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Published: 23.8.2018
rest to Goa

tourism by absolutely new industry. By the way, in India to eat on streets do not advise. It should be noted. To Goa the atmosphere of harmony and a pacification reigns. In Asia always meet and see off with a smile!

Also to Goa it is possible to buy signature sweets, nuts, fruit, cosmetics and Ayurvedic medicines. It is better to get them in the checked shops and in an original packing.

To Goa you will see active volcanoes and rare animals. And as Buddhist monuments are unique! Recently Tibet was visited by Victor Reznikov's daughter & #8212; Anna. There lives to Goa the actress Amalia Mordvinova with children. In general, with children advise to choose the southern Goa. Here the extensive palm grove and the tennis court, pools and mini-clubs are offered services of numerous tourists. The coastal strip in the southern Goa is so wide that it is possible to ride also a bike. And on the beach rescuers always work. Entrance to the sea flat and very convenient.

Besides, Goa & #8212; it is the real paradise on the earth, the improbable nature, low prices and the hospitable attitude towards guests regardless of their nationality.

It is possible to visit an excursion across old Goa. Here it is possible to visit several Indian temples built in honor of the Indian deities. Tourists prefer to visit the cathedral Saint of Katerina, the Gold bell is especially remarkable in it. Architectural and historical heritage is also Francis of Assisi's church. By the way, Jesus's basilica still is the place of a pilgrimage of Catholics from around the world. There are Saint Francis Xavier's relics.

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Goa is called the main Indian resort, and it is not similar to other territory of the country at all. The main advantages of the southern part of Goa call the highest service, silence, golden sand of beaches. Goa & #8212; the place for those who dream to stay alone with darling or with themselves. Here it is possible to meditate perfectly.

Comfortable weather to Goa steadily keeps during a high season & #8212; the period from October to May. In the afternoon the thermometer seldom shows less than 33 degrees of heat, at night & #8212; keeps on mark +23-25. In water too warmly & #8212; about 27-29 degrees. From June to September to Goa & #8212; a rainy season therefore the flow of tourists considerably decreases.

Some features of rest in India

Magic rest to Goa & #8212; this pleasure at ocean coasts, quiet pastime on the cleanest beaches, numerous excursions and walks on the local markets. Here the special atmosphere attracting travelers therefore, having visited Goa once reigns, it will want to repeat this fascinating adventure again and again.

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To return empty-handed, having visited Goa, to turn out hardly, shopping in this popular Indian resort is well developed. Tourists most often buy:

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And still it is possible to drive on the boat on the small river Mandovi. The excursion will reveal secrets of culture of India by means of dances. On a small clearing tourists can observe a fabulous dancing show. Still, India is the homeland of Bollywood. Who did not watch incendiary Indian film in the childhood! You learn about classical Indian dances. It is curious that dances alternate with game elements.


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