What is a consular and service charge, features in 2019, amusing

what is a consular and service charge, features in 2019

For entry into many foreign states citizens of the Russian Federation need to get special permissions - visas. They differ on the action duration, the number of the allowed entrances and, mainly, the purposes of visits. But whatever type of the visa had to be requested, all of them assume payment. The so-called visa fee is the sum of the fixed size which needs to be extinguished in order that the consulate accepted the application for execution of the document.

K to them belong:

The cost of duty is determined by the state which interests are represented by consular service. The sum always is fixed, but at the same time it can be changed without prevention according to the decision of the government.

Some countries provide the whole price list with gradation of the prices which depend on type of the visa, duration of its action and also on age of the applicant.

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At requests of readers: every day I become more living and happy and I do not seek to be ideal

every day do not seek to be I become more living and happy and I do not seek to be ideal

On learning to accept yourself such what you are, and not to seek to be ideal a lot of time can leave. It is quite long way.

Happiness as if the kaleidoscope, consists of a set of pieces, the moments which we endure day by day. Depends on our relation to life whether we perceive it as a gift or as punishment.

Humanity and ability to experience emotions distinguish us from animals.

In our today's article we invite you a little to reflect on it together with us.

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At requests of readers: morgan stanley refused purchase of the St. Petersburg shopping mall the Nevsky center from

Morgan Stanley refused purchase of the St. Petersburg shopping mall the Nevsky center from

The Morgan Stanley fund refused to buy Nevsky Center shopping Mall belonging to the Finnish Stockmann in St. Petersburg. The decision from the transaction to leave made because of new American sanctions against Russia, Vedomosti with reference to own sources writes.

the Nevsky Center Mall is open for

after reconstruction in 2010, its total area - 103 thousand sq.m. Invested 170 million euros in reconstruction of Stockmann Group, Kommersant writes.

At the same time, according to a part of sources of Vedomosti, the decision on an exit from the transaction is made still a month ago, that is to the announcement of new sanctions, and he was influenced by the general deterioration in the relations between the countries.

About refusal of purchase the edition was reported by two partners of the company and two consultants working with an object. One more interlocutor of the edition claims that negotiations formally continue, but closing of the transaction "is extremely improbable".

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the Most interesting: Urgant Andrey

urgant Andrey

Andrey was born in actor's family. The father Lev Milinder and mother Nina got married when both worked on distribution in the Yaroslavl theater. Parents together lived not for long, after the divorce Andrey remained with mother who already returned by then to Leningrad and was very demanded in theater of Lenin Komsomol (nowadays Theatre the Baltic house) the actress. The three-year-old child Nina Nikolaevna it is forced arranged in the round-the-clock boarding school near Peterhof where it was brought up up to six years. The actor remembers this heavy time in the life with disgust. In school days Andrey was engaged in javelin throw and rowing on a canoe and also often was behind the scenes of mother's theater. It also came for vacation to Moscow to the girlfriend of mother Iye Savvinoy who allowed the teenager to read any self-published books forbidden during that time.

the First wife of the actor. In this marriage the famous son Ivan Urgant was born everything today, In second marriage with the actress and the poetess Alyona Svintsova at Andrey the daughter Maria (together with mother lives in Holland) was born. The actor had the third civil marriage with Vera Yatsevich. At present Urgant Sr. consists in a civil marriage with Elena Romanova who is younger than the actor for 30 years. The young wife is in combination his administrator. Andrey has four grandsons. From Ivan of the girl - Nina and Valeria. From Maria boys - Emir and Gabriel. Andrey admitted more than once that not against to receive the successor and from the present spouse Elena.

Interludes, the created two Andreyami - Urgant and Maksimkov were very popular on TV of the 90th. The whole decade the actor kept the author's program "Meetings on Moss" on Channel Five. As Andrey the great culinary specialist, Makarevich invited him to conduct "Relish" on Channel One as wanted to replace with it itself. But Urgant Sr. did not want to move because of it to Moscow. And then Makarevich stopped the choice on Urgant Jr. The actor works at television and today. At film he acts in since 1983, its filmography contains more than 50 roles. The best, also the actor so considers, there was a role of the Russian emigrant musician in a phantasmagoric picture Yury Mamin "A window to Paris" of 1993. Also he is proud of a role of the compere Georges Bengalsky in the mystical drama by Vladimir Bortko "Master and Margarita" 2005.

The third husband of mother ballet master Kirill Laskari acquainted the teenager with the best samples of the world literature, music and theater. He in general had a great creative influence on Andrey, developed his natural sense of humour. After obtaining the school-leaving certificate Urgant, without deliberating, went to go to the theatrical university. At the Leningrad institute of theater, music and cinematography the student proved almost at once as the talented comedy actor. He was the real star of skits. Urgant's performances also enjoyed improbable popularity not only among inhabitants of higher education institution, but also beyond its limits. Having gained the diploma of the actor, Andrey Lvovich worked two years on the stage of theater of V.F. Komissarzhevskaya, and then was invited in St. Petersburg Lenkom Theatre from which his mother Nina Urgant started a career. According to the actor, he never got serious roles, directors always operated his comedy gift in performances. Yes, he both did not resist, and continued to be engaged in skits in theater. During reorganization and in the 90th Urgant created in St. Petersburg "Actor's night club" where the creative intellectuals hung out. He was invited also willingly to conduct various actions as large, like "Golden Ostap", and not really - weddings, office parties, birthdays. It acquainted with work also the son Ivan over time. Andrey Urgant also worked hard at television of St. Petersburg.

