Novelty: poured Richter

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& #8220; Trainer, nutritionist, psychologist, фитнес-модель… Speak About such girls & #8220; member of the Komsomol, sportswoman, clear head and simply красавица” & #8230; And if still see how she drives on мотоцикле… & #8221;

was So written about me by the known Internet portal, but nevertheless not many people know, about what difficult way had to be passed, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.

In today's article I want to tell about myself. I am a prize-winner of competitions in Thai boxing, powerlifting, the specialist in women's self-defense, the torchbearer of the Olympic Games Sochi 2014 and the expert in the field of fitness. Since the childhood was a fragile, painful girl. Why one destiny from the birth gives everything, and another should apply many efforts to correct & #8220; mistakes природы”. My history tells that it is possible to pass a way against the current and contrary to circumstances.

I was born in simple Russian family, the grandfather is a doctor, the grandmother is a teacher, mother is a journalist, at that time when money was found only at businessmen. To make ends meet it turned out, but everything as that hard went, especially in the 90th. Still then my mother went to the first rocking chair filled by self-made dumbbells and bars. Absolutely the baby, I crept among pieces of iron without guessing that I will devote it life in the near future. Later I learned that mother had very difficult delivery (& #8220; кесарево” then did not do). I was born with serious asphyxia and a patrimonial spine injury. Doctors told that at such injuries newborns seldom survive, at best remain disabled people. Fortunately, the disabled person I did not become, but the health was affected. In this regard loadings were forbidden. In youth made me one more diagnosis & #8220; defect сердца”. It was shock for me. It is terrible when in 18 years at you as at the old woman hands shiver, constant tachycardia and short wind. Difficultly it becomes simple to rise by the second floor. And the problems with health I became simply & #8220; заедать” & #8211; ate everything that wanted also without any restrictions. And the I became more fat the worse felt. In 19 years one more blow, doctors reported that possibly I will not be able to have children. At this time I endured very deep and long depression, the world seemed failed before eyes. There are such moments when you wake up and think & #8220; and whether correctly you live? & #8221; Can do everything that fell down me in the childhood only pushes on changes? How to break off this vicious circle of troubles where your health depends on the external and internal making your body and soul. Where doctors being reinsured say: & #8220; нель礔 and there is no self-confidence. At once I understood that only I will be able to help myself, nobody else, only I can correct the course of events and is qualitative change the life. Sport & #8211; it is the first step on the way to perfection. And it is not a figure, and in schooling of to work, discipline and the mode. Our organism quickly enough reacts to changes and also quickly adapts to them. In three months after the beginning of occupations I felt better. Having involved in process, began to experiment, passed school of survival, overcame the fears and internal complexes. The Thai boxing was farther, I seem lost about 8 kg in a month. Three months later stood on a ring against the Prize-winner of Russia and itself became a winner. But any professional sport can bring both advantage and harm. Once at a training I strongly injured a knee, ligaments were torn and this case completely changed my life. I had a dream: & #8220; I always wanted to help люд¤м”. Having taken the long-term credit, moved to the capital and graduated from prestigious college of fitness. Graduated from medical institute, faculty of psychology. Began to study sports medicine. Received several tens of certificates and became the expert of fitness. I never stopped and put even not in character, there was a wish to live, but not to survive! And to impart the knowledge another. At the moment more than one thousand people passed through my hands and this real happiness to bring kindly and an own example to show that life is variable! I passed a long and difficult way which me tempered and I know that it is not the end. To be continued & #8230; your Lili Richter

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Is updated: white Anatoly Aleksandrovich

white Anatoly Aleksandrovich

Real name Weismann.

the First spouse to nobody the unknown actor yet. They got married and lived in marriage of nearly 12 years in spite of the fact that the woman was more senior than the husband for 15 years. Several years prior to tragic death of Golub couple divorced. At Anatole the new romantic relations were entered. But the actor took very hard the death of the first wife who made for him a lot of good. By its recognition, this his heart pain will never cease.

