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Published: 23.4.2017
vegetable stew: 10 recipes with vegetable marrows, potato, eggplants, with meat

Before giving we strew a dish with suppressed garlic and we strew with greens. Spreading ragout, I try to gather it, getting from the bottom, so all ingredients get on a plate.

Recently the appetite of my "men" strongly increased and became more exacting to food. They do not accept simple potato, vinaigrette and other my researches with vegetables.

Preparing vegetables for this dish, it is more preferable to pick up fruits of the average size.

On another such dish is called & #8212; Ratatouille.


On my family I used such quantity of products.

I serve the fragrant dish in drinking bowls!

Attention! Do not miss the moment when blue slightly are fried, then it is necessary to extinguish fire and to continue to extinguish only on a heat.

Before the end of cooking I add greens and once again I mix ragout. The dish on consistence reminds liquid stewed potato therefore I give it in pans.

Fast cooking:

To prepare that - that tasty and unusual I was pushed by the ground pork found in the freezer. Spotted an easy way of preparation of vegetable stew with meat in the culinary edition, and a little it altered.

To serve the made vegetable stew hot. Before giving I decorate plates with greens.

I add the cut vegetable marrows to meat. Having closed it a cover, I allow to be extinguished 5-7 minutes. In time so far a basis I prepare to be extinguished mix of water and tomato paste. Sometimes I replace it 750 ml of tomato juice without stones. I add salt, spices to it and I brown.

At first I carefully washed out chicken legs (by the way, shins can beat are replaced with 2 gammons) and vegetables. While meat dries, I cut potatoes and vegetable marrows on large slices of any form. Depending on their size, I cut carrot, as well as a bulb thin rings, or I dismiss in half, and then thinly I cut.

The following products will be necessary for us for such preparation:

Preparation process:

For its preparation it was required:

Time to tinker with vegetables came. I peeled eggplants and got rid of seeds, having dismissed them in half. Also cleaned potatoes. Crumbled vegetables small squares. Tomatoes, cut on halves, having removed a dense fruit stem, dismissed straws. Also small crumbled greens.

Vegetable stew with chicken looks very appetizingly! The taste turns out such saturated that are licked, there will be not only fingers, but also plates!

We prepare step by step:

And one more way of preparation of this remarkable dish with meat. I prepare according to the traditional recipe, but I use meat of a young calf.

Green peas, I use tinned, and is poured into a ready dish just before giving. Ragout leaves vegetables such fragrant and nourishing that it is impossible to come off it!

I boil a cabbage inflorescence in advance, and then, having already cooled it, I divide into small branches. While cabbage cools down, I clean a vegetable marrow from a skin, I remove seeds and I slice.

The prepared ingredients, having salted, having peppered and having properly mixed, I placed in a heat resisting pan. Also sent it to an oven to hour Council! If the oven strongly bakes from below, add a little water to capacity.

While blue eggplants soaked, I cleaned and cut in cubes potatoes and vegetable marrows. Also cut a bulb with half rings. Merged water from eggplants further. I had a sweet pepper of two flowers that made appearance of a dish very bright. I cut it with large squares.

Cooking process:

You have to know and know how to cook it:

When vegetable marrows there is a little utushatsya, I pour them and the remained preparations into the crock-pot. I fill in all this with tomato mix and I mix. I choose the Suppressions mode, and I expose time for half an hour. If the unit has a function of the pressure cooker, then time should be reduced about one minutes 20.

The recommendation from the chef! Cutting of the top part of a sleeve several minutes prior to the end of cooking will help to achieve emergence of a ruddy crust on chicken meat.

Step-by-step instruction for preparation:

For preparation of this type of ragout I use a deep frying pan. In it I warm oil and I fry onions with beef before emergence of a ruddy crust.

Carefully washed up vegetables. Divided a floor of a head of cabbage into 6 parts and laid on a frying pan bottom. If to notch it thinly, then it will boil soft, and will not be felt in ready ragout. Peeled potatoes and cut 1,5 cm by 2 cm on slices and poured out to cabbage.

