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Published: 17.1.2018
club of businessmen

You businessman. You have the business. You owner of business.

Everything together we create a business environment in which our businesses grow (because we grow and ourselves develop).

Why to invent the bicycle (paying it with your money and time) if now you can always check - but whether already similar tasks are solved by other businessmen?

Team of organizers of Club of Businessmen of "Kiyosaki-club"

And now present how many at you can be born the similar ideas!

For registration for the next meeting of Club - we ask you to send the application for participation on an e-mail in advance [email  protected] and to expect our confirmation.

For this reason we also created the Club of Businessmen in our First Moscow Kiyosaki-club uniting only owners of the business.

The answer will be obvious to the businessman, but nevertheless allow to ask you this question:

P.S. We really do not wait for anybody, except businessmen - owners of own business.

An entrance only according to the recommendations of the acting participants of Club or about preliminary registration.

But you will not obtain such information on the Internet, do not teach it at schools and institutes. Even at the leading business schools in practice teach rather an administration, than real business Е

Among the subjects discussed on Club there can be also real offers on cooperation which - depending on their appeal - can just be discussed, having taken information into consideration, and it is possible and to start the next profitable project on this basis.

Yours faithfully,

On April 17 & #8212; next Club of Businessmen

In Club hired TOPS - not to mention ordinary managers - well able to do only one are not allowed - to dullly "eat" your money and was able to beat out to itself an extra charge to a salary.

Carried out the First Club of Businessmen & #8212; sincerely poobshchalissleduyushchy meeting of Club & #8212; The 20th fevralyaosnovny speaker & #8212; Andrey Popov

It is one of opportunities of Club - the organization of joint projects - with businessmen much easier to find a common language, than with hired workers!

All of us are businessmen - we aspire to it. But what turns out in practice?

If agree,

The club passes in a format of free dialogue and also discussion of real business "cases" (i.e. situations at which, unlike the classical cases MBA while there are no ready decisions), messages or reports on successfully working technicians in business of participants of Club (any theory, only exchange of experience!).

That prior to a meeting at the next meeting of Club of Businessmen,

You also, for certain, already faced these the bothered problems long ago:

No related posts.

We ask you to respect this rule.

And to you it is known that 99 percent of the problems arising in our businesses - are standard, and, so already somewhere met? What were they analysed and once solved by someone?


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