Roofing felt from the early childhood showed virtuosity, loved books and music, but also the exact sciences came to it easily. He devoted to sports occupations much time. Among them there were an acrobatics and fencing in which he achieved considerable results. Study at the Kuibyshev aviation institute where Anatoly arrived after leaving school, at insistance of parents, unexpectedly introduced aspect of creativity in his life. Future programmer of computers mastered playing a guitar, visited folk theater and became one of participants of team of KVN of higher education institution. In three years the young man consciously threw this institute and went in Moscow to come to theatrical. The impressive appearance, a beautiful voice and obvious charisma helped Anatoly to overcome a huge competition and to join ranks of students of Shchepkinsky school. The actor remembers the master of a course Nikolay Afonin and the teacher Lyudmila Novikova with special warmth. After the termination of higher education institution in 1995 White got a job in Theatre of the Russian army to undergo conscription military service. Further the actor cooperated with Theatre him K.S. Stanislavsky and Oleg Menshikov's theater, and since 2003 joined troupe of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre where he played a set of brilliant roles. Among them the master in statement "Master and Margarita". The actor serves in Moscow Art Theatre and today.

Anatoly Bely got to cinema in the 1996th, in a year after obtaining the diploma. From eighty roles played by the actor a half of main. Sometimes he acts in ten film projects a year. Besides, voice of the actor dozens of heroes in movies of Hollywood speak.

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the Built-in ironing board, from our users

built-in ironing board

The first ironing board appeared a little more than 150 years ago and, unfortunately, since then the concept of ironing a little in what changed. Still producers offer the same horizontal surface with a functionality minimum which besides needs to be hidden somewhere.

Agree, turning of a thing on an ironing board takes away precious time, and some producers already thought of turn of a design by 360 degrees. Only look as conveniently it looks!

A bedside table werewolf which with pleasure will accept your neglazheny clothes.

Came, stroked, hid.

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the Most interesting: the reasons firm a calla how to solve the arising problem

of the reason firm a calla how to solve the arising problem

Children's health is very important for parents. Especially relatives show consideration for a condition of babies, constantly analyzing their behavior and mood. At emergence of firm grains in Calais at the baby it seems to parents that the lock is time to treat, but it optional is its sign. Also are not considered as a defecation lock, occurring in 1-2 days or behavior of the baby at an opravleniye - he groans and reddens at regular defecation.

the Last mixes should not be entered into a feeding up to the baby who is often suffering from ponosa - they have the expressed poslablyayushchy action.

Firm the kcal meets at the baby who is on natural feeding seldom. Babies have excrements of average density, often liquid, smell of cottage cheese.

That at kids did not appear firm kcal, and defecation did not become painful, it is necessary to analyze as intestines of the baby react to mix. In certain cases it is enough to dopaivat the child that the chair became softer.

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Rest to Goa, from our readers

rest to Goa

tourism by absolutely new industry. By the way, in India to eat on streets do not advise. It should be noted. To Goa the atmosphere of harmony and a pacification reigns. In Asia always meet and see off with a smile!

Also to Goa it is possible to buy signature sweets, nuts, fruit, cosmetics and Ayurvedic medicines. It is better to get them in the checked shops and in an original packing.

To Goa you will see active volcanoes and rare animals. And as Buddhist monuments are unique! Recently Tibet was visited by Victor Reznikov's daughter & #8212; Anna. There lives to Goa the actress Amalia Mordvinova with children. In general, with children advise to choose the southern Goa. Here the extensive palm grove and the tennis court, pools and mini-clubs are offered services of numerous tourists. The coastal strip in the southern Goa is so wide that it is possible to ride also a bike. And on the beach rescuers always work. Entrance to the sea flat and very convenient.

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to Live in hotel of selenium, a novelty

live in hotel of selenium

In the early Saturday morning we met on the platform of the Kazan station and went to the mountains of Dombai to our improving training "Good luck, live richly".

No related posts.

Welkom! In Dombai we will live in hotel of "Selenium" - ask administration, she well knows our improving groups, there are already a lot of years in a row coming to them.

