Selection: persistence Steve of a peacock

Published: 11.7.2019
self-discipline: persistence Steve of a peacock

Persistence - the fifth and last basis of self-discipline.

When you work as

on a certain big purpose, your motivation will fluctuate, like the sea waves running on the coast and which are rolling away back. Sometimes you feel the increased desire to work, sometimes not. But not the motivation, but actions results in result. The persistence allows you to continue to work, even when you do not feel motivation, thus accumulating results.

The persistence is an ability to work irrespective of your mood. You pressurize a problem, even when everything wants to be thrown.

The persistence, eventually, will give you motivation. If you persistently act, you by all means receive results, and they very well motivate. For example, your enthusiasm to keep to a diet and to carry out exercises will increase after loss of the first 5 kg when you feel that the former clothes to you became big.


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