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Published: 5.2.2017
an allergy at dogs: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Our canine friends often suffer from diseases which are characteristic of people. One of such diseases - an allergy. It is more difficult to determine the pathology reason at the pet by a time, than at the person. Its symptoms are similar to many manifestations of other dog illnesses. How it is shown and than the allergy at a dog is treated, you learn, having read this article.

Should process also the habitat of a dog and rooms which she visits. At a chemical allergy exclude a possibility of contact of an animal with the substance which caused reaction.

Leaving consists in use of the ointments and creams eliminating the naggers. And also in care of ears, eyes, wool. When washing wool try to use the most plain dogs shampoo as a part of which there are no chemical additives, extract of oats and other cereals.

Types of this disease at pets:

Except stings and having combed the most struck places, the animal is disturbed:

At all types of this pathology, and especially at food, experts recommend observance of a specific medical diet.

It consists in the use in the first days of a disease of exclusively boiled rice without additives. Then it is possible to enter other products into a diet. At repeated reaction the product is immediately excluded. Clinical nutrition needs to be continued until the allergy at dogs completely is not cured.

Prevention of this disease consists in simple actions which will help to save your favourite from this dangerous disease:

Pathology reasons set. And to define an allergen source very difficult. Veterinarians divide this disease into several types which possess the sources of emergence and pronounced signs.

Pathological reaction can arise at a puppy or an adult individual in case the immune system of an animal is weakened, but tries to fight against invasion of alien bodies. Impassioned reaction of an organism is shown in an itch, rash, dacryagogue, cold.

Except above the listed reasons allergic reaction in your canine friend can be caused: grass and pollen, hair of other animals, presence of a viral infection, helminthic invasion.

Since the birth from the environment bacteria and viruses constantly try to get into a puppy organism.

Can cause an allergy:

It is better to carry out diagnostics in clinic. The veterinarian will estimate an animal condition, will make recommendations about treatment. However there are cases when you can define a cause of illness. Attentively observe an animal, check his integuments for existence of fleas or ticks. Treatment at reaction to parasites consists in liberation of the pet from their presence.

Food allergy disease the most difficult. Often happens that it is very difficult to allocate the product which caused it. And here the help of experts is necessary. Entrust treatment of an animal to well proved clinic or consult at the private veterinarian;

Manifestations of a food form:

Means with broths of herbs will approach. Do not wash the pet with laundry soap and you do not dry the hair dryer. It will only increase his sufferings, will make skin dry and will strengthen the naggers.

The correct treatment of an allergy at an animal is based according to the following scheme:

At little animals usually strong immunity and reaction of an organism to alien cages is not expressed in painful symptoms.

Show consideration for food of a dog. Try to exclude the products causing food allergy. Give preference to natural food; In due time you carry out prevention of helminthic invasions and also infections with ticks and fleas; Avoid application in life of too large amount of chemical detergents. You store them in the place inaccessible for an animal; Do not abuse treatment by antibiotics and inoculations; Bathe the pet as required. For washing try to use natural means; You Watch that your dog did not select food on the street and did not eat from a garbage can. Vitamins, regular walks, motive loadings are useful to strengthening of an organism of a dog. Walk more often and play with the pet. It will help to keep immunity and to avoid an allergy.

The use of these medicines quickly removes disease symptomatology, normalizes a condition of the pet. Apply to treatment of dogs: Klaritin, Suprastin, Tavegil and other medicines. About what medicine approaches in your case better, the veterinarian will tell;

Than the veterinarian decides to treat an allergy at a dog on diagnostics dashing about.

Symptoms of a chemical allergy at dogs:

The pet behaves faded, is uneasy. He has a sickly look.

Any disease it is easier to warn, than to treat. It concerns also diseases of animals.

The dog, as well as all mammals, has the complex immune system. A problem of immunity to protect an animal organism from all organisms and influences, alien and harmful to it.

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