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Published: 21.4.2017
result from a training

read a new Response on my December training "Winter intensiv. Seven checked ways to increase the income"

the Training remarkable! 

It was difficult to decide on some courageous steps concerning own money.

Now is practically enough for everything since the habit not to squander money became stronger, planning large purchases and postponing a part of means.

There was certain working "back" consisting from the saved-up and variously made working investments.

Best regards, Anton Severov

Thinking which helps to see new favorable opportunities changed first of all.

A name (obligatory)

I thank for an opportunity and result from a training

It was difficult to accustom itself to postpone a part and not to waste money.

Passed nearly one and a half months from the moment of its end and it is possible to bring some intermediate results results for participants of this seven-day on-line of a marathon

I not the master to tell beautiful words, here my result from a training.


To receive a training audio recording "Winter intensiv. Seven checked ways to increase the income" are possible here

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