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Published: 21.2.2019
favourite books by employees myth

The first book which influenced me is "Crime and punishment" by F. Dostoyevsky. I remember how in the 9th class literally in 2 days read the novel and it was so impressed that decided to undertake studying of literature and the theory of literature thoroughly. As a result in the 11th class won the regional Olympic Games on literature and without examinations entered the university on faculty of philology.

The second book - Eric Burn "Games which people play". This book helped to understand how effectively to communicate with any person that is very important for the PR manager.

Probably if not the book, I would not become a marketing specialist in the MYTH. I got a job in publishing house just because books change lives of people. I do not wait from books of the business ideas for one million dollars, but I know that they sharpen my consciousness and every time I become capable of bigger. It is important what after the book happened to you. Changes - it is invaluable 

I gently love a fantasy. The passion to this genre, as well as many, began with "Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien. It was such period in life when already grew from fairy tales, but there is a strong wish for magic, travel, acquaintances to the new worlds. Professor gave all this to me. After the first reading of "Lord" I was sure that more powerful, comprehensive and switching-off from our reality book cannot be. Within several years after that re-read many our and foreign works, and only hardened in the view.

I chose a four-months course in Berkeley. Long process of receipt, TOEFL and several FedEx was farther (ov). And here in eight months I study marketing in California. Having done all this way and having spent all savings, I was not able to afford to study as the three (I nevertheless not Tinkov) though there was a wish to sleep sometimes.

Count Monte Cristo. Read at the age of about 12 years. At this time so was fond of reading books that mother, being afraid for my sight, did not allow me to read not school books more than 1 hour a day. It was necessary to read to Dumas in the night from a small lamp under a blanket  the Sight, fortunately, did not suffer. This book opened for me that the person absolutely unexpectedly can have in life a lot of grief, but Lyubov can win against everything. And just the book ending shook: "Never forget that, day when the Lord draws aside a future veil before the person will not come yet, all human wisdom will be concluded briefly: To wait and Hope." Here so in 12 years to me the wisdom of life - Belief, Nadezhda, Lyubov opened. Since then I am an incorrigible romantic and the optimist.

Heart was clogged on one paragraph - I learned that Oleg studied several months marketing in Berkeley. In the pit of the stomach drained in when I allowed herself to allow this idea in principle - to go to study marketing to the States. First it seems too daring idea when you have a three-year-old child, you rent apartment, and savings would hardly be enough for the minimum contribution for a mortgage to Moscow area. But Tinkov's history just about "such as all" - it infected me with feeling of boundless opportunities, and I right there stated the idea to the husband who ceased to be sleepy at once and, apparently, was not against that I inquired.

And what books influenced you? Whether there is such which you can safely call "the book changing life"?

I was a well-read teenager with a broad outlook. I found to what still did not meet analogs in "Silmarillion". "Silmarillion" is the Universe, the Bible, the book of life and death of the whole world. How could one person swing so widely? How did he manage to tell much about each people, but to intrigue with it even more? "Silmarillion" for me, as an elfin song, - wise, light and a little sad, to tears sincere and fine. And still it is an opportunity to touch great creation and the Creator, once again to be surprised to force of human mind.

I do not remember how I bought the book by Oleg Tinkov "I such as all". But I remember that I read it greedily in electronic form for two three-hour trips and then very much was surprised in shop when saw what it fat 

Everything changed when I got acquainted in a chat with the sweetest guy with the nickname Ankalagon. An - - - - - - - - I was bewitched by this word. Ankalagon told that his nickname - a name of a great winged dragon of Morgoth from "Sil" of Tolkien. 2000, the modem Internet, time of chats, forums and Yahoo!, and 10 grader Alex, nights reading "Silmarillion" on the infinite HTML sheet. It seemed that my heaven and earth was moved. Turned over more precisely - with each page, the head and a new era in Middle-earth.

I was strongly influenced by books in due time:

From darlings - "Ulysses" of Joyce, "The Chinese research", "Essentialism" and others 

The third book - Victor Frankl "To tell lives "Yes!"" taught that whatever the situation heavy seemed, everything depends on our view of it.

"How to survive among sharks" Harvey Mackay. First, I not bad earned, having applied the ideas of this book. Secondly, it became a standard for selection of our first books at start of publishing house.

Well and of course, a crown phrase from the book - "Everything, What Are You Doing - Marketing!"

"Marketing for 100%" - here history as at many other marketing specialists. Having read the book by Igor Mann understood that marketing is interesting to me, and I want to develop in it (at that time worked absolutely in other area).

One more book - "Magic of Instant Communications". Being an introvert, I was surprised, how the way to heart of other person can be simple.

Working in publishing house we constantly read books. And some from it is possible by the right to call books which change life. Therefore we would like to share with you the favourite literary works.

Since then I re-read Tolkien nearly an every year (only few times passed). And every time I open something new. 15 years passed, and I everything with the same impatience wait for that moment when I read the first phrase and I will roll in its Universe.

"Rework" is the book revolution for me, the book motor. As I waited for it then, even bought the English version though I nevertheless read then the book in Russian from the MYTH. It loaded and inspired me long time, showed that there can be other life and other business.

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