Discussion: 13 reasons are avocado more often

Published: 23.2.2019
13 reasons are avocado more often

Avocado has improbable amount of nutritious properties, but they are unknown to much. And still there is an opinion that this fruit very high-calorie and because of it it is easy to recover.


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Therefore this oily fruit surely has to be present at a diet of people who care for the figure and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. It contains more than 20 nutrients necessary for a human body for normal work. Among them there are already mentioned cellulose, various vitamins, potassium, etc.

Avocado by all means has to enter your diet!

Consumption of avocado is recommended also to those who adheres to vegetarianism. All thanks to its high nutritional value. This fruit and during the periods of pregnancy and a lactation as it provides a fruit with necessary nutrients will be not less useful and increases nutritional value of milk during breastfeeding.

There is a huge number of opportunities it to make. It is worth showing a little imagination only. It can become one of ingredients for salad, sweet or hot dishes. It can be consumed and just like that, in the raw.

One of the most known dishes on the basis of avocado, undoubtedly, is sauce to a guakamola. This & #171; паста» it is perfectly combined with other snack.

Why it is necessary to eat avocado more often?

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First, avocado helps to control cholesterol level in blood, and thanks to the high content of food fibers or celluloses, it quickly gives feeling of satiety and interferes with emergence of locks. It should be noted also its properties as the natural detoksikant. It & #171; чистит» blood, removing surplus of sugar.

But the advantage of avocado on it does not come to an end. It can be used not only as food product. From it the face pack, excellent on the nutritious properties, and a hair turns out. Avocado humidifies and stimulates cages, promoting restoration of structure of hair and doing skin tightened and elastic.

But in spite of the fact that avocado really contains more calories, than in other fruit (and it is actually fruit, though reminds and by the form and to taste more likely vegetable), its moderate consumption will not lead to emergence of extra kilos. And in today's article we will explain why.

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