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Published: 29.8.2018
white Anatoly Aleksandrovich

Real name Weismann.

the First spouse to nobody the unknown actor yet. They got married and lived in marriage of nearly 12 years in spite of the fact that the woman was more senior than the husband for 15 years. Several years prior to tragic death of Golub couple divorced. At Anatole the new romantic relations were entered. But the actor took very hard the death of the first wife who made for him a lot of good. By its recognition, this his heart pain will never cease.

Roofing felt from the early childhood showed virtuosity, loved books and music, but also the exact sciences came to it easily. He devoted to sports occupations much time. Among them there were an acrobatics and fencing in which he achieved considerable results. Study at the Kuibyshev aviation institute where Anatoly arrived after leaving school, at insistance of parents, unexpectedly introduced aspect of creativity in his life. Future programmer of computers mastered playing a guitar, visited folk theater and became one of participants of team of KVN of higher education institution. In three years the young man consciously threw this institute and went in Moscow to come to theatrical. The impressive appearance, a beautiful voice and obvious charisma helped Anatoly to overcome a huge competition and to join ranks of students of Shchepkinsky school. The actor remembers the master of a course Nikolay Afonin and the teacher Lyudmila Novikova with special warmth. After the termination of higher education institution in 1995 White got a job in Theatre of the Russian army to undergo conscription military service. Further the actor cooperated with Theatre him K.S. Stanislavsky and Oleg Menshikov's theater, and since 2003 joined troupe of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre where he played a set of brilliant roles. Among them the master in statement "Master and Margarita". The actor serves in Moscow Art Theatre and today.

Anatoly Bely got to cinema in the 1996th, in a year after obtaining the diploma. From eighty roles played by the actor a half of main. Sometimes he acts in ten film projects a year. Besides, voice of the actor dozens of heroes in movies of Hollywood speak.

Since 2005 the actor lives with the actress more young than for seven years Inessa Moskvicheva. Their acquaintance happened on shootings of the picture "Yarik". Celebrated a wedding of steam only in the 2013th. By this time in family already was three children: Maxims (2007.), Victoria (2010) and Ekaterina (1998) from first marriage of Inessa.

Anatoly's parents were participants of construction of the Volga Automobile Plant and lived in Togliatti. The boy at them was born in the holiday period in Ukraine.


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