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Published: 19.4.2017
fast treatment of a fungus

Many faced such trouble as a fungus of nails standing. The very unpleasant sore what to tell, and yet develops from nowhere and most often at all at the wrong time. Treatment of the started fungus - process long and labor-consuming. Therefore it is better to work quickly and considerably.

It is treatment showed very good results, but it is always necessary to remember one thing - everything individually. If you are not helped by this means, perhaps, there is a sense to look for other recipe.

If there is an opportunity, it is quite good to change a bandage in the morning and to put a new portion of means. But, of course, it is not always possible. Therefore do at least once in day. And so until grows a new nail. It can take some time, depending on as far as you have a started fungus (from 1 to 6 months). It is impossible to interrupt a course of procedures at all, otherwise it is necessary to start everything anew.

To prepare means, you need a horse-radish root. It needs to be rubbed on a small grater. Here means is also ready. Take grated horse-radish, apply to a sore nail and hardly redress. Now it is necessary to stock up with patience. It is better to make the procedure just before a dream that the bandage did not slip. Repeat the procedure every evening.

Not always folk remedies can help. I, for example, escaped from a fungus by means of a mizol. Its warehouse includes naftifin also essential oil of a tea tree. And even in set there are 30 disposable nail files as a pleasant bonus not to carry a fungus on healthy nails at a pedicure. The tuba is very convenient, thanks to a nozzle in the form of a brush it is possible to smear gel around a nail and under a nail plate. It was treated about 3 months, completely healthy and beautiful nail did not grow yet.

The efficiency in treatment of a fungus of nails was shown by rosemary. As an additional tool, it is possible to use medical trays with it. To prepare such tray, pour three liters of water in a bowl, add 10 drops of oil of a lavender, rosemary and a tea tree there. Steam legs within 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry. After that it is also possible to put means from horse-radish.

The editorial office "So Simply!" will share with you one means for treatment of a fungus from which this sore will be gone once and for all.

And what means for treatment of a fungus were used by you? What of them helped you and what were inefficient? Share with us in comments!

So, let's pass to our wonderful means. Its main component - usual horse-radish. This product is known not only unusual and spiciness, but also medicinal properties which help to get rid of a fungus.

Always it is possible to go to drugstore and to buy means which help to fight against a fungus. Here only they rather expensive, and the majority in general a baby's dummy. Folk remedies for treatment of a fungus are not less effective, than purchased. If to conform to all rules and to regularly perform procedures - it is possible to cure even the most started cases.

I not against folk remedies and perhaps them it is possible to cure an illness. But long it it is also necessary to smear and soar often. I am treated by the mixed methods. For example I wash legs with laundry soap and I drip mizol twice a day. The nail needs to be cut off regularly, everything passed approximately in a month.

Whatever means for treatment of a fungus you chose, there is one rule: before the procedure make a special tray. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to very hot water and grated soap (economic). Steam legs in this solution of 10-15 minutes, after dry wipe and cut off the softened sites. Only after that apply remedies.


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