Secrets: several rules of self-defense which need to be known

Published: 1.7.2018
several rules of self-defense which need to be known

Blow to a golovoybeyta a head top, do not beat with a forehead. The nose - a point, very sensitive to pressure, if you strike with a sufficient force, the opponent will be disconnected

If you were locked in a luggage carrier, beat out a headlight and put out a hand to draw attention of other drivers.

Be self-assured! Malefactors attack the easy victims. Radiate force, and then you precisely will be in safety.

A charm for self-defense

Fashionable shoes in the afternoon, and at night - means of self-defense

We will hope that this knowledge will not be necessary for you, but nevertheless it will be useful to keep them in memory. Not everyone since the childhood does karate, but everyone has to be prepared for the worst. These simple tricks on self-defense will help you to feel safe with any situation. Learn how you can protect yourself!

Good blow if you have long nails or you cannot for any reasons punch

What is looked for by thieves? Purse! Definitely not a sanitary pad!

If on the street you were attacked by the robber, then throw a purse as it is possible further from the forward. Its purpose is a purse and when it rushes behind it, you will have time for escaping.

The Safetreknazhmite application also hold the button when you feel that you it is in danger. If attack you, release the button and the police will be warned, and your location - is kept track. The only way to disconnect a signal - to enter the password which will be known only by you.

A pepper barrel or, for example, spray from insects


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