I evenly salt all vegetables, I pepper and I fill up with spices (I use a basil and cardamom more often, though mix of pepper perfectly will approach). I mix them and then everything including I place shins in a sleeve. I display meat so that around them there was a lot of vegetable cutting. I tie the ends of a sleeve and I send to the oven warmed up to 180 degrees for 1,5 hours.

Very fast cooking:

Accurately I mix pan contents, and I cook 15 minutes. Then I pour vegetable marrows and I extinguish still slightly - slightly. The last fill up small inflorescences of cabbage, and fill in the broth which remained from its cooking. Carefully I mix all vegetables, I reduce gas to a minimum and I extinguish for half an hour with the slightly opened cover.

While wrote you this easy recipe, hands it were already combed to prepare. Generally, appetite pleasant to all, and I on kitchen.

Well I wash out meat and I dry a paper towel. Then I delete films and I cut large straws.

Fans of mushrooms surely will like such option of preparation of vegetable stew with mushrooms. The dish, despite the lack of meat, turns out very nourishing.

Mine not strongly favor this vegetable, but it contains many useful minerals, and I decided to add it to ragout, already habitual for my men, together with a cauliflower. Roast turned out very saturated and fragrant. On smells even the neighbor came crawling.

For preparation of vegetable stew it is necessary:

Necessary products:

That the dish was well extinguished and did not burn slightly, I used a pig-iron frying pan with the dragged-off bottom and high boards.

List of products:

While vegetables prepare, I wash and I will sterilize 5 glass jars of 1,5 liters. I display a ready-made product on a container and I roll up. When banks cool down under an old jacket, I send their cellar.

Step-by-step compounding:

The first stage is processing and the shredder of vegetables. At vegetable marrows and eggplants I delete tails and socks. If skins are damaged or too dense I remove also them. Then I dismiss them on 4 parts and I cut plates 1 cm wide

I take vegetable marrows small recently grown therefore I do not clean them, and at once I cut in cubes of slightly smaller size what potatoes. If at you big fruits, a skin and the middle have to be removed, having left one pulp. The cut slices, I fill up to other components. Attention! We do not mix at all!

Crushed a bulb, as well as rubbed carrots, in advance. And here I sliced tomatoes square while the basis was extinguished. On a small frying pan within 4 minutes fried onions with carrots, and then added tomatoes there and still slightly - slightly extinguished.

For me these ten recipes became the most running. Children fell in love with them and do not imagine day off without such delicacy any more. Very much I hope, as you estimate these fragrant vegetable stews!

In the vegetable oil warmed in a cauldron I at first fried onions, then threw potatoes, without having forgotten to salt and pepper, gave some time to be fried by it together.

The male wisdom says "Some vegetables will not be full", and I completely agree with it. Therefore I prepare not only in vegetarian options, but also with meat. Let's prepare with beef meat.

Then I pour in a cauldron in water, so that it reached a half of the put products. I close it a cover and I prepare until potato pieces become soft. While I wait, I cut the remained garlic and I crumble greens.

Having checked readiness, I add tomatoes, the cut greens and vegetable marrows, the crushed garlic. I pour spices and salt. Also I throw a pod of hot pepper and I mix cauldron contents. The dish prepares 8 more minutes

Recently the crock-pot became my chief assistant in kitchen. And to cook with its help tasty vegetable stew, so in general as easy as shelling pears. Plus it also long remains hot after preparation.

From above watered everything with olive oil (it can be replaced vegetable), closed a glass cover and put for 5-7 minutes it is extinguished on moderate gas.

I try to cook to family food from the products which are grown up houses, but here eggplants should be bought in the market.

I so called this recipe because I for the first time prepared it in such vessel when I had a rest with family in the tent town. The dish so was pleasant to members of household that then more than once repeated also in house conditions.

When pieces accept a golden shade, I add the cut pepper, and in 5 minutes I fill up eggplants.

