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Published: 11.2.2017
cat and mouse

The world is full of stereotypes, many of which are simply absurd! For example, a stereotype about what friendship between a predator and its victim is impossible. Almost nobody believes in friendship between a cat and a mouse or between a cat and a dog. It seems to me that time to pull down stereotypes came. At least this roller proves the absolutely return. You will not believe the eyes when you see these shots! These the mouse and a cat are the best friends and cannot the friend without friend.

Only look at

as lovely they lie in an embrace. As soon as the cat goes to bed, the mouse climbs to him under a pad and they together fall asleep. What can be lovelier, than it? It is sure, their owners are very surprised to such friendship, but also and are glad. The most surprising that a cat so kind and unperturbable that quietly allows a mouse to make similar. This friendship contrary to laws of the nature! And you managed to observe something similar? Tell about it in the comment!

Enjoy this lovely roller rather and share it with friends!

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