Is curious: stuffings for pancakes

Published: 15.1.2019
stuffings for pancakes

To make pancakes, it is necessary to spend many forces. But with each baked pancake the mood uncontrollably is lightened: this that dish which very few people are able to refuse.

With these stuffings thin pancakes will be especially tasty! We offer you 11 variations of the dish adored by all. Surely try a nut stuffing if this magic taste is not opened тобой… yet;

Stuffings for pancakes

It is possible to water pancakes with the kindled chocolate. Not less tasty they will turn out if to cut bananas small pieces, but not to mix in puree.

Enjoy sincerely these tasty variations of pancakes! Tell in comments what stuffing is preferred by you.

Boil broccoli within 2 minutes, sort on inflorescences and wrap pancakes, having put inside cabbage and cheese sauce. Broccoli can replace with vegetable marrows, spinach, such pancakes even with lettuce leaves will be magnificent! A stuffing with lososemsmazh pancakes soft cream cheese, from above place a slice of light-salted red fish. Powder fish with chopped greens, wrap pancakes. Despite simplicity of this recipe, it is deservedly possible to call it royal. Cottage cheese nachinkazaly 50 g of raisin boiled water. Mix 500 g of cottage cheese with 1 yolk and 2 tablespoons of sugar. It is possible to add a little vanilla if you love its unique taste and aroma. Nut nachinkasmeshay 500 ml of milk, 120 g of sugar, 100 g of ground walnuts and 1 tablespoon of flour. It is possible to prepare a stuffing from mix of nutlets, having added a filbert, almonds and peanut to walnuts.

Thanks, I will try.

The mushroom stuffing with gentle sour cream sauce will turn out! The curtailed pancakes can be powdered with grated hard cheese. We recommend to give hot. Chicken nachinkaotvar of 500 g of chicken breast also crush it in the blender together with small chopped fennel. Add 1 crushed garlic glove, 2 polished boiled eggs, 1 tablespoon of sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. Pancakes will be even more tasty if to water them from above with the kindled butter. Cheese nachinkarazogry 150 ml of cream on slow fire. Rub 50 g of parmesan and 50 g of cheddar, cook weight before full solidification.

Cool mix and add to it 100 g of butter, stir the mixer a stuffing. If to add to it 1 tsp of cognac, the taste will become even more expressive! Lemon the nachinkaslivochny cheese with lemon jam sprinkled by several droplets of lemon juice - an unforgettable stuffing for pancakes! To give slightly powdered with icing sugar. Creamy nachinkavzby cream with sugar, vanilla and several drops of lemon juice. The air stuffing for pancakes is ready! Banana nachinkasmeshay mixer of 70 g of butter and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mash a fork 3 bananas, sprinkle them juice of 1 lemon. Mix banana puree with butter, and the stuffing is ready!

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