Why occurs rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult, secrets

Published: 17.11.2016
why there is a rolling of eyes at the newborn, senior child and the adult

Parents always watch closely the child, especially in the period of a neonatality. However not all know what it is necessary to pay attention to and happens, symptoms of any disease remain unnoticed long time. Ambiguously experts treat also such phenomenon as rolling of eyes at the newborn child.


At children of advanced age and adults observes the headache which is followed by vomiting. As for a visual system, they have attacks to doubling in eyes, impossibility to focus sight, rolling of eyes.

One of methods of surgical intervention is operation ETV. During the procedure in a ventricle of a brain make an opening through which the surplus of liquid flows down. This way is used at obstruction between brain ventricles. Also it is applied at a congenital form of a disease if shunting did not help or there was an infection. Now this method is used only in that case when the age of the child exceeds 6 months.

For example, rolling of eyes testifies to a syndrome Gref down when the kid already fell asleep. If eyes rise up, then it is just feature of an organism and about anything you should not worry - it demonstrates that the baby already practically fell asleep.

During the movement there can be a bad balance, fatigue, bad coordination. At hydrocephaly periodically there is an incontinence of urine, memory loss, strong irritability and changes of the personality.

Since monthly age children can already control the muscles if it does not occur, pathology takes place.

For the first month of life children cannot control work of the muscles and eye are not an exception. Such crumbs are not able to focus a look therefore rolling can be regarded as norm option. When to the kid month is executed, but this sign does not disappear, diagnostics as serious violation can take place is necessary.

Besides, symptoms are influenced by the reason which provoked a liquid congestion. For example, at advanced age the normotenzivny form which is shown first of all in problems with walking, urine incontinence, dementia is most often stated.

Implanted to the patient the special shunts providing outflow of liquid from a brain in an abdominal cavity. An essential lack of this method is the imperfection of shunts therefore it is necessary to change them each several years.

If it periodically happens, it is necessary to belong to it seriously. First of all consultation of the expert because only the qualified doctor will be able to distinguish pathology from the natural phenomenon, however in a case with eyes is necessary, especially at children is more senior, treat rolling very watchfully.

Therefore for the sake of health of the child parents have to pay at once a visit to the pediatrician or the children's neuropathologist. In due time noticed deviations allow to start treatment at the earliest stages of development of pathology that increases chances of successful and fast recovery.

At early stages of a disease perhaps conservative treatment (medicamentous), but at fast progressing is shown surgical intervention. The most widespread method was ventrikulo-peritonealny shunting earlier.

The one-year-old kid can do it during the game or being capricious or because to him so comfort under certain circumstances. In some cases this state is regarded as a symptom of serious pathology.

At first it is necessary to visit the pediatrician or the children's neuropathologist. Many parents delay on a visit, however in house conditions to define a cause of infringement and to make the diagnosis it is impossible. At newborns this state does not pose a threat, but after a month parents and the doctor have to treat it more seriously.

The listed diseases which are followed by a similar symptom meet rather seldom, but constitute big danger.

Some pediatricians claim that rolling of eyes which is not followed by changes in behavior of the kid does not constitute danger. Perhaps, it is just like that more convenient to it or when the child already rather big, it so plays. But at emergence of the accompanying violations it is necessary to ask for medical assistance.

The reasons can disappear in such states as:

At detection of an uneven tone of eye muscles which is followed by rolling during falling asleep the physiotherapy exercises (LFK) are appointed. Diligent performance of appointments of the doctor will allow to restore quickly a tone of muscles that, respectively, will lead to the speedy recovery. Much more difficult a situation with other pathologies which demand complex treatment.

Symptoms of a disease depend on age of the patient and extent of progressing of pathology. For example, at newborns rotundity of the head exceeds norm and further quickly increases, and on a parietal part of the head there is a convex fontanel. Sick children have a vomiting, irritability, they sleep badly. Also periodically there is a rolling of eyes to convulsions at newborns. Very often kids with hydrocephaly develop with a delay.

This pathology is shown a congestion of excessive amount of liquid in a brain owing to what defeat of the last begins. Hydrocephaly is called still brain dropsy. This pathology without timely treatment can lead to a lethal outcome.

Rolling of eyes aside at falling asleep can be physiological feature or the symptom indicating presence of pathology. Well helps at violations of a visual system special gymnastics for eyes, but aged about one year it is almost impossible to carry out it.

Primary disease (meningitis, intoxication, an encephalomeningitis) or the trauma which broke outflow of liquid from a brain can be the cause of hydrocephaly. At newborns it is provoked by an infectious disease which mother during incubation had. It should be noted that congenital hydrocephaly can have an effect not in the first days of life, and even after several months.

Diagnostic testing is without fail conducted. It is impossible to tighten with it if in work of nervous system violations are found. Parents have to remember that the address to the expert has to be urgent, that is right after detection of symptoms.

One of the most effective methods is neuroendoscopic. It is the most sparing from above-mentioned. During operation of a zadeystvuyutneyroendoskopa with the mini-camera that allows to visualize all process and to restore normal outflow of liquid.

Watch symptoms and do not delay a visit to the doctor as consequences of delay can be deplorable!

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