I on Kazan was at 5:30 today, did not see you 

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at the request of chitaty: work in Oman for Russians in 2019

work in Oman for Russians in 2019

Work in Oman interests many. Long time here nobody went, but now the prospect of work attracts people more and more. And it is deserved: the country is located in the neighbourhood with such oil tycoons as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Also nearby there is Yemen in which unstable political situation.

the State puts on the first place the standard of living of the citizens & #8212; here one of the highest standards of living, favorable ecological situation, high level of compensation of people. Earlier Oman was also one of oil tycoons, as well as his neighbors, but mineral reserves constantly decrease, and the new area of specialization of the state & #8212 appeared; the services industry including tourism and restaurant business. Thereof Oman constantly needs new shots, and natives not only of the Southern Asia, but also from all over the world come to this country with the purpose to construct career with a worthy salary.

But Muslim culture has an effect: women up to 30 years are forbidden to drive to the country alone, it is forbidden to be in public places with open heels, knees and shoulders. Such days of the week as Thursday and Friday, are the days off in Oman.

We advise to look: informative video about Oman.

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Novelty: dairy peeling

dairy peeling

Though this procedure also differs in soft action, at misuse of medicine or non-compliance with the recommendations concerning care of skin before its influence there is a risk of complications. To minimize them before doing a dairy peeling, it is necessary to be convinced of the following:

The house peeling lactic acid will not yield so fast and obvious result as saloon therefore it is necessary to show a little patience: the lasting and noticeable effect will be shown later 2-4 procedures. However even after the first application it will be possible to see changes to the best.

The effect of the procedure, whether it be a dairy peeling in house conditions or at professionals in salon, will be noticeable already from the first that it is confirmed by both numerous responses, and a photo before and after a session. At the same time you will not find any collateral manifestations in the form of reddening, an itch, hypostasis or peelings thanks to what there is no need to take a break in work to be engaged in personal care.

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of 6 guys with which you can appear, suffering from loneliness, discussion

6 guys with whom you can appear, suffering from loneliness

I write it, lying in a bed. I was not in soul though already three hours as came from a training on a krossfita. I sip red wine and chips from huge packing on a sale. I switched-off phone an hour ago not to check each 5 minutes whether that guy who is pleasant to me answered me.

When some relations come to an end with

, it is easy to look at previous and to wonder and what then did not turn out? Self-deception or mere curiosity can do it, but it seems logical as soon as you appear one again. And if both of you without the relations, then why not to try again? It is convenient. It is cheerful. It is your opportunity to check already for certain whether you are fated to be together.

He will speak to you what you special, but he will never make you the girl. He monopolizes your free time that you with anybody another did not see off it, but he will never make you the proposal. You will never meet his friends or family so do not even try. It completely controls the relations because you it allow it. He is charming, witty and convincing.

He will make everything that you fell in love with it for the short period of time. He will make your favourite dinner, to buy your favourite flowers, to give you compliments. It will be necessary to fall in love with him. But then, once, suddenly he will cease to talk to you. He will find some silly justification it seems & #171; he is not ready to отношени¤м» yet; or & #171; you really are pleasant to it, and its it пугает».

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New on the website: rules of transportation and packing

transportation of the bicycle on the plane in 2019: rules of transportation and packing

Now many airlines transportation of bicycles as baggage practices. So, Aeroflot did not remain away from this service and allows to transport two-wheeled transport onboard the planes. And also it is possible to make it also on flights S7.

At a bag dense waterproof walls, big spaciousness. It is possible to transport the sports highway cycle bike. Several pockets are provided in boxing.

Practically all companies demand that the bicycle was transported with flat tires. In general, if all these requirements are fulfilled, then also the cover is not required, it is enough to wrap the bicycle in polyethylene.

To place the cycle bike in a cover, it is necessary to remove wheels. And here it is important to know whether the similar bag on that in it the bicycle with one removed wheel or with two was located is calculated. There are also separate covers for wheels and for a frame.

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