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Is updated: nests, tubules

the pasta stuffed with forcemeat and cheese in an oven: nests, tubules

There are certain types of pasta which differ in the large size that allows to stuff them with different stuffings. Mincemeat thanks to which full-fledged nourishing and very tasty dish turns out is most often used. It can be prepared not only for family dinners, but also to give on a holiday table.

Cream does to

a dish gentle, air and very tasty. Large shells will be used in this recipe. If desired you can replace with any other sauce. The prepared ingredients will be enough for 4 portions.

We are sure that whatever recipe you chose, the result will not disappoint. Diversify a habitual diet with a tasty and original dish.

We suggest to consider the option intended for the crock-pot. Many hostesses, having such equipment of the house, all as process becomes simpler prefer to do in it.

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If the man is not solved on creation of family and does not call in marriage, secrets

if the man does not decide on creation of family and does not call in marriage

Loneliness in the relations. Desire to receive is more. Self-deception. The notions of compulsion and senseless expectation of what will not occur. What to do if the man does not decide on creation of family and does not call in marriage? The answer to this question will be given by female Women’ portal; s Time, having taken advice of the practicing psychologist Santosh Tumadin.

of the Woman which consist in the relations long amount of time, but not received offers to marry the elect, quite often think and in what actually the reason?

Read detailed examples of different situations and step-by-step study of inquiry. Personal psychologist & #8211; individual work

The first this convenience and freedom. The man does not wish to connect himself by obligations, he wants to leave the freedom that at any moment could leave quietly. The fact that the man does not see in you the wife and mother of the future children is the second reason. To him can be pleasant to spend time with you, to have a rest together, but he will not subscribe for any serious acts and the joint future. He will not even want to acquaint you with the parents and friends because will not see in it sense.

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the Average salary of the housemaid and maid in Moscow and other cities of Russia in 2019, updating

the average salary of the housemaid and maid in Moscow and other cities of Russia in 2019

Maids or housemaids, as well as nurses, - some of the most popular vacancies at labor exchange, in recruitment agencies, the websites devoted to job search. Housemaids are employed not only in houses and apartments, but also in hospitals, offices of the companies, restaurants, cafe, bakeries.

For work in hospitals or the medical centers of the applicant are obliged to possess secondary medical education. To get a job in hotel or hotel, it is necessary to own bases of hotel management.

We suggest to study also video about demand of housemaids in Kuban:

In hospitals of the nurse are obliged to watch purity of patients, to utilize their waste, to remove chambers and offices.

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the Exit from financial crisis, popular

exit from financial crisis

The other day the dollar showed the unpredictable character again and unnerved strongly owners of rubles.

is more detailed than


Therefore to protect itself from painful consequences of crisis I recommend to you to create a stock of cash in advance and to constantly create new sources of income.

Only one can give you confidence in tomorrow is a presence at you of several (optimum - several tens) various sources of income.

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Is updated: reindeer breeders will keep up with ecology in the tundra now

reindeer breeders will keep up with ecology in the tundra now

The prosecutor's office of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, association "Yamal - to Descendants!" and the Union of reindeer breeders signed the document on interaction.

Alexander Gerasimenko & #8212; prosecutor of YaNAO: "Even it is elementary to take any phone which it is possible to photograph these violations, almost all have GPS navigators to note a point where these violations were allowed. And we appeal to you that you carried out work in the public organizations and directed the relevant information to us".

The prosecutor of Yamal Alexander Gerasimenko decided to involve all tundrovik in control of activity of the energy industry enterprises. Now each reindeer breeder can personally report about the facts of violation of environmental safety and negligent attitude of subsoil users to the environment. This agreement was signed within realization of an order of the President of Russia on preservation of the Arctic territories.

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Kot sat down on a hedgehog ridiculous reaction of a cat will force you to burst with laughter, secrets

the cat of villages on a hedgehog ridiculous reaction of a cat will force you to burst with laughter

Some people who love something unusual get non-standard pets. So unusual that you wonder. Only look who lodged in this house.

Surely watch this ridiculous video and share it with friends!

Under the same roof the remarkable hedgehog and a fluffy cat get on. Probably, owners not especially worried as these animals will communicate. Owing to the sharp prickles, the hedgehog can cause aggression in a cat.

As ridiculously to watch it, precisely it to be pleasant to you and you will laugh! It would be desirable to observe their relations in real life. Probably, owners hardly restrained not to burst with laughter.

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