Guaranteed denial of entry the women who are on the sixth month of pregnancy can receive

(except for commission of transit by them), and those who have no stamp about departure from the country.

The second way & #8211; this appeal to the Migration center. The visa to Malaysia can be prolonged only up to the expiration of its validity period. Do it, however, local authorities not really willingly and only if consider your reasons to remain quite convincing. Chances to prolong a stamp in such a way at you only one. After that it is necessary to leave the country.

Keep in mind that. if you delayed the visa, it is necessary to be in the specified center as soon as possible. Each excess day of illegal stay in the country is estimated approximately at 10 dollars. If term exceeds 1 month & #8211; prepare 1 thousand dollars.

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Average cost of tours across the countries, interesting

average cost of tours across the countries

Average cost of tours across the countries & #8212; where tourists and how many they pay for it go. Top-15 the directions for rest: Turkey, Cyprus, Thailand, Tunisia, Russia, India, Greece, UAE, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Cuba, Israel.

the Average cost of a tour on Cuba 127075 of rub

Average cost of a tour to Turkey 65534 of rub. Here five most popular resorts on sales of permits: Alanya, Kemer, Cyd, Marmaris and Bodrum. Average cost of a tour to Alanya of 57280 rub, Kemer 61830 of rub, Cyd of 74352 rub, Marmaris 60645 of rub, Bodrum 67243 of rub

Average cost of a tour to Dominican Republic 135919 of rub. The most popular resort of Punta-Cana where the average cost of a tour is 160504 rub

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Ideal alarm clock, amusing

ideal alarm clock

For the correct work of hours it is necessary to determine falling asleep time, the alarm clock and so-called "window" during which you allow hours to give a signal & #8212; to call or vibrate. So, for example, you put the alarm clock at 7:00 and set a window lasting 30 minutes. It means that the alarm clock will ring out from 6:30 till 7:00 in time, optimum for you.

The watch has come to a standstill:

It should be noted that the Time magazine recognized these hours as the most surprising invention of 2005.

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