I began cooking with cutting with large pieces of eggplants. Seeking to remove from them inherent bitterness in fruits, I placed pieces in the cold added some salt water for 15 - 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, in the same way I cut vegetable marrows. I move away Semyon and a firm peel. I cut the cleaned bulbs and pepper half rings. In water mix the crushed garlic, salt and ground pepper. We merge blue eggplants and we cut together with vegetable marrows in any form.

The dish welded according to the classical recipe entered a family diet the first. Cooking takes with an ego 40 - 45 minutes.

First of all I defroze forcemeat. Afterwards cleaned a bulb and cut its small into cubes.

Then having scalded tomatoes hot water, I easily got rid of an unnecessary thin skin. The peeled carrots, as well as other vegetables, cut square pieces. Small cut two garlic gloves.

Stage-by-stage process of preparation:

The aroma from this vegetable stew with meat reaches all corners of the apartment and in speed in kitchen, "having started crying", all family gathers!

A vegetable marrow, the small size, I sliced. Carrots rubbed on a large grater, crushed onions and pepper. Cleaned and randomly cut potatoes (I take a big fruit).

List of ingredients:

I filled in with the turned-out roasting the vegetables which already gave the juice in a big frying pan. If vegetables gave not enough juice, then add a little more hot water. From above salted and peppered. Covered again and left on silent fire for 15 minutes. At me the bright dish with gentle taste turned out.

Preparation method:

I scrape sweet pepper seeds, I cut in half and I crumble thin straws. I grate the peeled carrots on a large grater and I crush greens. I place all preparations in the capacity in which I will prepare.

I cut the washed eggplants on layers which I salt and I stack in a colander. I leave them alone approximately for half an hour.

List of products:

As a rule, vegetable stew is considered useful and nourishing. This universal dish which can move as independently, and together with meat, mushrooms - to any to the second. Prepares from absolutely various vegetables and any ways, the main thing to keep vegetables full in a form - firm and not similar to caviar.

On average fire I put a big pan with the thick bottom. I fill in in it oil and directly in it I roast onions, filling up in turn the crushed carrots and the cut mushrooms. After falling asleep of the last, I add some salt to the vegetables which are on fire. I extinguish a little more and I fill up potatoes.

Then there I pour the remained vegetables and siliculose haricot. I fry everything for 10 minutes, regularly stirring slowly. After that I fill in the water prepared earlier, I cover a frying pan and hulk on weak fire about half an hour.

To the final stages suppression and preservation of ragout is. In a pan with a vegetable basis we fill in sauce and we put on average fire until boiling. After that we diminish gas to a minimum, and we extinguish to readiness.

Products are necessary for preparation of a nourishing dinner:

I tried to prepare this dish with chicken in an oven according to several recipes, but stopped by a method with application of a roasting sleeve. He allows to make vegetables and meat in own juice as much as possible keeping aroma of ingredients and spices.

It is rather simple to please the family with vegetable stew from vegetable marrows and eggplants in the middle of winter for me. In the fall I preserve it.

Necessary ingredients:

At all this I very much want that my boys received in the fall of the most useful substances. Recipes of the vegetable stews written still by the grandmother helped to find a way out to me. Children from these ragouts just delighted also ceased to be fastidious. I advise to try these dishes and to you.

Having put on a plate a frying pan with sunflower oil, I gave it well will be warmed. Then poured out in it onions for pan-frying, and a moment later added forcemeat there. Fried ingredients of 5 more minutes and set aside from fire.

Then I washed fillet of a turkey. Cut it in cubes slightly big by the size, than vegetables. I pour out it in a frying pan on the warmed sunflower oil and I fry.

The following I crumble onions pieces of average size as however, and carrots. Champignons I take small and I cut them on four parts. The peeled potatoes, I crumble in any form.

The second stage - filling preparation. I pass the tomatoes cleaned from a thin skin via the meat grinder. I add shabby garlic, the refined oil, salt, spices, sugar and vinegar to the turned-out juice. Carefully I mix before receiving homogeneous mass.

I decorate a ready dish with greens. The prepared ragout outdoors from vegetables, has special aroma and it turns out extraordinary tasty!

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