Secrets: degree of a maturity of a placenta and purpose

Published: 17.4.2017
degree of a maturity of a placenta and purpose

A placenta - the temporary new growth in a female body appearing during the fifth week of pregnancy. In a different way "afterbirth" or an afterbirth is called. Cellular fabric expands in the form of thin sosudistoobrazny fibers in a trunk.


On scientific research it is revealed that the placenta at the correct use well influences a human body. The proteins regulators which are contained in composition of "live medicine" have regenerative properties, activate stem cells, lead to updating of cellular structure and rejuvenation.

Experiences showed that after passing of a placentary course of treatment the organism "comes to life". Memory and working capacity improves. The immunity becomes stronger that helps to overcome a set of diseases.

Resistance to stress increases, the dream is normalized. The figure finds symmetry thanks to normalization of exchange processes. Skin is smoothed, wrinkles disappear. Sebaceous glands work correctly, it means that juvenile pimples and eels vanish.

Gradually degree of a maturity of a placenta changes. Minerals are exhausted, the germ develops and the afterbirth grows old. In the course of aging "lodge" carries out less life support functions. It means that time approaches childbirth. The new growth is torn away from the woman's organism half an hour later after the child's birth.

The afterbirth performs all functions of life support for a germ.

In Ukraine the only institute of cellular therapy works. Here the afterbirth is frozen for further processing and application for recovery of health of the needing patients. The procedure is called cryoconservation.

In olden days the body was dried up and used in the form of powder and broths from it. Now, extract is on sale in pharmaceutical points. The biogenous stimulator, has side effects and contraindications. Therefore before application it is necessary to consult with the physician. In free access for girls shampoos and regenerative serums are on sale cream.

It is nucleinic acids, enzymes, minerals, amino acids, growth hormones.

During maturing of a placenta there is a protection of a fruit against various penetration of bacteria, viruses, medicines.

The afterbirth combines functions of control of a hormonal background, kidneys, a liver, lungs. The produced antibodies protect the kid from diseases and stabilize immunity. In a common understanding - here nothing threatens the child from the outside to birth.

The natural liquid extract entered intramuscularly or hypodermically heals wounds and restores the damaged tissues of internals. Treats diseases of a reproductive and reproductive system. Struggles with tumors. Live biomaterial is used in cosmetology for regeneration of an external epidermalny layer and in medicine for the general strengthening of an organism.

We will consider them in more detail.

The universal body contains the necessary vitamins and elements demanded for healthy development of a new organism.

The fresh placenta cannot be used as it absorbs in itself bacteria and other harmful substances. Scientific centers take an afterbirth from a sheep or the woman. Before creation of medicine select healthy body, clean, disinfect. After that, having left only useful biocages, from them extract extract.

Application in medicine:

For a start, let's learn about placenta maturity degree - what does it mean. From the moment of formation of a germ, the sack - a lodge for the kid appears. As on growth and development many vitamins and other useful elements are required, they get at mother and go for creation of "afterbirth".


If the girl is exposed to Cesarean section, the place is taken artificially by the gynecologist. During aging of a placenta because of calcium accumulation, it is thickened and becomes dense. In total there are 4 degrees of a maturity.

Conclusion: Youth in us. The human body is really unique!


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